Weekend Watch – 08/31/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

The Little Stranger

Loren: Meh. I hate to start a week off like that but this didn’t do much for me. Everyone’s too damn British for it to feel all that creepy.

RDT: Love the cast and like the director. But this did nothing for me. Sorry.

Rick: It’s difficult to pull off an effective ghost story anymore, but I like this cast and it looks atmospheric. I’m willing to give this one a shot.

Jen: Is Domhnall Gleeson in everything now? How do you pronounce his name anyway? This looks effectively creepy but not gory so I’m willing to give it a chance.

Operation Finale

Loren: Hey it’s Star Wars leads in period pieces week! This was looking pretty solid but then they went and Nick Kroll’d it all up. I don’t think I’ll be seeing this.

RDT: So, it’s September. Too late for blockbusters. Too early for legit prestige films. If this were better, we wouldn’t be seeing it for another couple months.

Rick: There’s been a rash of WWII movies in the last year. Can we move onto another conflict? It’s not like there’s a shortage of them.

Jen: I, too, am sick of WWII stories, but this has more of a 70s “Boys from Brazil” vibe that I kind of am into. Nick Kroll does give me pause but I didn’t immediately hate him in this trailer, so that’s a plus.


Loren: Oh cool, let’s glorify guns even more! Yeah, I know, it’s an alien gun but the point still stands. And this is from someone that loves action movies. The difference here is that this puts a crazy future gun in the hands of a kid as the only way to protect his family. It’s like AXL from last week if the robot dog that you are supposed to relate to was a fucking gun.

RDT: Holy shit! Is that James Franco as the bad guy? When did he buy a boat?

Rick: There’s…there’s a lot going on in that trailer, and I’m not sure I have a pressing need to unpack it all by seeing this movie.

Jen: I want this to be either more of a family film about a kid who finds some alien tech or a dark film about a guy out of prison trying to keep it straight for his family. Not that I want to see either of those movies either, but I think one of those would be better than what’s happening here.

Limited Release

Ya Veremos

Loren: Ah, a Spanish language romantic comedy to cleanse the palate. I’ll never see this movie. It’s just too generic for me to search out. I’ll probably never see the American remake that RDT will tell us about either to be fair.

RDT: Ok…..I’m gonna go Sam Rockwell as the dad. Elizabeth Banks as the mom. And gender swap the kid for Abby Ryder Fortson (Cassie from the Ant-Man flicks). That I would watch. This? Not so much. But only because of the reading.

Rick: Admittedly, this looks heartwarming, but I’ll pass.

Jen: Alright that looks adorable and if I were 13 I would be all over it. But… as a grown woman I’m going to skip it.


Loren: That looks pretty silly but no worse than other Bollywood Comedies. I’ll probably never end up seeing it but I wouldn’t turn it off if it was on.

RDT: Bollywood intrigues me. But not quite enough to actually watch it. I like the dance numbers though!

Rick: This reminds me of a lot of Hong Kong horror-comedies. I’m kind of into it. I’ll keep an eye out for it when it hits streaming.

Jen: High praise from Loren, but I sort of agree.

Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice

Loren: What. The. Fuck.

RDT: I haven’t seen Snow Queen or Snow Queen 2. Will I be lost?

Rick: Snow Queen 3?! 3?! What?! How?! I…I just don’t know anymore…

Jen: So they’re still making money off of Frozen, eh? I’m going to Let this one Go.

S.M.A.R.T. Chase

Loren: Orlando Bloom, what are you doing? I wonder if they have have gas station DVD bins in China.

RDT: I guess Orlando Bloom bought a boat, too.

Rick: No bullshit, I’m going to watch this. I’ll be on my couch, but I’ll definitely see this.

Jen: This looks terribl…y awesome. I mean not good, but awesome. I guess this is what Orlando Bloom has been up to when he’s not nude paddleboarding.



The Comedy Lineup Season 2

Loren: I don’t have to say that I love standup, you guys know that. These are fun because they’re relatively short, like 15 minute sets. They are usually comics I don’t know too much about (though this group has Aisling Bea who I know from British Panel Shows, and Max Silvestri who was opening up for John Mulaney) so it’s nice to see new material and discover new comics.

RDT: I need to finish season 1. But I’ll definitely move onto this once I do.

Rick: I’m definitely not the stand-up maven around these parts, but this looks like decent laundry folding entertainment.

Jen: I’m willing to give some up-and-comers the time of day. I have a laundry basket full on my couch right now so maybe tonight’s the night…

The Laws of Thermodynamics

Loren: That actually looks kinda cute. It has a very Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down and some other mockumentary about sex and science that I can’t place right now feel to it. It might be interesting to see a Spanish take on the subject.

RDT: You all already know what I’m going to say….

Rick: That looks kinda fun. I’ll throw it in the queue.

Jen: I greatly enjoyed that trailer and will absolutely give this film a chance. It doesn’t hurt that it’s sitting on my streaming devices right now making it much easier to do that.


Ozark Season 2

Loren: I’ve heard nothing but good things about Season 1. Guess I should watch that first.

RDT: I’ll have to watch season 1 first, I guess. I dunno. Is Jason Bateman a dick? I feel like he might be a dick.

Rick: Eeeh. I can’t bring myself to care about this show. *shrug*

Jen: I really thought this was going to be a comedy when I watched the first couple of episodes. It is not. It is much darker than I like my Jason Bateman. But if you’re into the whole anti hero/dark/crime/drama thing – it is good for that.


Crime + Punishment (Premiered 8/24)

Loren: This seems like it’s going to make me more mad at the situation than hopeful that it will be rectified. Good on those 12 cops though. Hell of a statement.

RDT: Too many docs.

Rick: I remember when this story broke, but I didn’t realize a doc had gotten made. I’m with Loren on this. If I sit through this it’ll probably just up my outrage levels.

Jen: Dammit Hulu, this looks good. I’m gonna need a password I think.

Safe Harbour (Premiered 8/24)

Loren: That may be just a little too dramatic for my taste. Looks well acted though, and it’s got just enough of a hook that I kinda want to figure out what happened. Will I watch a bunch of episodes and go for the ride? Probably not, that’s what Wikipedia is for my friends.

RDT: Too many other shows to watch.

Rick: Is it me or does there not seem to be too much mystery as to what happened? Regardless, I don’t care enough to find out.

Jen: This feels like a psychological drama that didn’t think enough of it’s audience so had to put in the mystery subplot. Either way I think I’m OK without it.


Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 1

Loren: So this is kinda what it would be like if we lived in that alternate reality where John Krasinski was Captain America. This has a strong 24 and Homeland vibe. But, seeing as it’s on Amazon, I’ll most likely continuously forget to watch it.

RDT: What Rick said, plus what Loren said about forgetting to watch it.

Rick: I’m not super confident I’ll be in for the whole ride, but I’ll at least give the pilot a shot.

Jen: Aw, John Krasinski is adorable and Tom Clancy stuff is solid. I’ll give it a chance if I remember to watch Amazon.



One Dollar

Loren: I wish I knew what that was about. I mean it looks ok, but it kinda has a CBS meets Showtime kinda vibe to it. Which I guess can be expected from All Access.

RDT: I’m going to watch this solely because I pay for CBS All Access. So I need to be watching something on it until ST:D comes back.

Rick: I’ve yet to find a show that makes me want to pay for CBS All Access.

Jen: I hate that I’m ending this week with a “meh” but meh.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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From Hollywood,
–Loren, RDT, Rick, and Jen

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