Weekend Watch – 11/2/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Bohemian Rhapsody

Loren: I’m sure that this is going to be good but I’m not sure that I’m going to make time to see it.

RDT: I read a couple reviews saying Rami Malek’s performance is amazing, and the Live Aid stuff is great. But the movie itself is lacking. One review even said it was a disservice to Freddie Mercury’s memory/legacy.

Rick: I think I landed on some of the same reviews as RDT. The fact that this seems to be a cookie cutter biopic frustrates me. I will forever want to see the far bolder version that Sacha Baron Cohen was on board to do. What a waste of an opportunity. At least we still have their music to revel in.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Loren: Yeah but nah, you know?

RDT: Looks real pretty, but not for me.

Rick: This just looks like a mashup of Alice in Wonderland and The Chronicles of Narnia. I mean, it’s pretty, but it doesn’t do anything for me.

Nobody’s Fool

Loren: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Tiffany Haddish is the female Kevin Hart. Nothing about that trailer looked funny to me, except maybe that bit at the end with Whoopi and the bad connection. But only one funny joke and way too much of Ms. Haddish is all I need to know about this one.

RDT: Whatever Loren posts, I agree with 100%.

Rick: There’s a line in the trailer that should be the tagline for this movie: “My sister is a bit much”. It’s also an understatement. I barely made it through two and a half minutes. No way I’d last ninety.

Limited Release

Welcome to Mercy

Loren: Religious Horror is one of my least favorite sub-genres, so I can’t imagine myself bothering with this. I do want to know why she was covered in chocolate sauce at one point but that’s just for me.

RDT: That looks like it’s trying to be creepy but just ends up being bad.

Rick: First of all, that title sounds like a bargain basement romantic comedy starring a C-level Reese Witherspoon-type. The movie should just be called Mercy. Second, I have to give them a little credit. It looks like it’s trying harder to avoid the typical trappings of possession movies than any I’ve come across in the last few years. For that alone it’ll stay on my radar.



Loren: I’m not super into that story but I like the Duplass Brothers and am into the fact that they cast someone atypical for the lead.

RDT: I’m really into that. Will definitely keep it on the radar.

Rick: This looks charming enough, but the trailer shows you pretty much every emotional beat in the story. Didn’t exactly leave me wanting more.

Time Trap

Loren: The story seems like it’s there, but I do wish the effects were as well. If I remember to I might give this a go on a lazy Sunday down the road.

RDT: I love a good time travel movie…..this doesn’t look horrible.

Rick: In spite of the not so hot special effects, I kinda want to see what’s going on in this movie. I mean, it might be preposterous, but it looks weird enough to keep me engaged.

The White Orchid

Loren: I’m with Rick (read Rick’s entry). The exteriors all looked fine but the interiors, my god, soooo flat and boring. I like the cast and and good noir lite thriller can be awesome but I don’t think that’s what we got there. Also, was that “My Name’s Not Fucking Warren” as the boyfriend?

RDT: “Executive Produced by The Estate of Humphrey Bogart” What the fuck does that mean? Also, this looks really boring.

Rick: My lord, why is this so flat and lifeless? You could have shot this with my three year old Android phone and gotten better results with barely any effort. In the right hands (say Brian De Palma or David Fincher) you could really make something of this, but as it stands this just looks terrible. I mean, no one is going to take that wig seriously. Cripes.

Taxi 5

Loren: But I haven’t seen Taxis 1-4 will I be lost?

RDT: So, the original Taxi is, like, one of the top grossing movies of all time (in France). Hollywood remade it with Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah. **shrugs**

Rick: This just makes me want (another) American remake, but starring Jason Statham. Or maybe John Cena. I also appreciate that there’s a French Aaron Paul: https://imgur.com/uJzZVux


Searching For Ingmar Bergman

Loren: I won’t lie, I stopped paying attention almost immediately as the trailer began. I just know I won’t be seeing this.

RDT: I feel like I should watch at least AN Ingmar Bergman film first (I know, I’m a bad former film student).

Rick: I’m interested in this, but I should hold off on watching until I make my way through Criterion’s exhaustive Bergman box set that comes out in November.

Room for Rent

Loren: Brett Gelman sure can play a creepy dude. Life imitating art perhaps? I do like seeing Patrick J. Adams playing something that isn’t Mike Ross too, but those alone won’t get me to see this.

RDT: I like some of that cast. No idea who the main dude is. Feels like he maybe wrote and directed it. So he put himself in it too. I know I could look it up, but I really don’t care.

Rick: All this trailer made me want to do was go watch the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode “Mayhem of the Mooninites”; something about a room for rent that’s actually funny.


Loren: I dig the use of a very different backdrop for a zombie movie. That trailer isn’t great though. I’m SURE I’ve heard that score somewhere else and that was very distracting.

RDT: Based solely on Rick’s excitement for it, I will likely never see this movie…..unless he screens it.

Rick: Ooooh! This looks like a zombie-fied take on the old Chinese hopping vampire movies (check out Encounters of the Spooky Kind and Mr. Vampire if you’re curious). Count me in.


Loren: Now THAT is how you make Sci Fi on a budget. In.

RDT: I stopped watching the trailer because I don’t want to be spoiled. I’m in.

Rick: A couple of years ago I saw the pretty excellent short film this was based on. I’m in.

Monster Party

Loren: Hahahaha, that looks terrible.

RDT: The old “picked the wrong house to rob and ended up interrupting a serial killer support group so now they have to hunt you down and kill you” trope.

Rick: This is either going to be stupid fun or just plain stupid. I can’t really tell which.

Maria by Callas

Loren: I think I’d rather listen to her music and read something about her. I know, it’s very off brand for me.

RDT: I know it sounds shitty (me, not her) but if her story is interesting enough, they’ll make it into a relatively inaccurate biopic.

Rick: I’ve undoubtedly heard her sing before, but never once gave thought to who she was. Now I want to know all of the things.

In Search of Greatness

Loren: Looks like they couldn’t get Tom Brady or Jordan to do interviews with them. I like the concept of the doc but I think I would have rathered ESPN films to tackle (Ha! Puns) this one.


Rick: Great athletes have a little something extra that is hard to quantify. Got it. Why do we need a two hour documentary on this? Also, hasn’t ESPN done something like this already with literally every athlete featured here?

In Harm’s Way

Loren: Remember when we all thought Emile Hirsch was going to be the next big thing? That did not happen. I’m just going to go rewatch The Girl Next Door instead of this.

RDT: Whatever happened to the John Belushi biopic Emile Hirsch was supposed to star in? Granted, I don’t think that’ll be good either. But I’d still rather see that than this.

Rick: A compelling story told on the ultra cheap. No thanks.


Haunting on Fraternity Row

Loren: Yeah, who doesn’t want to watch these douche bros get massacred. Bonus that there are a bunch of scantily clad people to be ogled.

RDT: If Rick finds worth in it, he’d screen it. And I’ll watch it.

Rick: I kinda want to watch this just to see how all these idiots meet their end. How can you not root for the monster-ghost-thing in this scenario?

Daughters of the Sexual Revolution

Loren: Sure, I’ll catch that on one of the streaming platforms when it makes it’s way there.

RDT: I’m intrigued. If I catch it streaming, I’ll give it a watch.

Rick: Yes. Yes, indeed.

Boy Erased

Loren: That’s a great trailer and I’m sure the movie will be moving but I can’t get past Russel Crowe cosplaying as Dan Conner. Not the personality, but the whole look.

RDT: I’ll catch this either at a screening or by borrowing a screener. If not, I’ll pay to see it.

Rick: I’ve been looking forward to this since I read about it a few months ago. Definitely in.


Loren: That could be a lot of fun, when it comes around my way I’ll check it out.

RDT: Ok, that doesn’t necessarily look “good,” but I was kinda into it. But if I have to pay YouTube to see it, I’m out.

Rick: I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take any YouTube Original seriously.

Better Angels

Loren: This feels very alarmist. No thanks.

RDT: I kinda feel like I got all I needed out of the trailer.

Rick: Talk about your timely documentaries. I’m not going to bother ranting about this insane trade war. It makes my brain hurt. I read too much about this situation on the daily, so I don’t know that I need this doc, but I’m glad it’s out there.

A Private War

Loren: I didn’t even realize that was Rosamund Pike until her title card came up. This looks pretty intense but it also looks like it’s trying REAL hard to vie for that Oscar.

RDT: I feel like I should want to want to watch this movie. But I don’t.

Rick: I think I’m in for this. It might make for a solid half of an intense double feature with Oliver Stone’s Salvador.



The Degenerates

Loren: That is a terrible trailer for a Stand-Up series. The thing is none of those Stand-Ups really do it for me, so I probably won’t bother with it anyway.

RDT: Too much tv.

Rick: Sorry, Netflix. I am not, in fact, ready to roll the dice.

House of Cards Season 6

Loren: Never watched this show to begin with so even without the disgraced former star, I’m not curious enough to start now.

RDT: While I am curious about a Spacey-less season, I’m like 4 seasons behind. I may catch up someday.

Rick: Had no desire to watch this when the first season debuted. Definitely not going to start now.

Holiday Calendar

Loren: Sappy Christmas movies about magical Advent Calendars are not my bag. I’m sure The Lady™ will love it.

RDT: Look, I’m not religious at all. I bounce somewhere between agnostic and atheist. But it’s called a fucking Advent Calendar.

Rick: Bold move by Netflix trying to horn in on Hallmark’s territory. You can’t fight them, Netflix. This is not a battle you can win.

The Other Side of the Wind





They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead

Loren: I think I’d rather watch this than see the actual movie above.

RDT: The only Orson Welles movies I’ve seen are Citizen Kane, The Muppet Movie and Transformers: The Movie. **shrugs**



Into the Dark: Flesh and Blood

Loren: I really like the “Into the Dark” concept and I’m glad we’re all recognizing the sheer creepiness of Dermot Mulroney but this doesn’t look very good.



Rick: Awww. They could have made a modern version of Gaslight, but instead we get a painfully obvious “I’ve been living with the killer all along” movie. Laaaaaammmmme.




Loren: This is getting a lot of early buzz and looks wonderfully shot. If I can make time to watch it I’ll try and get it in there.

RDT: I’m into this, a lot. But I so much other tv to watch. Ugh.

Rick: Um, yes please. I need a new interesting drama series to dive into.



Tell Me A Story

Loren: This could be fun. I like Kevin Williamson and the cast is pretty good for TV. Maybe this will tie me over until ST:D comes back this Winter.

RDT: I’m intrigued by this. This seems like a different take on something that’s been done before (Once Upon a Time, Fables, The Charmings) to varying degrees of quality. If I remember that I pay for CBS All Access, sure, I’ll give it a whirl.

Rick: Nope. Still not going to pay for CBS All Access.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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