Weekend Watch – 03/01/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

A Madea Family Funeral

Loren: How in the hell are these movies still getting made? One maybe two sure, but this the 11th(!!!) movie with this character in it. Does anyone like them?

RDT: Save for the rare commercial, I have never seen a frame of Madea footage. I sure as hell aint starting at #11!

Rick: I pretty much expect a new Madea movie to wander into theaters every couple of years until the end of time. Even if the title character actually dies in this one, these movies practically print money. You know that in like five years we’ll get hit with A Madea Resurrection.

Jen: Pssst I hear she dies in this one and that this is killing off the franchise. Not sure that improves the odds of anyone seeing it, but there you go.


Loren: At least they are doing something a little different with the stalker genre. I like everyone involved, if I can remember to I’ll check this out down the road when I’m in the mood for a thriller.

RDT: Good cast? Yes. Interesting premise? Yes. Do I care? Nope. Sorry. I know it’s dickish. But that trailer did nothing for me.

Rick: This ticks so many boxes for me. I’ll definitely see it in theaters.

Jen: Isabelle Huppert is so fantastically creepy in everything she does. This feels like a perfect fit. I’ll keep it on the radar for sure.

Limited Release

Woman at War

Loren: This looks interesting enough but I can’t see myself searching out an Icelandic “fighting the man” black comedy anytime soon. Maybe if they do an American remake down the road but probably not. Hey RDT, who’s in the remake? Frances McDormand?

RDT: Frances McDormand is in everything. My pick is Annette Bening. She’s due for a career resurgence, and I’m sure she’s gonna get one post-Captain Marvel. Oh, umm, this movie looks fine.

Rick: This looks interesting/irreverent enough that I’ll keep a lookout for it down the line. Also, maybe Holly Hunter for the remake?

Jen: What Rick said and let’s mix it up a bit, I haven’t seen Halle Berry do her “dressed down” thing in while.

We Die Young

Loren: I was kinda enjoying the Van Damme-aissance we were having but that is definitely over now. This is like a bad version of The Equalizer. I think I’m good.

RDT: I’m into the premise. And I think with better casting (sorry, JCVD), better directing (sorry….ummm…..director) and better, well, everything (sorry, everybody) this could’ve been an enjoyable film

Rick: The problem with Van Damme is that for every solid movie he makes, he winds up in at least three mediocre ones. This is obviously one of those three. I’d rather rewatch Lukas instead.

Jen: Any excuse to use this gif: 



Loren: Um ok. Normally not my bag but that was kind of enthralling. I like the alternate reality set piece without it being all cinematically dystopian. I think I’m going to search this one out.

RDT: I’m so conflicted. I love alternate reality stuff, but hate reading my movies. Ugh…..

Rick: Yes…yes, I see… *hands over all the monies for a ticket*

Jen: Me likey.

This Magnificent Cake!

Loren: Say what now?

RDT: I have far too many other animated projects to get caught up on.

Rick: Welp, I have no idea what’s going on here, but I’m in. Also: this is only 45 minutes long, so it’s not a huge commitment.

Jen: Something about this animation is a touch to creepy for my tastes. I’ll pass.

The Wedding Guest

Loren: An interesting looking thriller sure, but I’m not sure I can be bothered to find out what’s going on. If it gets some good buzz maybe I’ll add it to the list but I doubt that’s going to happen.

RDT: Well shit. I think I’m gonna see that movie.

Rick: That did not go where I expected. I’m officially intrigued.

Jen: Dev Patel will get me in the door and Dev Patel will keep me in the door. I’m in (the door)

The Hole in the Ground

Loren: Another creepy kid movie. Yawn.

RDT: I read Loren and Rick’s comments. That’s enough for me. Pass.

Rick: Can we bury this whole subgenre in a hole in the ground?



Loren: I got bored halfway through that trailer. I can’t imagine what the whole movie is going to be like.

RDT: I just don’t care.

Rick: I’m a little tired of the washed out gray/blue color pallet in movies, but I’m curious enough that I’ll check this one out on-demand.

Jen: I strayed from that trailer part way through. Get it?

Saint Judy

Loren: Why does that look so terrible and cheesy? It’s a compelling story with a pretty stellar cast, yet, ugh. No thank you.

RDT: I feel like I’ve seen this movie before. I’m good.

Rick: I think I know what it is, Loren. It’s the music in the trailer. You rescore with something more compelling and you’ll actually hook people. Also, maybe tone down the slow-mo reactions. Regardless, I’m unlikely to see this.

Jen: I would watch a documentary on Judy Wood. This, not so much.


Loren: I’m glad Matt Smith is back to doing passion pieces. He never quite seems to nail the big budget studio pics. As for this movie it looks like a perfectly serviceable biopic. I appreciate the incorporation of Mapplethorpe’s actual work into the story.

RDT: Eliza Dushku helped get this made. Other than that, this looks like a pretty standard biopic.

Rick: Why does the music in the latter half of this trailer sound like it belongs in a biopic about a 16th century count? Anyway, I’m all for Matt Smith getting more recognition. Here’s hoping this is actually good.

Jen: I’m curious to see this side of Matt Smith, no run-to-the-theater curious, but give-it-a-chance-on-streaming curious.



Loren: Ah the incredibly rare Period, Hockey, Against All Odds, Boy Meets Girl, Family Drama, Struggle With Alcoholism, Detroit to Boston, Biopic.

RDT: Hey! Do you want to watch all the movies without having to take the time to watch all the movies??? Then boy do I have the movie for you! Goalie! It’s not one movie! It’s ALL the movies!!!

Rick: My lord, why all the goddamn shaky cam? Honestly, this just makes me long for the 70s-era hockey movie Rob Zombie has been trying to get made for like a decade.

Jen: That trailer left me a little tired.  I’m sick of whatever that music is too. Music is a common trailer problem this week.

Giant Little Ones

Loren: Wow, it’s not often we get something different with a ‘coming of age tale’ but I think we just might here. This one looks to hit all the right notes without really hammering them in. I’m down for this.

RDT: Like Loren said above, feels kinda different. I’ll keep it on the radar.

Rick: There’s been a resurgence of quality coming-of-age movies in the last few years. Count me in for this one.

Jen: That looks pretty great. I would absolutely check this out.


Loren: I very much look forward to watching this at the Whitsett Theater someday. Rick, what do we pair this with?

RDT: If Rick screens it, I’ll watch it.

Rick: You pair it with either Chocolate (2008) or The Villainess (2017). I think Chocolate is a better fit, though. The Villainess probably works better with The Man From Nowhere. I’ll watch this one in the near term and see if it’s worth its salt.

Jen: RSVPing for 1.

Devil’s Path

Loren: I don’t know, for some reason I feel like taking “Cruising” and turning it into a horror movie feels… off? Like it’s too real? I don’t know. It doesn’t help that the movie itself doesn’t look that great.

RDT: It’s like Wrong Turn meets Hostel!

Rick: I kind of like the extra layer of too close to reality. Makes it stand out a bit. Apart from that it feels like pretty standard backwoods survival fare

Jen: I have no strong feelings.

Beers of Joy

Loren: Beer culture is almost as bad as weed culture. Also that was a terrible stinger for your trailer. Pass.

RDT: I can’t drink beer. So why would I watch a documentary about beer?

Rick: Frankly, I’m surprised this is a documentary. It feels like a reality series. Doesn’t matter. I’m passing on this. I’ll just drink a beer while watching something I actually want to see.

Jen: Rick took the words right out of my mouth.




Cricket Fever

Loren: Cricket just seems like a made up game to me. Like for a sci-fi movie about future sports. It is pretty fascinating though that you can use the Sports Doc format for anything and make it seem seriously epic.


Rick: I have zero interest in the sport. I bet Ky will be all over this, though.

Jen: I don’t know if regular readers have noticed a pattern in the men I’m drawn to, but let’s just say, I’m into this.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

Loren: This could be a very compelling story but there’s so much other stuff out there right now that I’m pretty positive this will get buried.

RDT: Sounds like a movie about farting.

Rick: As strong as this looks, I’ll wind up putting this off until it picks up some sort of nominations during award season near the end of the year.

Jen: Once I stopped giggling at RDTs response and watched this I was surprisngly enchanted by this story. I’m considering it.


Loren: Well that’s depressing.

RDT: Let’s do the math on this one. If RDT has no interest in sports winners, how likely is he to watch a documentary about sports losers?

Rick: I think enough about failure and unrealized potential as it is. I do not need a docu-series where that is the sole focus.

Jen: I will tune in or the Surya Bonaly episode at least, but maybe not the rest.


Into the Dark: Treehouse

Loren: I have yet to watch any of these, nor have I heard anything about them as far as quality goes. I’ll most likely pass on this.

RDT: Not for me.

Rick: Still making these, Hulu? The movies in this series seem to land with nary a dent in the horror landscape. It looks reasonably creepy, but not terrifically new or inventive. Meh.

Jen: Meh.


The Widow

Loren: I’m glad to see Kate Beckinsale getting some actual work besides having to justify her relationship with Pete Davidson. This could go either way, it could be a fun mystery or it could be boring and cliché. We may never know.

RDT: All this did was remind me that I want to watch Widows when it’s available streaming.

Rick: Widows is pretty strong, RDT. Well worth it. As far as this goes, while it looks well made, I’m not seeing a compelling reason it needs to be a series instead of a two-hour feature.

Jen: It’s hard to see Charles Dance and not hiss but this looks… fine.


Leaving Neverland

Loren: I’m glad that these poor guys are getting to tell their story but I’m not sure I can stomach it. I’m also not too sure that there’s going to be any sort of revelations here that we don’t already know.

RDT: Yeah, I’m not up for this.

Rick: I think I’d rather read an in-depth article about this.

Jen: I don’t think I can handle this, it sounds pretty harrowing to say the least.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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