Episode #141 – Infinite Genies!

Coming to you live, on tape (or whatever), from Dog Hair Manor! It’s the Hollywood Picture News!!!

All that, what we watched and the usual tangents. 

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One thought on “Episode #141 – Infinite Genies!

  1. re: the Pet Semetary trailer – I’m kinda meh about it. The original movie isn’t perfect, but it’s a decent adaptation. I’m anticipating some CGI will be used in the new one that won’t stand up to the practical effects (which are still top notch). The shots of the kids wearing those handmade animal masks reeks of trying too hard to be creepy. Animal death is sad and awful. Don’t make some kind of weird ritual out of it to try and make it scarier than it already is. Also, I love me some John Lithgow but, while he’s not necessarily a bad choice for Jud Crandall (I’d have gone for James Cromwell or Gary Oldman), Fred Gwynn was perfect in the original movie. And you need that character to be a life-long Maine resident who’s barely left the state, let alone the Northeast. That character Lithgow is playing took the wrong exit and got lost trying to get to Mt. Washington to go skiing.

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