Episode #180 – A Disgraced Nuclear Physicist

Loren is back from assignment and talking entertainment news and pop culture with RDT. They’ve got stories like:

  • The Raid’s Joe Taslim joins Mortal Kombat reboot as Sub-Zero, movie will be R-Rated and feature fatalities.
  • New Power Rangers flick is a complete reboot
  • Hobbs and Shaw tracking somewhat low, $65MM
  • Ghostbusters reboot starts shooting
  • Space Invaders in development for some reason
  • Don Cheadle buys new boat and joins Space Jam 2
  • Sherlock Holmes 3 moving forward w/out Guy Ritchie
  • Movie Pass may finally be dead. Long live AMC Stubbs VIP.
  • Infinity Train finally coming next month
  • Warner streaming service confirmed to be called HBO MAX
  • What is Quibi?
  • Amazon picks up Paper Girls
  • “Adult” Flintstones reboot in development
  • Rise of the Resistance will open on Dec. 5th at WDW and Jan. 17 at Disneyland
  • Jon Favreau is already writing The Mandalorian season 2

All that, the Weekly Watched and of course tangents!

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One thought on “Episode #180 – A Disgraced Nuclear Physicist

  1. I’ll do a big F&F thing before Fast 10. Triple features over the course of three days, unless Hobbs & Shaw isn’t as standalone as I think it is, then I’ll have to squeeze it in.

    I’m hoping Universal releases 4K scans of the BTTF movies on disc. The current masters aren’t great. They all need new scans. If that ever happens I’ll screen them.

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