Weekend Watch – 02/22/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Loren: I was surprised at how much I liked the first one but haven’t really followed up on any of the subsequent stuff. This does look pretty good though. It might be a little sad when the inevitable finale roles around but hey that’s life.

RDT: I liked the first one a lot. Don’t really remember much of number two. So, that pushes this to a streaming watch, probably.

Rick: I really enjoyed the first two entries in this franchise, but I never got around to the TV series. Maybe one day, but I don’t have a super compelling need to see this.

Jen: I have a child and one of her best friends only ever wants to play Toothless and Hiccup so I think, if only for her social standing, we’ll be seeing this.

Run the Race

Loren: Hahahahaha. No.

RDT: Jesus Christ, pun intended. I’ll pass, pun also intended.

Rick: Oh. Oh. No. No, thank you. Please take your cliched football/Jesus-infused movie elsewhere.

Jen: Eye roll.  No.

Limited Release


Loren: My love of Professional Wrestling led me to try and wrestle when I was a kid. Shockingly I was absolutely terrible at it. However it gave me a new found respect for the sport. This looks fantastic and I hope I remember to check it out.

RDT: I wrestled in middle school. I was pretty good at it, too (primarily because I was fat and would just roll onto my opponent). That being said, I think Fighting With My Family fills the wrestling slot in my brain right now.

Rick: If I had any interest in this style of wrestling, I’d be all over this doc. As it stands, I’m glad it’s out there but I’ll never get around to it.

Jen: I went to every wrestling meet in High School and this looks like it will make me cry. I’m in.

We Are The Heat

Loren: This feels like a beat for beat retelling of You Got Served but with a Colombian flair. I love me a good dance movie but I don’t think this is going to be that. Oh well.

RDT: All this does is remind me that I’m far overdue for a revisit of Step Up 2: The Streets, the best and punniest of the Step Up movies. #Mooseislife

Rick: I thought I was going to get a Colombian take on Step Up, but the dance element is almost a side story to everything else happening here. I’m honestly a little confused as to how that element is at all relevant. I’ll have to check out a few reviews before diving in.

Jen: Fewer guns, more dancing, please.

Trading Paint

Loren: Have we reached the end of John Travolta? Looks like.

RDT: I love me a good racing movie. So, I think I’ll watch me a good racing movie. You know, instead of this.

Rick: Oh, man. That movie is going to be a highlight of $1 DVD bin at the truck stop. It’s also neat how that movie managed to escape from the late 90s and land in today’s theaters.

Jen: That looks bad, but not so bad it’s good. It’s sort of just stuck in the bad place. And I don’t mean the good Bad Place from the Good Place, although arguably that’s not really a “good” bad place, but if Adam Scott is there I’m… getting off track. Track? Get it, cause this is a racing movie? I got nothing.

The Changeover


RDT: I just don’t care.

Rick: Are witches the new zombies? Kinda seems like it. I like the cast and I think I can get past the obvious coming of age elements, but this movie came out in a lot of territories in 2017. I’m always wary of that long of a gap in release dates.

Jen: I remember reading this book in high school, I can’t believe it’s taken this long to adapt but I’m willing to give it a whirl. I’m hoping it’s less Twilight than it hopes it is.


Loren: I think the most interesting part of that trailer is that it’s a Filipino movie set and shot in NYC.

RDT: This is not the movie for me. I kinda hate love right now. (Boo hoo……)

Rick: Before I even watched the trailer I thought “Isn’t this a TV show? Didn’t it get cancelled?” I was correct on both counts, but this has nothing to do with said show. Instead it just looks like a kind of by-the-numbers romance. Meh.

Jen: I’m not sure I completely followed what was going on there, I was only really half paying attention to that trailer. So I just saw the Alone part. Or the Together part? Neither is winning me over.



RDT: Guys, Sonic Cinema called it “Brilliant.” It was awarded best feature in the HIMPF (Hollywood International Moving Pictures Festival, for those NOT in the know). I mean, man, how could it not be amazing?!?!?!

Rick: So, it’s a little more serious riff on 1988’s Cherry 2000 with a sprinkling of elements from Blade Runner 2049. That trailer had enough laurels to fill a small box truck, but they go by so fast that I couldn’t tell if they were legitimate festival honors or from things like the “Greater Tennessee Sci-Fi Festival and Swap Meet”. I’ll seek out some reviews and see how it fares.

Jen: When your movie’s main selling point is Dean Cain, that’s not strong.




Loren: Normally not a fan of the “dying from an incurable disease/let’s go on an adventure” trope but Mark Duplass and Ray Romano have enough good will with me to add this to the queue.

RDT: God damn it, Rick! Anyway, I’m gonna watch this, and it’s gonna make me cry.

Rick: If this isn’t the title of the BDSM/furry version of Paddington I’ll be very disappointed in the porn industry. Also, I will probably cry many a manly tear watching this.

Jen: Who knew Ray Romano would turn into a real actor? This might be a little too “Indie Film” for me, but I’ll give it a chance.

Paris is Us

Loren: I’m kinda confused as to what is going on here but intrigued nonetheless.

RDT: I have far too many other things to watch, like Tasty videos I’ve already seen multiple times before!

Rick: I can’t tell if this is going to resonate with me or not, but it’s going in the queue anyway.

Jen: I’m curious. I could be persuaded to give this a watch.


Desus & Mero

Loren: I watched a few of their original show over on Viceland and it was entertaining. Just not entertaining enough for me to rush out and get Showtime.

RDT: Wait, is this 2 Dope Queens???

Rick: At the top of this trailer (after the awful joke), they announce that the show is coming back. I had no idea this existed, and I’m not at all excited about discovering it.

Jen: I just heard these guys on a podcast today and thought “should I know who these guys are” so I guess the answer is “yes, I should”? They were entertaining on the podcast but this trailer is giving me nothing. I’ll need to wait and see on this one.

Tone Bell: Can’t Cancel This

Loren: I laughed. But again… Showtime.

RDT: Damn! I remember that dude from Bad Judge (I had to look it up). That show was pretty good, I think, and this made me chuckle, I guess, and I don’t have to pay for Showtime, thanks Mom. So, sure, I’ve give it 10 minutes and go from there.

Rick: Sorry, I read that as “Taco Bell: Can’t Cancel This” and I can’t unsee it. I may also get Taco Bell for dinner.

Jen: Meh.


This Giant Beast That Is The Global Economy

Loren: Besides the whole never remembering Amazon is a thing, this looks pretty good. I’ll give it a watch… if I can remember Amazon is a thing.

RDT: Shitty title aside, sure, I’ll give it a go.

Rick: Man, that title is a mouthful. This series looks like Penn & Teller’s Bullshit and The Big Short had a baby. I don’t know that I need any of this in my life. Except those giant mechas. Definitely want.

Jen: That is a terrible title. But all the heart emojis for Kal Penn. I will be watching this one.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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–Loren, RDT, The Lady™, Rick, and Jen

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