Weekend Watch – 10/19/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release


Loren: I’m getting a little tired of the 25+ year later sequels that we’ve been getting but if they’re all done as well as this I might change my position. In.

RDT: This looks really good….and I may even see it….. eventually.

Rick: Apart from the very first teaser trailer I’ve been on a media blackout on this. I won’t have time to catch it this weekend, but I’ll find time next week. Fingers-crossed it’s as good as its early buzz.

Jen: This trailer scared me and I love it! I love Laurie Strode as a sort of Sarah Conner in Terminator 2-style tough chick. The Original Halloween is one of my favorite horror movies of all time and this is, I hope, a worthy follow up.

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Loren: I appreciate that Melissa McCarthy is doing something that doesn’t involve her farting and getting slammed into a wall. Don’t be the female Kevin James, never be the anything Kevin James.

RDT: I’m intrigued. I’ll keep it on the radar.

Rick: Is this just now coming out? I saw a trailer for this in the theater like six months ago. Anyway, I’m in.

Jen: Damn you Melissa McCarthy, I just can’t quit you. Except for that puppet movie – I was able to quit that one.

Limited Release

Mid 90s

Loren: I grew up watching skate videos in the mid 90s so this hits a lot of nostalgia feels in that respect, but I also grew up in a small town in Connecticut and didn’t really get into a lot of trouble so I don’t really connect on that level. I’ll give this a go eventually.

RDT: Rotten Tomatoes score is pretty good (88% as of this writing). I’ll check it out once it’s streaming.

Rick: Are the 80s out already? We’re making 90s movies now? I’m curious, but not overly so. I’ll see how the reviews are. Also, that title feels like something marketing came up with. I mean, how will we know when the movie takes place if it’s not in the title? *mouthfart*

Jen: Meh? I don’t trust Jonah Hill as a writer/director yet. Prove me wrong, movie!


Loren: It’s the battle of the first time directors! It looks to me that Dano’s film here will probably edge out Hill’s above. This looks fantastically made and acted. If I’m in the mood I’ll pop this on.

RDT: Yeah, that looks really good. I shall see it by screening or screener.

Rick: Yay! A movie for adults about adult things! I also have a crush on Carey Mulligan. Definitely in.

Jen: This looks excellent but depressing. I’ll think about it, but Jake Gyllenhaal might get me in the door.

What They Had

Loren: That feels a little indie movie paint by numbers to me. Family drama? Check. Older person doing something they shouldn’t? Check. Great cast? Check. Uplifting soundtrack? Check. All it’s missing is some sort of precocious child. I think I’m all set.

RDT: I’m with Rick (go read Rick’s), the music in the trailer is terrible.

Rick: I’m in for this story, but the music in that trailer is goddamn distracting. It’s trying to force-remind you about joy and lighthearted things while it’s selling you a dramatic story about change and aging. Pick a lane, trailer!

Jen: I love *good* Michael Shannon and we see him so rarely. This feels like it could be too treacle-y but then I remember Hilary Swank is in it and I know she wouldn’t do that to me.


Loren: It’s amazing how she can be pulled in two different directions like that. Fascinating.

RDT: Damn it, I wanted to make a Transformers joke. But this seems like a touching story.

Rick: This looks fascinating. I’ll keep an eye out for it on streaming.

Jen: Wow! Now that is a story I haven’t heard before. I’m absolutely on board to learn more.

The Super

Loren: Who the hell let Dick Wolf make a movie? Also, Val Kilmer was Batman, Iceman, and Doc Holliday. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

RDT: I tried to find a gif from The Super, starring Joe Pesci. I was unsuccessful.

Rick: Jesus Tapdancing Christ. This looks like a dumpster fire. I’m only mildly curious due to the Val Kilmer factor. He probably does enough scenery chewing here to gain back all that weight he lost.

Jen: Party on Val Kilmer’s boat y’all!

The Guilty

Loren: I’m so into that. I may even try to go see it in a theater.

RDT: Nein danke

Rick: Oh, absolutely. Gimmie.

Jen: That looks tense and claustrophobic and I am in.

The Advocates

Loren: The movie isn’t lying, in the last 3 years the amount of homeless people in my area alone has tripled. Hopefully this will get some more eyes on the growing crisis, but more than likely it’ll be like everything else in this country and glossed over by those it “doesn’t effect”.

RDT: I will leave the words to my fellow HPN-ers. I couldn’t say it any better.

Rick: You’re preaching to the converted, movie. On a related note: make sure you vote on November 6th. There’s a proposition on the ballot directly related to this issue.

Jen: Homelessness is a huge problem in LA and this is an eye opening look at the people actively trying to help in some way. Likely this won’t be seen by the people who most need to see it.

Small Group

Loren: Wow, no thanks isn’t strong enough but I don’t want to be rude. Super no thanks? Is that a thing?

RDT: I’m all set, Jesus.

Rick: Well, that ended abruptly. Quick ending or not, I’m all set, thanks.

Jen: Do you think this guy turns it around and realizes that Jesus was the answer all along?

On Her Shoulders

Loren: Oof. She’s stronger than I’ll ever be.

RDT: No jokes about reading this time. A story worth being told and watched.

Rick: There are few things more haunting than a bloodstain on a mattress. I don’t even want to think about what caused it. This will be a tough watch.

Jen: Strength and grace. Knowing the horrors she’s been through and that she continues re-living them for the sake of the others still in captivity is awe-inducing.

Nigerian Prince

Loren: Hmmm. I think I want to know what’s going on, but I’m not sure I want to sit through the entire movie to find out. Maybe at the Whitsett one day.

RDT: I love a good con movie. This seems a little on the overdramatic side, but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Rick: Good work on the shift in tone. I’ll keep this on my radar.

Jen: I’m curious enough to keep an eye out for this.


Loren: Hey look! It’s horror movie the horror movie!

RDT: Pass

Rick: I wish I could post the half-hearted “eeeeehhhh” sound I made after watching that trailer.

Jen: Hmmm, only 95 minutes long and no advance reviews? These are not good omens.

High Voltage

Loren: I’m glad David Arquette’s indie wrestling career is taking off because his film career sure isn’t.

RDT: I have no feelings about this movie.

Rick: I would call this a “so-and-so needs a boat payment” movie, but the budget can’t be anywhere near high enough for that. More like “So-and-so really wants those rad alligator boots he saw on Melrose but thinks they’re a little overpriced. Two days work on this movie will cover them”.

Jen: Where are these boots? Wasteland? I spent a lot of money there in my 20s. I had this sweet red leather jacket I got there that I wore to a 1970s Playboy-themed party in the hills where I first met (original Real World cast member) Andre – we bonded over a shared love of “hairy chested rock and roll” emblemized by Paul Stanley from KISS. He was so dreamy and cool. And he loved that jacket. Thank you Wasteland and whoever sold you that jacket originally. I will never forget you.


Loren: This is what I get for throwing the skeleton of this article together quickly. Sorry about the weird French trailer everyone. That being said, how are we not hearing more about this flick? It looks intense, has a great cast, shot and acted well. This is the kind of thing that should be getting more attention.

RDT: I like the cast…. Not sure about the rest.

Rick: Cripes, that was an intense 45 seconds. You have my attention.

Jen: That’s a good trailer, it gives you a real sense of the movie without describing the plot or filling it with expository dialogue. It was just enough to let me know I’m not interested in seeing this, but to whet the appetites of its target audience.

Fail State

Loren: We don’t deserve Dan Rather. That’s what a real journalist does. I’m glad that these scams are getting the light shined on them. I just hope that light finds the people that need to see this to take action.

RDT: What everyone else said.

Rick: This kind of shit makes my skin crawl. I hate seeing people getting preyed upon. I’ve read enough on this topic to not really need to see this doc, but I think a lot of people should. There’s a special place in Hell for people who rook others who are just trying to better themselves.

Jen: Documentaries like this make me angry, so I keep watching them to remind me to stay angry and keep fighting.

Change in the Air

Loren: Relatively Calm Pixie Dream Angel?

RDT: I wanted to hate it……

Rick: This is probably heartwarming for the right viewer, but I’m not into it. Though, I think I’d watch it if it were made in the 1940s. Does that make sense? Anyway…I’m far more excited to see Rachel Brosnahan in the second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Jen: Meh.

Brampton’s Own

Loren: Awwww, poor guy had to go back to his hometown where his loving family is and is revered as a local legend. That’s gotta be sooooo hard.

RDT: So, what? Anyone can make movies now???

Rick: “Brampton” sounds like something I shouldn’t look up on Urban Dictionary while I’m at work.

Jen: My eyes rolled so far back in my head I think they’re stuck. This movie has been made so many times I’m shocked there’s money left in Hollywood to try it again. Ugh.

Big Kill

Loren: I’ve seen better looking western production value on episodes of Legends of Tomorrow. Pass.

RDT: Jen! I love Rilo Kiley! More Adventurous got me from Boston to LA.

Rick: Man, a lot of people must have seen those rad alligator boots on Melrose. Also, how do you shoot at all those amazing locations and make them look flat as a board?

Jen: I mean it’s not like we had some sort of torrid love affair or anything, he asked me to come see his band, Milkweed, which was such a terrible band name as to be a big turnoff. At the time I was following Rilo Kiley to every club in LA, back before they released a major label album, and compared to Blake and Jenny, Milkweed was a let down. I wish I still had that jacket though. It probably smells like cigarettes and alcohol but man it was sweet.



Ron White: If You Quit Listening I’ll Shut Up

Loren: I’ve never been into any of the Blue Collar Comedy guys. Sorry.

RDT: I like my comedy funny. Pass.

Rick: Nope. Not even a little bit.

Jen: Pass.


Loren: I think my old production company made this. How embarrassing.

RDT: Meh

Rick: Unconvincing Reenactments: The Series! No thanks.

Jen: This feels more like a basic cable on-the-cheap show than something Netflix would put out.

Making A Murderer: Part 2

Loren: Don’t worry Jen (read Jen’s) I didn’t see it either!

RDT: I still need to watch Part 1.

Rick: Welp. There goes my Sunday.

Jen: I think I’m the only person in the United States who didn’t see the first season yet. I do plan to remedy that soon.

The Night Comes For Us

Loren: Fuck and yes.

RDT: No thank you


Jen: I’m taking a break from vengeance and redemption this week.


Loren: This just isn’t for me. Enjoy, whoever it is actually for.

RDT: Too much tv. So, unless the reviews are phenomenal, I’ll pass.

Rick: Spend any amount of time on the internets or a dating app and you’ll see that open relationships/non-monogamy are becoming more prevalent. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea, but plenty of people are running with it, so good for them. Similarly, I can’t really get on board with this series. It looks well produced/performed, but I just don’t see how any of this can come to a positive end. Unless reviews are stellar I think I’ll pass.

Jen: Interesting, even if the premise doesn’t feel entirely original, Toni Collette rarely misses. I’m a maybe.

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3

Loren: Oh yes. Though I like more than I don’t of the Marvel Netflix shows, Daredevil has been it’s real shining star. And this season looks fairly excellent. So very in.

RDT: I still need to catch up on Luke Cage and Iron Fist….right?

Rick: Actually, there goes my Sunday.

Jen: I’ll listen to The Hollywood Picture News to get an accurate rundown of how good or bad the season is before I commit. (shameless plug)

Hip Hop Evolution Season 2

Loren: I forgot about this but still would like to watch it. Season 1 first though.

RDT: Not my jam

Rick: The first season of this has been in my queue forever. It’s not disinterest. Just forgetfulness.

Jen: Yeah, I may go back and look at Season 1 cause Season 2 looks pretty good.


Finesse Mitchell: The Spirit Told Me To Tell You

Loren: Funny sure. Spend an extra $14 a month funny? No.

RDT: I don’t have Showtime, and neither does my mother anymore.

Rick: That did get a few laughs out of me, but not enough for me to sign up for Showtime to watch it.

Jen: There’s enough comedy on Netflix to keep me occupied forever (Ron White notwithstanding) so no need to sign up for Showtime… yet.



My Dinner With Hervé

Loren: I think Dinklage is an amazing actor but I’m not sure I need to know Villechaize’s story that badly. I never really connect with HBO’s biopics. I don’t know why.

RDT: Loved Fantasy Island as a kid. So, I’ll give it a watch.

Rick: If you’re interested in the “whitewashing” issue associated with this movie, here’s some enlightening reading. That aside, I’m in for this.

Jen: I love Peter Dinklage, so yes, I am in for this as well.


Lore Season 2

Loren: I never watched the first season because I was annoyed that I did a bunch of work for it and didn’t get credited. I hear it’s pretty good though. Also it was damn near impossible throughout all of Season 1’s production for me to type out the name of it and not automatically put the “N” at the end. I backspaced every time.

RDT: Season 1 blah blah blah

Rick: Nah. Had no interest in the first season. I’m good.

Jen: I remember Loren being really psyched for this, right? Or is it just the Lore/Loren thing that’s in my head? Either way, I’m OK.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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