Weekend Watch – 09/13/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release


Loren: I’m into it. For all the reasons you’d imagine. Sue me.


RDT: This is currently at 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. The trailer looks fun. And I love a good heist flick. So, yeah, I’m down.

The Goldfinch

Loren: Nah. I don’t need this one.

RDT: “Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel” don’t mean shit if your movie sucks. And, by all accounts, this sucks.

Limited Release

The Weekend

Loren: That was not a great looking trailer and the movie seems kinda low energy. I think it’s a pass from me.

RDT: Didn’t look terrible, I suppose. I mean, I did watch the WHOLE trailer. So, that’s something, right?

The Sound of Silence

Loren: Pretension thy name is this movie.

RDT: Welp….. didn’t make it through this one. Pass.


Loren: I feel like that surprisingly looked like an ok Body Snatcher/Alien Monster take. The problem is it’s a genre that’s been done to death. I feel that the only way I’m going to see this one is if it ends up on a Horrorfest bill down the line.

RDT: Pass, but not because it’s horror. Just because it looks boring.


Loren: I didn’t know they made a Law & Order: SVU UK.

RDT: Some of the acting bugged me a bit. Otherwise, it looks fine, I guess.

Riot Girls

Loren: I definitely wanted that to look better. Also, that’s like one too many concepts for a movie. Pick a lane.

RDT: Interesting concept, post-apocalyptic teen movie, but it needs a better execution.

Out of Liberty

Loren: Wow that looks awful. Why make a movie that you can’t make look good?

RDT: Out of Liberty? More like out of interest….. in this movie……. am i rite……?


Loren: Well that certainly looks gorgeous. I got a Lord of the Flies vibe from it.

RDT: Look, let’s be honest here, I’m never going to see this movie. But good for it existing and whatnot.


Loren: Better premise than I originally thought aside, that is a terrible title and looks cheaply made. I think it’s another pass from me.

RDT: I’m intrigued based on the twist. And the cast looks decent. If I remember, I’ll give it a watch once it hits streaming.

Chasing Einstein

Loren: I mean I got kinda bored just watching that trailer. If it was a 15 minute short or something maybe it would keep my attention but if that’s a full 90 minutes of scientists talking about new theories I’ll be asleep before the head credits stop.

RDT: I’m not smart enough to watch this movie.

Can You Keep A Secret

Loren: I really like Daddario and Hoechlin and have no problems with romantic comedies but this just seems pretty standard.

RDT: Hey! Have you ever seen a romantic comedy before???



The I Land

Loren: I was ready to write this off as a cheap Lost knockoff but it seems like they are taking all the fun Dharma stuff and crossing it with The Prisoner or Persons Unknown (heh remember that show?). Could be interesting.

RDT: Meh. I’ve already seen Lost.


Loren: Oooh a creepy foreign witch movie right in time for the Halloween Season, which as we all know begins in the middle of August now.

RDT: No thank you.

Tall Girl

Loren: Yeah, I like a lot of stuff but this isn’t for me.

RDT: Looks cute enough, if predictable. I could see myself giving it 10 minutes on a Saturday morning and going from there.

Top Boy

Loren: I’m just super over gangster stories no matter what country they’re set in. Sorry Drake, I’m out.

RDT: Can I just watch The Wire instead?


Loren: That looks like a really solid detective story. Throw in Kaitlyn Dever, whose acting I love, and I’m pretty much sold.

RDT: What Loren said. I’m in



The Deuce Season 3

Loren: Haven’t watched the first two seasons yet but I hear nothing but good things.

RDT: Shit, I gotta catch up on season 2.



Loren: Fascinating. The rotoscope style allows them to do a little more than a typical live action show would. Will I watch this? Maybe?

RDT: This animation style bothers me. Sorry.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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From Hollywood,
–Loren, and RDT

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