Weekend Watch – 09/14/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

The Predator

Loren: It’s probably bad but who cares that’s the fun. I do like me some Shane Black movies so I’m a solid probably here.

RDT: Critics aren’t loving it, but I think it looks fun. Hoping to catch it this weekend.

Rick: Early reviews have been divisive, but I’m not expecting high art here. All I’m really looking for in this movie is a gory, explody good time.

Jen: There’s a LOT of BTS drama around this movie that make me uncomfortable and it looks pretty standard issue. I’ll probably stay home.

A Simple Favor

Loren: Like, maybe? It doesn’t look awful per se and I’m intrigued as to what happened. But I don’t know if it’s enough to get me to see it. Yeah, maybe.

RDT: Jen, I will gladly go see this with you. I was totally hooked by this trailer. If I don’t see it with Jen, I’ll catch it streaming.

Rick: I like the cast, but this feels like nearly every modern thriller tossed in a blender and poured out on screen (well, into a novel first, then on screen). Unless reviews are stellar, I’m all set.

Jen: I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m a mom who drinks martinis and thinks Henry Golding is super hot, but I am all in for this movie.

White Boy Rick

Loren: Yeah I’m not 100% sold here from that trailer. I can’t tell if that kid is doing a character or isn’t that great an actor. Plus, I’m really tired of the drug dealer/hustler stories. I’ll wait to hear if this is any good before checking it out.

RDT: As Loren and Jen said, I’m not loving the kid, and McConaughey isn’t quite enough to get me to the theater on his own. Pass.


Jen: That is a great role for McConaughey but I’m not getting a strong charismatic vibe off the kid and I need to feel that for this to work. That being said this is a great true story that is both unbelievable and fascinating so it feels like it’d be hard to screw it up. So, maybe?

Unbroken: Path to Redemption

Loren: Aw Gary Cole what are you doing in this? I honestly don’t even remember Unbroken. I went and watched the trailer and everything. So I’m definitely giving this one a pass.

RDT: Was the original Unbroken a big enough hit to warrant a sequel, even one with Jesus?

Rick: So, they made a faith-based sequel to Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken? Despite all of its accolades I didn’t really care about that story. Certainly not going to invest my time in this out of nowhere follow-up.

Jen: Wait, wasn’t a lot of the material in this trailer in the original trailer for Unbroken? Is this the same movie just re-told? I’m really confused by it since the original seemed to cover most of his life what is left for this movie to cover?

Limited Release

Where Hands Touch

Loren: First off I doubt I’ll see this just for it’s WWII setting (not my bag). But to echo Rick below, this seems like it was a terrible idea. Why not go somewhere where you aren’t in the CENTER OF WHERE ALL THE NAZIS ARE. Literally anywhere else outside of Germany would probably have been safer.

RDT: Just read what everyone else wrote.

Rick: Let me get this straight. Your plan is to go to Berlin…In the burgeoning days of Hitler’s rule…With a woman of color in tow…To be “invisible”? Not that this story isn’t worthy of telling, but I’m calling bullshit on that logic.

Jen: This looks like a fine movie about WWII that I probably won’t see.

Warning Shot

Loren: There’s a lot of heavy hitters in that trailer. I’m sure that I’ll promptly forget about this one, but it doesn’t look awful. A ringing endorsement!

RDT: In the words (I couldn’t find a good gif) of David Spade himself, “Buh bye.”

Rick: So, it’s Straw Dogs with creepy David Spade? I think I’m okay.

Jen: Um, what? Is David Spade doing drama now? I don’t know if I’d be able to take him seriously which may hamper my enjoyment of this film.

Hale County This Morning, This Evening

Loren: This is gorgeously shot, but it looks a little like a Reel from an aspiring filmmaker from Alabama.

RDT: Too many docs.

Rick: I have no idea what that doc is ultimately about, but I’m interested.

Jen: What a fantastic trailer. I have the feeling this is sort of a formless look at daily life in this area and I cannot wait.

The Children Act


RDT: Looks like 2 different movies mashed up into one. But still, the cast will keep it on my radar.

Rick: That trailer is kind of meh, but I have a feeling the film itself is worth checking out.

Jen: That’s a knockout cast, I agree with Rick the trailer is… fine, but I can’t believe that Stanley Tucci and Emma Thompson won’t make this worth watching.

The Blizzard

Loren: It’s kinda amazing that this trailer has no dialogue. The movie doesn’t look half bad for an actioner either. I’ll definitely try and keep it on my radar.

RDT:  – Yeah, I’m sorry but when there’s a typo in your trailer, front and center, that tells me you give as much of a shit about this movie as I do. Pass.

Rick: This movie loses points right away from having a grammatical error on screen within the first five seconds. Apart from that, this looks pretty wild. It will get watched from my couch in the near term.

Jen: Interesting premise for an action movie but doubt I’ll ever get around to seeing it.

The Basement

Loren: Well The Lady™ will be pleased to see that Mischa Barton is in another flick this year. (That reminds me we need to finish our OC rewatch). But, yeah, that looks fucking awful. Like if you didn’t understand what Legion is about but kinda got the gist and were like, “yeah lets make this but without the style and more like Saw.”

RDT: That. Looks. Terrible. (Was Mischa Barton the one that killed the kid crossing the street?)

Rick: As far as I’m aware this is the first straight up knock-off of Shyamalan’s Split. This looks TERRIBLE! I kinda want to get drunk and hate-watch it.


Science Fair

Loren: The description of this being a Christopher Guest movie but real seems apt. But this looks pretty cute. Hopefully it stays on my radar.

RDT: When I was in high school, I entered the science fair (it was required). My project was to compare how fast grass grew in different soils. Except, I forgot to plant the grass until like a week before. Skated by with a D!

This movie looks great. I don’t just want to see it, I want to go to it!!!

Rick: I’m glad this exists. If this country needs more of something it’s definitely science. But I know myself and I will never get around to watching this.

Jen: My scientist husband and I will be making a date night of this doc. It looks funny and inspiring – a win-win.

Patient Zero

Loren: Read what the others say below, also:

RDT: I find Matt Smith’s accent intriguing. I’m also never going to see this movie.

Rick: *groan* A mashup of Day of the Dead, The Girl With All the Gifts, 28 Days Later, The Carrier (1988), and I Am Legend (the novel, not that garbage adaptation). I love this cast, but there isn’t an original thing happening in this movie. Pass.

Jen: Why does this look so bad when it has so many people I really like in it? And why not set it in the UK and let everyone use their natural accents?


Loren: Take what I said about White Boy Rick above and apply it here. They feel virtually the same.

RDT: What Jen said.

Rick: If this story is indeed true, I’d rather read an article about it than watch this movie.

Jen: Meh.


Loren: KrustyWhatTheHellWasThat.gif This movie looks so batshit that I think I want to see it. I just hope that it has even the slightest hint of a coherent story.

RDT: I know two things about this movie. First, even after watching that trailer, I have no idea what the hell this movie is. And second, I’m never going to watch it.


Jen: That is… a lot of movie. This could be incredible or terrible, but it will definitely be insane.

Lost Child

Loren: I want this to be remade with a slightly bigger budget/ better cast (no offense). It looks like a really cool and creepy story and I’m not sure Holt from True Blood and the director of The Brass Teapot will give it it’s best shake.

RDT: Looks just creepy enough for me not to see it.

Rick: That took a turn I wasn’t necessarily expecting, but once it did I think I figured everything out. I’ll read the wiki.

Jen: Rick, tell me what you learn from the wiki, thanks.


Loren: I’m not usually into period horror flicks but there’s something to this one. I’ll give it a watch, most likely at The Whitsett Theater

RDT: I will politely pass. Ahthankyouverymuch.

Rick: Oh yeah. I’m in for this.

Jen: Sign me up, this looks sexy and creepy and great.

He’s Out There

Loren: Scary? Sure. Will I bother with it? Probably not.

RDT: Based on the comments of my fellow HPN’ers, I’m not even watching that trailer.

Rick: No denying that this a riff on The Strangers, but it least it looks better than that movie’s garbage sequel. Also, that title is terrible. String looks to be a pretty consistent element. Call it On a String. It’s a lot creepier and way less generic.

Jen: Too much horror. I guess we are moving into October soon. This one is just a little too uncomfortably terrifying for me.

Final Score

Loren: Man that’s almost beat for beat Sudden Death and I’m SUUUUPPPPER ok with it. This is going to be great fun, even if that’s not the way that C4 works.

RDT: Sure. Why not.

Rick: It’s finally here! The rip-off of a Die Hard rip-off! This movie is just 1995’s Sudden Death. Swap out Van Damme for Bautista and hockey for soccer. I’m super down for this.




Reversing Roe

Loren: I don’t even know where to start. How have we gone so backwards as a nation?

RDT: Infuriating.

Rick: Must contain rage I have for anti-abortion people…

Jen: It was hard to even sit though this trailer. As a woman this topic is too close to home. But everyone else should watch it.

Ingobernable Season 2

Loren: This looks like a much better version of that USA show Queen of the South. I mean I’m still not going to watch it but that’s what it looks like.

RDT: If I don’t know what Ingobernable means then I sure as hell aint gonna watch your show.

Rick: There was a season 1? Huh. Also, no thanks.

Jen: See above.

The Angel

Loren: I would have moved the lines, “From now on you’ll be known as the Angel” “I like it” to the end of the trailer. That being said this looks pretty ok.

RDT: Eh, fine.

Rick: The next time I’m up for a spy-thriller I may seek this one out.

Jen: This looks pretty good for a Netflix original!

The Rise of the Phoenixes

Loren: Not normally my prefered Asian cinema/series genre but this looks pretty cool. Might have to add it to the old queue.

RDT: No thank you.

Rick: If nothing else it looks lavishly produced. Though I kind of wish it was an epic film instead of a series. Regardless, I may give this a go.

Jen: This looks like a cool combination of Game of Thrones and the Shogun World episodes of Westworld. Sweet.

American Vandal Season 2

Loren: I absolutely loved Season 1, it perfectly encapsulated the “True Crime” genre. If it’s more of the same then I’m in.

RDT: Need to watch season 1.

Rick: My lack of interest in the first season extends to the second. No thanks.

Jen: I just saw the writers of this series speak at an Alumni event and they seem like nice enough chaps that I’d be willing to go back and give Season 1 a shot and maybe even Season 2 also.

Norm Macdonald Has a Show

Loren: I have always liked Norm’s humor but man if he didn’t pick the worst time to open his mouth. Probably won’t bother with this. Also, Netflix has a terrible track record with their weekly series.

RDT: Norm Macdonald is like a funnier Bob Saget. Sometimes I laugh at his stuff, but I mostly think he’s just trying to get a rise out of people and sacrificing actual humor to do it.

Rick: I enjoy Norm. This will at least make the queue.

Jen: ::squirms uncomfortably:: Not sure if I can sit through this.

Bojack Horseman Season 5

Loren: I keep meaning to watch this show but really don’t want to get any more depressed than I already am.

RDT: I know it’s good, but I just can’t stand the animation style. Sorry.


Jen: Insert comment about not seeing previous seasons here.



The First

Loren: So it’s a little bit Interstellar and a little bit Armageddon? Meh. Maybe.

RDT: I was intrigued, but every review (headline) I’ve seen says it’s boring. I’ll probably still give it a shot.

Rick: Yes, please.

Jen: Not the Ryan Gosling one, right? If I wasn’t too lazy to get Hulu I would probably watch this. I might still try anyway.



Loren: I really like everyone involved in this but I kinda wanted it to just be about a happy couple. Oh well, I’m still going to search this one out.

RDT: What Rick said.

Rick: Maya Rudolph warms my heart, but I am not a big fan of Fred Armisen. I’m torn. Maybe I’ll give the pilot a go and see if I can push past my apprehension.

Jen: I like Alan Yang. I like Fred Armisen. I like Maya Rudolph. I want to watch this now.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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From Hollywood,
–Loren, RDT, Rick, and Jen

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