Episode #133 – Little. Yellow. Different.

If it’s another episode of the Hollywood Picture News, it must be Tuesday. 

  • Brian coming back to The Fast & The Furious franchise?
  • Girls Trip 2: Girls Tripper
  • Amazon Theaters?
  • Somehow MoviePass sucks even more
  • Bourne: The Series (without Bourne)
  • Watchmen: The Series
  • Netflix cancels a couple shows 
  • Resistance trailer
  • Venom is gonna make some money
  • James Gunn still in the unemployment line

All that, what we watched and the usual tangents. 

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One thought on “Episode #133 – Little. Yellow. Different.

  1. I have a pitch: 2nd podcast (done once a month) called “Movie/Reasons” that just deep dives on one movie topic for say, an hour. Or make it a written piece. It’s too good of a name to waste.

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