Weekend Watch – 06/28/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release


Loren: They have been promoting this movie endlessly and that’s never a good sign. I’ll wait it out and watch it streaming at some point.

RDT: Ok, so, I’m gonna need you to sit down for this. I know, I’m not the music guy. Not at all. That’s my thing, how much I’m not “the music guy” (and I don’t read). I mean, I’d pick the Monkees over the Beatles. Srsly. And I didn’t realize the name “The Beatles” was a pun until I saw “That Thing You Do.” For reals. But….but…..I kinda wanna see this movie. I know! I’m as shocked as you are! But…..I’m into it. **shrugs**

Rick: I got tired of the concept halfway through the trailer. This just feels like a thinly veiled way to sell more Beatles music. Pass.

Jen: If you’ve been paying attention you know I have a type and Himash Patel is it. This movie could be really cute and I’m willing to give it All My Lovin’ and just hope I don’t end up stuck on a Long and Winding plot to Nowhere, Man.

AJ: I am a victim of the critics here. I was super jazzed to see this til I started to see some bad press…. I am a huge Beatles fan, though. I am sure I’ll see it at some point. And I also think  Himash Patel is cute.

Josh: I am really pulling for this film to be great. It has the potential to be a really funny, heartwarming movie with a killer soundtrack. I need more feel-good movies in my life.

Annabelle Comes Home

Loren: Haven’t seen anything out of this weird “Universe” yet, why start here?

RDT: And RDT stays home.

Rick: Yeah, no. The only movie worth its salt in the “Conjuring Universe” *eyeroll* is The Conjuring. The rest are just garbage cash-ins. No thanks.

Jen: When is the inevitable crossover with Child’s Play happening?

AJ: Nope. No. Pass. (Will someone please give Patrick Wilson a strong role?)

Josh: I feel like this movie is going to give you exactly what you expect. If you’re into this type of horror film, you will probably enjoy it. If you like being scared with an audience, check it out in the theater. If not, wait till it’s streaming.

Limited Release

The Other Side of Heaven 2



Rick: For the love of…no. No. No. No.


AJ: Ok, no. I’m randomly a Chris Gorham fan — but he did the first “Other Side of Heaven” like 18 years ago? And they felt a need to make a sequel NOW? P.S. Anne Hathaway played his wife in the first one. Guess she didn’t wanna come back….

Josh: Nope. Nope nope nope. We don’t need any white savior movies and we sure as hell don’t need any Christian movies. Or at least I don’t. This is a super hard pass.

The Last Whistle

Loren: The ruling on the field is confirmed. I will not be seeing this movie.

RDT: Clear eyes. Full hearts. No thanks.

Rick: I’m going to lean into the football puns and throw a flag on this movie and eject it from the game.

Jen: Jerry Gergich, what are you doing in this? Christie Brinkley would not approve.

AJ: SO. MUCH. INDIE. FILM. (That’s a pass.)

Josh: Oh cool, white people, football, and Jesus. I’d say this is another hard pass, but I want to avoid the pun.


Killers Anonymous

Loren: This feels like it wants to exist in the same universe as Hotel Artemis, it just didn’t quite nail it. Also what was with that trailer VO? We got away from that trope over a decade ago.

RDT: I truly believe Gary Oldman is one of the greatest living actors. I also believe the man must own a lot of boats.

Rick: The mid-90s called. Seems this movie escaped their timeline and they would like it back, posthaste. I’m more than willing to let them have it.

Jen: I liked the idea of this movie, but agree with Josh – it’s sort of like they tried to make it look like a bad movie. But not quite bad enough to be fun and campy, just sort of not good.

AJ: Holy corny trailer voiceover, Batman. Jeepers. What a shame because the premise has such potential to be a funny, dark comedy. Like Grosse Pointe Blank meets…. something.

Josh: Why does this movie look so bad?! Why does everyone look like their faces are swollen? What is this movie even about? It started off well and then went off the rails.

The Other Story

Loren: As you’ll read below, we got nothing on this one.

RDT: Guys, I’m about to start re-reading Stephen King’s “The Stand.” 1153 pages. Yeah, I’m good on other reading for a while. #Imajerkface

Rick: I’m with Jen. That trailer did nothing for me. *shrug*

Jen: I have no strong feelings on this film. Looks like some good acting but I’m OK letting it be.

AJ: . מה זה!? אני מדבר עברית ואני מבולבל (And that says: “What even is this?! I speak Hebrew and I am confused.)

Josh: I’m a little confused by the plot of this trailer. The trailer didn’t hook me, so someone I trust would have to strongly recommend this for me to check it out.


Loren: I like everyone in this, but whatthehellwasthatKrustyTheClow.gif

RDT: The most shocking thing about this trailer is that Rick has never seen Penny Dreadful. I mean, neither have I. But still, it seems so right up his alley.

Rick: I don’t remember the last thing I saw Eva Green in (definitely wasn’t Penny Dreadful. Never seen it), so it’s nice to see her on screen. The cast is strong enough that I’ll keep this on my radar.

Jen: So this has nothing to do with the Zendaya HBO show then? There are going to be some confused movie-goers.

AJ: I had to look for a synopsis because I didn’t really understand…. and 14% on Rotten Tomatoes? Youch. (For what it’s worth, the last thing I saw Eva Green in was Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and that movie had it’s shortcomings but she was great. I have also never seen “Penny Dreadful.”)

Josh: At first I thought this was going to be a kind of surreal story about death, but in the end it looks like a pretty run of the mill character drama. I wanted more.

Brown Boys

Loren: They all sound like Korg so that’s a plus, but still no thanks.

RDT: I’m all set.

Rick: Eehh. I’m not super into spending 90 minutes watching dude-bros get humanized. Also, there has to be at least one porn flick with this title, if not a series of them.

Jen: This looks adorable but, like Josh, I’m not running to the theater for it but would maybe take a peek on the streaming device.

AJ: I came away from this trailer wanting cake so I guess that’s something.

Josh: I’m a real sucker for the Kiwi accent and neon colors. That said, I’d probably only watch this once it’s streaming. Looks cute, but could be a case of the trailer being better than the movie.




Mike Epps: Only One Mike

Loren: You guys know that stand-up is my thing but I’ve never been all that into Mike Epps.

RDT: What Rick said. Also, I need to do laundry.

Rick: Meh. I have plenty of other comedy specials I could fold laundry to that are way ahead of this one.

Jen: Shrug emoji.

AJ: What Josh is about to tell you — probably the best advice.

Josh: Do you like Mike Epps stand-up? Then watch this. Do you not like Mike Epps stand-up? Don’t watch this.


Loren: Neat.

RDT: Regardless of reviews/word of mouth, I will likely forget to ever watch this.

Rick: Okay, Netflix. You have my attention. You also already have my money.

Jen: I am not sure what this is. However, I lived through the 90s so these names mean something to me.

AJ: So is it….. 12 minutes long? Cause I could sit through that, I suppose.

Josh: I am so fucking intrigued by this. What a great creative team. I love that Netflix is willing to put out all this crazy shit. Will it always be gold? Hell no. But I’m still here for it.

Family Business

Loren: Remember, Weed Culture is the worst. Also, is that French Kathryn Hahn?

RDT: Seriously? Did you not read what I said about “The Stand?”

Rick: If I’m in the right mood I could be into this, but right now I’m not really feeling it. This will likely get lost in the piles of other content Netflix throws in front of me on the daily.

Jen: European pot humor is different than American pot humor.

AJ: We are averaging a couple pot-themed comedies per month right now, yes? I’m over it.

Josh: French weed caper? Yeah, I could be down to watch this. Will probably wait to hear from other people before I dedicate the time though.

The Chosen One

Loren: Creepy. This looks like something The Lady™ would binge over a weekend and fill me in on.

RDT: I will likely…..ahem…..choose not to watch this.

Rick: I’m intrigued. It looks like a mix of Apostle and The Sacrament.

Jen: Creepy. Sort of like if Jenny McCarthy took over a small town? This could be the anti-vaxxer horror film we’ve all been waiting for.

AJ: Ok, first of all, Jenny McCarthy taking over a small town sounds terrifying to me. But second, I will also choose not to watch this.

Josh: Netflix does these mystery/horror/thriller shows so well that I’m almost always going to check them out. This is no exception. Looks like a ride.


True Justice

Loren: This is the kind of doc that should be shown in schools.

RDT: I am woefully behind on docs. This will make it to the list eventually.

Rick: I’m glad this movie exists, but I’ve done enough reading on this organization over the years that this doc is mostly old news. Also, I don’t have HBO.

Jen: This is a good follow up to 13th for a doc double bill. I’ll make time for this one.

AJ: I think people need to make time for docs like this. If you don’t know who Bryan Stevenson is, you should do a little googling (Hint: He’s won five cases in front of the Supreme Court). He was amazing on CBS This Morning the other day.

Josh: We need movies like this more than ever. We need to be made uncomfortable with the reality we live in, in order to make it better. As sad and frustrated as I know it’s going to make me, I’ve got to watch this.

Ramy Youssef: Feelings

Loren: There we go, that’s the type of stand-up I was looking for this week.

RDT: I chuckled. And I have HBO.

Rick: Honestly, I’m more interested in his new series on Hulu than this standup special, but if I like that show I may check this out. Presuming I ever get HBO again, that is.

Jen: I’ve only recently heard of Ramy and so far I like his style. I’d be open to giving this a watch while folding laundry or some similar task.

AJ: Yes to this. And his Hulu series. He’s having a moment and I’m here for it.

Josh: I don’t normally seek out stand-up, so take my disinterest with a grain of salt. This might be funny.



Big Brother 21

Loren: The idiots are back in the house for a summer camp themed… uh summer. I love this dumb ass show.

RDT: Oh! That reminds me, I need to binge Twilight Zone then cancel CBS All Access until Star Trek: Picard debuts.

Rick: I’ve never been a Big Brother fan but, given that we’re on season twenty-one, I’m clearly in the minority among most viewers. You kids enjoy!

Jen: It’s all for you, Loren.

AJ: So, as Loren knows, I actually admin a Facebook group for “Big Brother” fans if that gives you any idea of how I feel about this….

Josh: Didn’t watch the first 20 seasons, not about to start now.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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From Hollywood,
–Loren, RDT, Rick, Jen, AJ, and Josh

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