Episode #162 – We Saw Captain Marvel

This week the guys saw Captain Marvel and shockingly they have opinions (don’t worry, they’re mostly positive). They also talk all the week’s entertainment news. With stories like:

  • A female centric reboot of Rush Hour is in the works and you get one guess as to who is playing the Chris Tucker role.
  • Jay and Silent Bob update
  • Arrow will end with a 10 episode run this fall because we are very smart.
  • Disney+ will include ‘entire motion picture library’
  • Zack Snyder is making a zombie movie for Netflix
  • Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show to be set during the second age
  • Amazon also adapting Port of Earth
  • Cobra Kai season 2 trailer
  • Galaxy’s Edge opens May 31st for Disneyland and August 29th for WDW.
  • Matt Smith says “As far as he can tell, he’s not in the next Star Wars movie.” Unless he is…?
  • Idris Elba will replace Will Smith as Deadshot in The Suicide Squad
  • SHAZAM is…. good….?
  • International Dark Phoenix trailer is a much better trailer for what still looks like a mediocre movie.
  • Emma Watson up for a “lead role” in Black Widow standalone flic
  • Endgame is picture locked

All that, what we watched and this ridiculous picture of RDT!

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2 thoughts on “Episode #162 – We Saw Captain Marvel

  1. As a former resident of New Jersey, you would be surprised at how flipping expensive it is. Also, filming incentives are not as good as Louisiana.

    Army of the Dead was supposed to be a sequel to Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead, but it never got off the ground. This Netflix thing is not officially a sequel. They may not be able to link it due to rights issues. Also, none of the characters from Snyder’s Dawn show up in any of the zombie movies that came out in its wake (a bunch of garbage Day of the Dead remakes/sequels).

    I will never care about Cobra Kai. N E V E R.

  2. To me the “5th Element” took on the sci-fi genre and made it fun vs horror or religious like Star Wars, and a big part of that was Chris Tucker’s over-the-top Ruby Rhod performance, (i’m thinking he was basing it on Prince). I’m probably one of the few who openly admits to enjoying “Valerian” as well, for its new take on fun sci-fi.

    I enjoyed the Captain Marvel review, it was reasonable and you noted that there were some legit issues outside of the internet troll-verse. I still think Brie Larson (who was tremendous in “Room”) could have handled the real point a bit better simply by saying “there needs to be more diverse critics with different points of view”, it just came out wrong. That really would have solved everything.

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