Weekend Watch – 05/31/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Loren: Not that I think I’d be lost or anything but I didn’t see the last one. I did see Kong: Skull Island though and it was definitely a movie. This is probably going to be fine, but I don’t think I care.

The Lady™: I’ve never seen a Godzilla movie. *ducks*

Jen: Give me the original Godzilla movies any day of the week. This seems to take itself a wee bit too seriously.

AJ: I’m just not into monster movies and what’s more, I hate this trailer. The juxtaposition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” over the footage is forced and just dumb.


Loren: I think it’s kinda awesome that Taron Egerton is following up his action stuff (Robin Hood, The Kingsman Movies) with this. And it looks like he pulls it off too. I’ll check this out eventually.

The Lady™: YES YES YES YES YES!!!! Break out the glitter, break out the dancing shoes! Although I wasn’t initially sold on this, after seeing an interview with Egerton where he describes the film as being told from Elton’s perspective and illustrated by song, I’m 100% in.

Jen: A part of me is worried that I’d be disappointed by the final film. I remember how exicted I was about the Bohemian Rhapsody trailer and it was just a blah picture. Hoping this one will keep me feeling as good in the theater as I do watching this two minutes.

AJ: So I read today that now Boy George is getting a biopic and Rod Stewart is in talks. Will we run out of flamboyant British rockstars soon? I hope not. I mean, is Bowie on this list? He should be. I will see Rocketman and all those that follow.


Loren: Hahahaha. Why?

The Lady™: Hey, it’s that actress from Book Smart! (I’ll catch it on streaming someday, and refuse to ever admit that I probably enjoyed it.)

Jen: I’m glad to hear Octavia Spencer finally got herself a boat! Good for her!

AJ: I’m not about to take Octavia Spencer’s Oscar away but I’m also not about to see this dumpster-fire film.

Limited Release

The Fall of the American Empire

Loren: Could be fun. The lead might get a little annoying though.

The Lady™: When the inevitably terrible American remake comes out, it’ll remind me that I kind of wanted to see the original.

Jen: French Steve Zahn is pretty cute. I’d be willing to check this out.

AJ: OMG, we found a movie with subtitles I want to see! Original premise. This looks a little dry, a little dark-comedy-esque, a little melodramatic…. It gets my money.

Mayday Life 3D

Loren: So it’s a concert movie? But there are weird superhero/post apocalypse beats. I think I’m good here.

The Lady™: Who what now?


AJ: I had to google this to understand WTF I’d just watched. Anyone else need a tutorial? Here:

Linked together by four different stories, megaband Mayday plays their famous music, recorded live from 55 cities on 4 continents and filmed over 2 years for over 4 million audience members. Feel the mesmerizing electricity of one of Asia’s biggest and most popular bands as Mayday guides you through their “Life Tour” in this 3D spectacle!

That’s a pass from me, ladies and gentlemen. The only Asian megaband I’m into is BTS. #SorryNotSorry


Loren: It’s weird seeing Jamie Lannister in modern clothes and not making out with his sister…. that we know of. Speaking of things that certainly look like movies, here’s one.

The Lady™: Fun Fact: Also starring Carice van Houten, aka Melisandre, aka “The Red Woman” from GoT!

Jen: I got :30 into this trailer before my attention waned and I found myself checking my Slack for any work assignments I might be missing. So this trailer is less preferred than work.

AJ: First off, I’m a little disappointed this isn’t a reboot of the 2005 Keira Knightley film, RIGHT GUYS?

Just kidding. And I’m not seeing this Domino either.


Loren: Stephen Tobolowsky must owe someone a favor. Why else would he do some kids undergrad thesis?

The Lady™: That trailer made me feel like I accidentally fell through a wormhole, and back into the era of “quirky for quirky’s sake” indie films of the 90s.


AJ: I’m not sure I’m ready for a satirical film that stereotypes the people who stereotypically commit mass shootings. But I just donated more money to Everytown to cleanse my palate.

Rich Boy, Rich Girl

Loren: Oof. Maybe we just stay away from the theaters this week. Or watch Endgame again.

The Lady™: 

Jen: C Thomas Howell??? Wow. Just, wow.

AJ: This looks kinda… cute? I have YouTube Premium. I’ll probably half-watch this while I’m working sometime.



Historical Roasts with Jeff Ross

Loren: Hmmm. I like most of these people, and roasts can be funny in small doses. Maybe? I mean, I’m already paying for Netflix, why not right?

The Lady™: Maaaaaaaybe? But likely, no.

Jen: Roasts just aren’t my bag, baby but I do love Drunk History, so I’m torn.

AJ: Jeff Ross just sits at home now and tries to think of more ways to broaden his “Roastmaster General” brand. I love when he participates in the Comedy Central roasts, but  I’m not sure I can stomach this much Hitler humor.

Always Be My Maybe

Loren: First off, glad that not only is there representation in this movie, but it’s not some overly stereotyped bullshit. Second, this looks like a pretty solid if not formulaic rom com. Maybe one night when The Lady™ and I are bored we’ll throw it on.

The Lady™: Don’t you loop me in on your boredom, Loren! I’m in for the Keanu scenes, which look delightfully disturbing. Other than that? HARD pass.

Jen: Netflix rom-coms are my jam. Sentence I never thought I’d say, but here we are.

AJ: I love Ali Wong. Have you seen her stand-up specials? She’s a mother-effing delight. Also? Sexy Keanu FTW.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction Season 2

Loren: I’ve still only watched the Obama one (which was excellent). I’ll want to get through the rest of the first season before picking and choosing my way through season 2 I think.

The Lady™: Thank you for the reminder that I wanted to watch Season 1! Summer really is a great time to catch up on all the stuff you meant to watch.

Jen: I feel like interview shows are very hit or miss based on the guest, but he does get good guests so…

AJ: Of course, yes. Also, how much do I LOVE that Tiffany Haddish is still working that white McQueen dress? Great long play.

When They See Us

Loren: Damn. I mean, I knew a little bit about the story but this is heartbreaking. And even worse is doesn’t feel like it couldn’t still happen today.

The Lady™: That looks intense, beautiful, harrowing, and heartbreaking. You bet your ass I’m going to do some ugly crying watching it.

Jen: I’m glad someone is finally telling these boys stories. In.

AJ: Ava DuVernay is a gamechanger and I am here for it.

How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

Loren: That looks fine but I’m in no hurry to watch it. Maybe if they remake it, but even then probably not.

The Lady™: Props to Netflix for always managing to find quality content from off the beaten path. This isn’t for me, but I’m glad it’s out there for someone.

Jen: This looks fun, I can’t see it making my top 10 of things to watch but it’s on the list somewhere.

AJ: This could never get made in America, right? I think it looks great.


Ask Dr. Ruth

Loren: It will always seem like the oddest thing, this woman talking so freely about sex. But then again let’s hope that it doesn’t continue to seem so odd. If this 90+ year old is so open about it maybe the rest of us should be too.

The Lady™: She’s like the RBG of sex education. Tiny, adorable, and totally fierce. In!

Jen: AJ, I think we’re making a date for this one, right?

AJ: Dr. Ruth is like three feet tall, 109 years old, and has said the word “vagina” more than anyone else in the history of television. I’m guessing. I adore her and will 100% see this the moment it’s available.



Deadwood The Movie

Loren: This is a show I should have watched and never did. I’ll get around to it eventually and then hope that this movie will be a nice capper to the story.

The Lady™: What can I say about a show I’ve never watched? I’d like to, but I’m not heavily motivated to find the time when I’m still behind on so many others I’m already invested in.

Jen: So none of us watched Deadwood, huh? I figured someone would have been into it. Ah, well – I’m happy for the fans getting something they’ll enjoy, even if I’m not one of them.

AJ: I wasn’t into this show so I think that counts me out for the movie. But good for them. I am here for anything Timothy Olyphant wants to do. I have a huge crush on that guy.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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From Hollywood,
–Loren, The Lady™, Jen, and AJ

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