Let’s Talk About The NEW and SPOILER HEAVY Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer!

Wow, there’s a LOT to unpack in this newest trailer. First off if you haven’t already, go check out my breakdown for the First Far From Home Trailer from back in January. Once you’ve done that c’mon back over here and dive right in.

A huge amount of questions we had about the MCU post Avengers: Endgame are answered in this trailer. It is chock full of spoilers for that movie so if you haven’t seen that yet be forewarned. I mean, even Tom Holland himself starts this trailer off telling you that there are spoilers inbound. So with all that said…

WE WERE ALL SO WRONG ABOUT THIS MOVIE BEING A PREQUEL TO THE EVENS OF INFINITY WAR AND THE SNAPPENING!!! They’re just like NOPE, the Snap happened, we were gone for 5 years, Tony Stark is dead, now everyone is back and trying to make heads or tails of it all, who’s going to take the place of our fallen heroes? etc. Personally I love it. It’s saying to us that they stand by their decisions and this is the world going forward.

Ok, we could talk about the world of the MCU at large all day (and that’s exactly what we tend to do on the podcast) but Let’s Talk About this newest trailer…

  • After the intro and spoiler warning from the Spectacular Spoiler-Man, we open with Peter Parker reeling from the loss of his mentor/father figure Tony Stark/Iron Man.   
  • He is having a conversation with Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) about how he misses Tony. Happy does too but fully believes that Tony wouldn’t have sacrificed himself if he didn’t know that Peter would be there to fill the void. This is the first of a few different examples where the movie seems to be telling us that Spider-Man is ready for the big leagues, even if Peter doesn’t believe it yet.    
  • Next is a scene of Spidey taking down a group of mafiosos in a restaurant with his fancy Iron-Spider suit. Interestingly this is the last time we see that particular suit in this trailer. I have a theory that it malfunctions or gets damaged beyond repair and seeing as there is no Tony Stark around to fix it Peter has to go back to his first Spider-Man suit. Maybe we’ll even get a suit lady/Karen cameo!   
  • Spider-Man’s gotta Spider-Man so of course he wisecracks with the cops about not having time to be the next Iron Man because he’s doing their job. Yet another hint at Peter’s larger calling.    
  • Old suit Spidey web slings over Grand Central and takes a selfie. He is still 15 after all.   
  • Happy and Peter have a conversation about not wanting to take Nick Fury’s call. I get Happy knowing who Fury is, Tony would never have kept his mouth shut about him. Plus the whole Coulson at the Malibu mansion house arrest thing in Iron Man 2, but how does Peter know who he is? He’s been an Avenger for all of 2 minutes and was deputized on Titan. Fury has been “dead” since Winter Soldier and didn’t reappear until he was dusted in Infinity War. As far as I can tell he’s not a public figure so why would Peter know who he is. The obvious answer is because this scene is later in the film and they’ve already met but I want to complain about stuff.  
  • We get a little bit of the school trip to Europe covered in the first trailer, but with the fun addition of Flash (Tony Revolori) getting sack-tapped, as I believe the kids call it.   
  • Peter starts figuring out that he likes MJ which he’s explaining to Ned right before Ned gets tranq darted by Fury himself.   
  • Fury brings Peter to his European underground lair where he’s working with Quentin Beck aka Mysterio. In the comics Mysterio is a villain (and probably still is here) but it appears that he’s working on the side of angels. Beck tells Peter that he’s from another dimension and I love that the geek in Parker spills out as he exclaims, “You’re saying there’s a multi-verse!?”  
  • Fury and Maria Hill conscript Peter into joining their cause to stop these elemental creatures that have been popping up all over the world.  
  • Peter still feeling like he’s a B+ Player starts asking where some of the other heroes are. Thor? Off world. Capt. Marvel? Unavailable (like she was for most of Endgame). Somehow this marks the first time in MCU history that an onscreen character refers to Carol Danvers as Capt. Marvel.   
  • Peter implores that he’s just a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man when PG-13 Sam Jackson reminds him that, “Bitch please, you’ve been to space.” Which is true and if he’d been in the Benatar when Rocket asks which of his passengers had never been to space before, he could have kept his hand down.    
  • We see some action shots of Mysterio really playing up the hero thing, while we hear him giving Peter advice. Peter says that all he wants to do is be on vacation with the girl he likes. To be a normal kid.   
  • In another great MJ scene, Peter tries to tell her how he feels about her but before he can she tells him how obvious it is that he’s Spider-Man. Which, you know, it kinda is. How come Spider-Man keeps showing up on their class trips at the exact moment Peter disappears. See also, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Matt Murdock etc.  
  • Mysterio attempts to save a large group of people on the Tower Bridge in London from one of the elemental creatures he’s probably responsible for. He tells Peter that saving the world requires sacrifice and that sometimes people die. This of course, goes against Spider-Man’s code of ethics but he’s in a tough place mentally right now.   
  • On what looks like a tour bus Peter is using a pair of Tony Stark’s FRIDAY enhanced glasses. (Maybe these have Karen in them). Judging by Peter’s reaction, he’s just seen some of the destruction that he could have helped prevent.   
  • Because he’s afraid of putting his friends in danger Peter is hesitant to join the cause but he knows the world needs the next Iron Man.   
  • We get a super brief glimpse of Peter toying around with one of Tony’s old holographic gauntlets. This leads directly into Fury asking if Peter is going to step up or not. Fully cementing the theme here of Peter being ready to be the hero we all know him to be.    
  • The last beat of the action montage is Spidey in his new presumably SHIELD supplied stealth suit being attacked by “Molten Man”. It will be very interesting to see how all these different suits play into the narrative. And where he gets his suits going forward.   
  • The last shot from the trailer is a fun one where Happy is trying to get Peter’s classmates onto the Stark Jet in London safely. But of course none of them know who he is. Happy explains that he works with Spider-Man. Flash being the biggest Spider-Man fan out there is over the moon that Happy works FOR Spider-Man, which of course Happy protests just as the jet is blown up. It’s cute and a decent tag for a trailer.    

And that’s it. We learned a lot about the post Endgame MCU here. The world knows that Iron Man saved them and sacrificed his life for them. Now the heroes of Earth have to step up and fill the void left after the impact of the Battle of Upstate NY. They’ll have to deal with new threats that can come in the form of interdimensional beings or maybe just washed up magician/FX guys that want to make a quick buck.

I really dig how they are handling Peter’s growth as a hero too. It’s nice to see him be thrust into this role and be able to handle it. I think that not only is this going to be a nice cap to Phase 3 of the MCU but it will be an excellent way to gear us up for our inevitable Phase 4. And I think we’re all here for that.

Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters everywhere July 2nd.

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