Episode #134 – It’s Our Jerry O’Connell Episode!

Just because there’s not a lot of news doesn’t mean it’s going to be a short week. There isn’t a tangent too out there that the guys won’t go on. But they also talked about stories like:

  • Danny Boyle out as Bond 25 director
  • Timeless 2 part finale airs in Dec.
  • Big Bang Theory coming to an end.
  • The Lethal Weapon season 3 promo looks terrible
  • Superman and Lois Lane confirmed for the crossover.
  • Anthony Michael Hall joins Riverdale as the new principal
  • Netflix officially picks up Glow for season 3
  • American Vandal Season 2: The Turd Burglar trailer
  • Veronica Mars revival series almost official at Hulu
  • Brendan Fraser to play Robotman in Doom Patrol
  • Galaxy Quest TV Show on hold for now
  • Dominic Monaghan joins “From His Nap”
  • Production for Guardians 3 has been “put on pause”
  • According to Feige no Avengers 4 title until after Capt. Marvel trailer

All that, the aforementioned tangents, and don’t forget the Weekly Watched!

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2 thoughts on “Episode #134 – It’s Our Jerry O’Connell Episode!

  1. Loren, you’re going to hate Unbreakable. I hate Unbreakable, and I’m the least of the comic book people among us. It’s so high on itself and pandering that it made me irrationally angry watching it in the theater. F that movie. Split, however, is pretty great. Except for tying it into Unbreakable. It’s entirely unnecessary. I’ll wind up seeing Glass only because I’m secretly hoping James McAvoy’s character murders everyone and scampers off into the night.

    RDT – Give me your hard drive. I’ll take a look at it.

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