Weekend Watch – 08/23/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Angel Has Fallen

Loren: Shockingly I haven’t seen the other two pieces of this trilogy. Once this hits streaming maybe I’ll make a day of it and watch all three. Or I’ll never do this.

RDT: I think I saw the first one…..or maybe it was the Channing Tatum one? Doesn’t matter. I’m never gonna watch any of them.

Rick: These movies are ridiculous. Like 80s, rah-rah action movie ridiculous. They aren’t good, but I appreciate them on that level. I’ll wind up catching this one at home.

AJ: Oh, old man Nick Nolte. There you are again. Eh, I dunno. I guess there’s a time and place for a mindless action flick.

Ready or Not

Loren: That looks deliciously fucked up. I’m very in for it.

RDT: Hi! It’s that time once again when RDT says he’ll only see a scary movie if Rick screens it! Yay!!!!!!

Rick: This is right in my wheelhouse. I’m rooting for Largo Robbie to take down all the rich a-holes out to murder her.

AJ: Yeah, I’m with you, Loren. Deliciously fucked up it is.

Limited Release

Tiger Are Not Afraid

Loren: Holy shit, that looks incredible. A creepy modern fairy tale with the twist of real world atrocities. In.

RDT: Hi! It’s that time once again when RDT says he’s not gonna watch a movie because there’s reading!!! Yay!!!!!!

Rick: As the only member of the HPN who subscribes to Shudder, I look forward to enjoying this post-haste from my living room.

AJ: Great premise — for someone else. 

Vita & Virginia

Loren: I’m not sure how this story inspires the city of Orlando.

RDT: Is it weird (and maybe even a good thing) that the period lesbian is now a movie trope? I feel like we’ve seen a few of these movies of late.

Rick: I love this cast, but I feel like I’d rather (finally) watch Orlando. I feel like I got every facet of their relationship from the trailer.

AJ: I think I’m…. intrigued? Cool cast for sure.


Loren: I know the title cards are saying that this is crazy and different but it really doesn’t seem all that different to me. I mean I like Amanda Crew and even have some love for a bloated Robert Patrick but this just seems passé at this point.

RDT: Eh, like my cohorts said, it feels like it’s been done before.

Rick: I was ready to write this off, but Richard Bates, Jr. wrote/directed Excision, which is goddamn excellent and criminally underseen. I may have to check this out.

AJ: Oh look, someone tried to be all edgy and artsy on a story we’ve seen already. Sigh.

The Queen’s Corgi

Loren: British kids are either going to love this or absolutely despise it. I’m completely indifferent to it. I do wish that they hadn’t added in the easy Trump joke, but that could be said about anything his orange visage “graces”.

RDT: Looks cute enough.

Rick: Bloody Hell no.

AJ: PUPPIES!!! (Yes. I’m in.)

The Lodge

Loren: I always forget that August tends to be when a lot of Horror movies come out. This looks absolutely terrifying. I’m excited for this to make it on to a Horror Fest bill in a few years, but I don’t see myself seeing it before then.

RDT: Go read AJ’s entry.

Rick: Goodnight Mommy is another horror movie that doesn’t get mentioned terribly often, but it’s creepy as hell. I’m in for this.

AJ: When I saw Loren wrote “absolutely terrifying” I didn’t even want to watch the trailer, let alone see the movie. I’m such a pansy.

The Death and Life of John F. Donovan

Loren: I don’t understand their friendship either or really why all these people are in this movie. What am I missing?

RDT: I dunno, I was kinda into it, intrigued even. I may check it out or, more likely, forget it exists.

Rick: I feel like this movie has been sitting around for a while…*looks it up* 2018, so not forever. It also has an 18% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I think I’m okay skipping what looks like a mess of a movie.

AJ: That was…weird. Jacob Tremblay is having a real moment though, right?

Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool

Loren: I understand Miles’ impact on all of music but how many docs about him are we going to get.

RDT: 11, Loren. 11.

Rick: I’d rather rewatch Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead. Actually, I will watch that again. It was a hell of a directorial debut for Cheadle. He needs to do more.

AJ: This is all a part of Quincy Jones trying to set a record for most documentary appearances…. But yeah, pass. Hard truth — there are so many more docs I need to see before I get to this.

Jacob’s Ladder

Loren: How is this the first time I’m hearing of this remake? *Watches Trailer* Oh. I see.

RDT: Apparently this sat on the shelf for years. I wonder why………………………

Rick: Jacob’s Ladder is one of those rare movies that is timelessly terrifying. Like Psycho, or Poltergeist, or The Exorcist. I think the original Jacob’s Ladder might have to make a HorrorFest appearance in the near future.

AJ: I like Tim Robbins a lot. I’ll go see the 1990 original before I see this. Which is likely never because again, PANSY.

Hot Air

Loren: This trailer is full of it. AMIRITE!?!? No but seriously, I like Steve Coogan but I don’t need to watch a Rush Limbaugh type character for 90 minutes.

RDT: I, like the main character, also thought she was going to say daughter. So, it gets points for that. Otherwise, pass.

Rick: Hardest of passes.

AJ: This is like a horror film of a different ilk… Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh dragged us into this genre of comedy, right? I can’t take it.


Loren: Say what now? Are we rooting for Josh Hutcherson’s overly violent robber character here? Suki Waterhouse maybe? Hey at least Harry Shum Jr. is finally getting some post-Glee work. I wonder if he’ll dance?

RDT: So edgy!!!!!

Rick: I was on the fence until the last line of the trailer. I have a feeling this movie is a lot more effed up than it’s letting on. I’ll give it a go.

AJ: I’ll only see this if there’s a Harry Shum Jr. comedic dance segment.

Brittany Runs A Marathon

Loren: Cute. I like that Jillian Bell isn’t playing her standard character here. Also it appears that she actually got in shape for this film and that’s damn impressive. Will I see it? Maybe?

RDT: I’ve had this on my radar for a while. It may not be this weekend or in the theater, but I’ll watch it eventually.

Rick: I first saw this trailer in front of The Nightingale of all things. I’m rarely in the mood for this type of movie, but I hope it does well. Jillian Bell is talented and deserves to be a bigger star.

AJ: Jen is totally going to see this for Utkarsh Ambudkar — and I would go with her. But also, this looks great. This actually looks like the movie I wish Amy Schumer would have made instead of I Feel Pretty. 



Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

Loren: I missed this and the Rocko’s Modern Life movie that came out over the last couple of weeks and I’m sorry. These are great and feel like they haven’t missed a beat.

RDT: What AJ said.

Rick: Disclosure time: I worked on this movie (and Rocko as well). If you were ever a fan of Invader Zim this is required viewing. It’s just as warped as ever.

AJ: Not something I was ever into but looks pretty cool. I’m sure the fans are excited for it!

American Factory

Loren: Man, this country is so fucked.

RDT: Sigh…..

Rick: 1) This hurts my brain. 2) Remember Gung-Ho? That movie is basically real life now.

AJ: Christ. Just pass the Scotch.


Loren: This could be a lot of fun, but there’s just something off about watching reality programming on Netflix. (No offense to our friend whose job it is to make these shows).

RDT: Yeah, I’m into this. Looks like a lot of fun!

Rick: I read about this a few weeks ago via Jalopnik or Motor Trend. It’s basically live action bonus levels of Forza or a game of that ilk. As much as I love cars and their potential for wheeled lunacy, I’ll probably never watch this. I just can’t get into reality shows anymore.

AJ: I know some people who will be into this — but I will not be watching with them. I’m still trying to get through the Fast & Furious movies.



Loren: I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

RDT: I don’t care about any of these people.

Rick: This is a side of internet culture I’ll never quite understand. Social media pitches itself as an easy path to success and fame, but it’s all so fleeting. One guy in the trailer sums it up nicely: “What happens when they’re thirty? Because when they’re not cute, it’s game over.” Unless you actually do something, be it game, sing, dance, or are an authority on something, you’re just another young, aimless soul who thinks their limited world view is worth sharing; throwing your voice into the void that is the internet and hoping that millions of people will hear you, somehow care, and also subscribe and donate. I bid them good luck, and hope that they have the social media equivalent of a backup school.

AJ: I am trying to figure out the draw here. Only because there are, literally, thousands of influencers on YouTube, Instagram, etc. with millions more followers than this kid. Or is this movie about the climb? What else is going on? I guess I will probably try to watch it out of morbid curiosity but I’m also following Loren off-planet.


The Affair Season 5

Loren: Isn’t it just a relationship now?

RDT: Watched season 1. I’m good.

Rick: This show is still on? I mean, good for them, but how has this premise not run dry?

AJ: How have we made it to Season Five of this one? Clearly I am a bit behind….



New Stand Up Specials on Prime. Alonzo Bodden, Alice Wetterlund, Mike E. Winfield

Loren: So Prime is starting to add Stand Up to their docket which is great, but they can’t seem to put the trailers up on YouTube. Awesome.

RDT: I like comedy, and recognize a couple of those names.

Rick: I do not recognize any of those people. I’m also not super knowledgeable about the current stand-up scene. I should probably be better at that.

AJ: I know Amazon is trying to get into stand-up specials aking to Netflix — stealing Jim Gaffigan over was a coup. But none of these names are jumping out at me so it’s not seeming like appointment TV viewing right now.


Power Season 6

Loren: Besides here on the Weekend Watch I haven’t seen a frame of this show. I don’t think I’m starting with Season 6.

RDT: Didn’t even watch the trailer.

Rick: Some folks swear by this series. I am not one of them.

AJ: I got to work on some social media for this show and watched some clips — it was way more compelling than I thought it would be. Might be something I binge watch someday but catching up now to see the Season Six premiere is a no.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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From Hollywood,

–Loren, RDT, Rick, and AJ

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