Weekend Watch – 04/05/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release


Loren: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; maybe this is what turns the corner for Warners and DC. It looks like a lot of fun and they took the idea of “Superhero Big” and ran with it. Fingers tentatively crossed.

RDT: Pending the availability of my car (it’s in the shop), I’m definitely seeing this sooner than later.

Rick: The looks like fun. Not “run out and see it right away” fun, but probably “late in its run” kind of fun.

Josh: I am so excited for this movie I shazamed in my pants. I still think WB/DC has a long way to go before they start consistently putting out good comic book movies, but this feels like they got one right.

The Best of Enemies

Loren: I love the cast and hope that they are being true to the actual story. We’ll see what shakes out after it’s been released a few days.

RDT: Great cast aside, I feel like I’ve seen this movie already.

Rick: As much credit as Taraji P. Henson gets for her talent, I think she deserves more. Even when she’s in relative crap like Proud Mary, those movies are made watchable because she always brings her A-game. 100% in.

Josh: And the 2020 Oscar for solving racism goes to…

Pet Sematary

Loren: For as much of a horror fan as I’ve become (late bloomer, didn’t enjoy horror until sometime around college) this might be a little much for me. I don’t deal with Pet Death too well and even though I know that’s not the crux of the story here it would always be in the back of my mind. Unless I hear that this is a must see, I can probably skip it.

RDT: For as much as I don’t do horror, I actually am a King fan. Haven’t read the book but I have seen the original adaptation. So, I can see myself giving this a watch from my brightly lit living room in the near future.

Rick: I have a lot of reservations about this. Not because Mary Lambert’s adaptation was perfect, but this feels like it’s trying a little too hard. And, I love me some Lithgow, but the man is miscast as Judd Crandall. He just looks like he’s playing some generic crazy person, not the dyed in the wool, gentle Maine lifer from the novel or the earlier adaptation. I just can’t get behind it.

Josh: I have no attachment to the original, nor do I recall the book well enough for that to color my opinion of this trailer. From as objective a standpoint as I can muster, this looks like it could have some solid scares. You know. If they didn’t give them all away in this trailer. I guess we’ll see.

Limited Release

The Public

Loren: I was not expecting an Emilio Estevez written/directed flick to look so appealing but here we are. The cast is also a fun group that I wasn’t expecting. We’ll see if this one breaks through the pack.

RDT: First, Emilio Estevez is Martin Sheen now, right? Like, the resemblance. Also, this is a hell of a cast and looks like a pretty good flick by all accounts. To the streaming queue it goes!

Rick: Headcanon: Unofficial sequel/spin-off to The Breakfast Club. Also, this looks pretty solid.

Josh: Rick beat me to the Breakfast Club joke, so I’ll just say that it’s got a solid cast who are capable of enhancing what is likely to be a decent, but not sparkling, script. I’d probably forget to check it out once it’s streaming.

The Wind

Loren: I for one look forward to seeing this at a horrorfest a few years down the road, because honestly that’s the only time I’m going to see it.

RDT: I was actually into that trailer until the old “‘There’s nobody here but us.’ then gets pulled away by something” trope. I’m out.

Rick: I’ve been waiting for this after reading about it coming out of Fantastic Fest last year. Gimmie.

Josh: I’m a sucker for these type of movies, but you gotta bring something original to the table if you’re going to stand out. My gut says that this isn’t the next Babadook.

The Head Hunter

Loren: What an interesting take on the Sword and Sorcery genre. I don’t know that I’ll search it out but it looks like it achieves what it was going for.

RDT: Oh yeah, this is not a movie for me or my delicate sensibilities.

Rick: I’m a mark for revenge movies as it is, but you mix in what looks like some murderous, mythic beast and a setting you rarely get in this type of flick, you absolutely have my attention.

Josh: D&D got really dark.

Storm Boy

Loren: I don’t really like movies that tug at my heartstrings in this particular way. Plus as RDT mentions below, the whole Jai Courtney of it all.

RDT: Shit. I don’t know what to do. It looks pretty good but Jai Courtney is in it.

Rick: This looks kind of heartwarming, but I will forget this exists the moment I wrap up writing this sentence.

Josh: You had me at pelicans. My mom will probably make me watch this the next holiday we’re all in town.

The Haunting of Sharon Tate

Loren: Aw man, remember when she was going to be the next big thing. Sorry about your luck Lizzie McGuire.

RDT: I don’t understand what this movie is supposed to be, other than bad.

Rick: Pfffft! Oh…oh, wait…they’re serious with this shit? No and thank you.

Josh: From the company that brought you Power Rangers, and the woman who brought you…I can’t remember one song or movie she did…comes a ridiculous take on a story that’s been done to death.


Loren: First of all, no. Second. Is James Roday just the poorest man’s Sam Rockwell? Discuss.

RDT: Just go back to Psych, Psych.

Rick: Oh, James Roday. I keep hoping better things will come to you. This is clearly not one of them.

Josh: This trailer was so bored of itself that it started advertising other trailers before it ended.

Amazing Grace

Loren: I think I’m more into listening to this album than checking out the doc.

RDT: I know I’m an asshole for saying this but, I just don’t care about this documentary. Sorry.

Rick: If anyone out there in TV/Film production learns one thing about the making of this movie, it’s that. You. Always. Use. Slates. — Regardless, I’m fully on board.

Josh: If you love Aretha Franklin, you will probably love this movie. I mean, I think it’s literally that simple.

Acres and Acres

Loren: Not for me, but thanks.

RDT: I fell asleep watching that trailer and didn’t realize it. When I woke up, I was watching something completely different. It looked pretty good. And Harley Quinn Smith was in it. I forget what it was called.

This looks fine.

Rick: This movie has been drifting around with no US distribution since 2016. Not a confidence builder. Also, they gave me the whole movie in two minutes. Why do I need to see it?

Josh: The second the couple started going back and forth with cutesy dialogue I knew someone was going to die tragically and then we were going to spend the rest of the movie having our heart strings pulled until we want to die. There, I saved you however long this movie is.




Loren: I really liked the old Ultraman live action movies when I was younger and yet I don’t think I care about this at all.

RDT: I care even less about this than I do Amazing Grace.

Rick: Ultraman, the backgrounds, and the monsters are kind of cool, but the way the humans look and move is throwing me off here. They look super cheap in comparison to the rest of the show. Also, part of the appeal of Ultraman was that he was a goddamn giant dude fighting giant things. Now he’s just a regular dude fighting giant things, like basically every other superhero. That’s kind of lame, honestly. They took the one thing that made the character stand out and tossed it. I think I’m out.

Josh: I want to care about this, but I don’t. Probably because I’m not attuned to Japanese storytelling sensibilities, but I could never get into Ultraman. And this take on him just makes me want to watch Iron Man instead.

Kevin Hart: Irresponsible

Loren: Oh hohoho no. No thank you.

RDT: I care even less about this than I do Ultraman.

Rick: Ehh. Still not a Kevin Hart fan.

Josh: This is as straightforward as the Aretha Franklin doc. If you enjoy Kevin Hart, you will enjoy this.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2

Loren: Yep. Loved part, 1 ready for part 2.

RDT: That reminds me. I need to watch season 1.

Rick: This is fortuitous timing. I’m just about finished with Part 1.

Josh: I haven’t seen season 1, but my wife tells me it’s great.

Our Planet

Loren: Neat. Nature doc series are always a good time.

RDT: This implies that the earth is round. I will not abide by intentionally inaccurate documentaries. #flatearthforever

Rick: I started to nod off about 40 seconds into the trailer. At least I know I can use this to help with my insomnia.

Josh: I loved this series when it was called Planet Earth.

Unicorn Store

Loren: They really pumped out that Capt. Marvel sequel quickly.

RDT: I dig it.

Rick: This has a lot of familiar beats to it, but the fantasy element is a nice addition. I’ll throw it in the queue.

Josh: Dammit, Loren beat me to the joke! But seriously, this looks like it could be the right amount of funny and heartwarming. I’m in.


The Chi Season 2

Loren: I hear it’s good, but like most people, I don’t have Showtime so that’s where this analysis ends.

RDT: What Rick said.

Rick: I remember when the first season dropped and thought, this looks pretty good. Then I never got Showtime, and I forgot the series existed. I expect this cycle to continue.

Josh: This looks like it’s probably really good. I don’t have Showtime and never saw season 1, so I have nothing to add to the conversation.


Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas Season 2

Loren: I enjoyed the bits I saw from Season 1 so I might try and jump into season 2.

RDT: I get all the “this kind of show” I need from John Oliver.

Rick: I think that, even if I had HBO, I’d never get around to this.

Josh: I didn’t know there was a season 1 of this, and by tomorrow I’ll have forgotten there is a season 2.


The Tick Season 2

Loren: This Tick never feels right.

RDT: Checked out ½ way through the pilot.

Rick: Nope. Not ever.

Josh: I loved the original cartoon and no live action show has gotten anywhere near as good as that. This trailer just makes me angry.



Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2

Loren: Yes please. The first season was way better than it had any right to be and even had Marvel Netflix name drops. Making it feel like an actual part of a bigger world without hammering it over your head.

RDT: I was shocked by how much I enjoyed season 1. I’m in for season 2. 100%.

Rick: I wasn’t going to watch this show, then I caved. I’m glad I did. For my money it’s leagues better than any of the shows the CW is cranking out. Solid writing, good performances, and a lot of emotional resonance. I just wish it had fewer needled drops.

Josh: Apparently over here people like this show. So I guess you should check it out?


The Twilight Zone

Loren: I’m excited for this and barring a few bad reviews it’s getting mostly positive looks. And hey, we’re paying for CBS All Access might as well make use of it.

RDT: I tried to watch the first episode when I was working from home the other day. But I had to do actual work. So, I’ll give it another shot soon.

Rick: I watched the first episode CBS decided to drop on YouTube to drum up interest. Usually you put your best stuff up for your debut, especially with a stand-alone series like this. If “The Comedian” is the best they have to offer, I am not going anywhere near this show. It’s maybe half an hour of story stretched out to 52 minutes. The outcome is entirely predictable, it’s filled with poor performances and, worst of all, it’s boooooooooring. The original Twilight Zone episodes were half hours, with the exception of the fourth season, which was not as popular and most of those episodes stretch believability, not unlike this latest one (they went back to half hours in season five). So, unless the quality vastly improves, I’ll spend my time catching up on the backlog of Black Mirror episodes I have in my queue.

Josh: Haven’t had time to watch the first episode yet, but if Rick is right, that’s disappointing to hear. I’m excited about this reboot and I hope it lives up to the hype.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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  1. So I keep waiting for Taraji to REALLY break out. I want her to make a movie where her being African American is not part of the story. (And don’t even try to convince me she did that with that terrible “What Women Want” reboot.) She is better than what she’s being offered in this industry.

    I am totally in for Unicorn Store and The Public — which is getting GREAT reviews.

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