Weekend Watch – 10/18/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Zombieland 2: Double Tap

Loren: I was a little meh on the first one, and this doesn’t seem to be treading any new ground. I’ll pass in the theater and catch it down the line.

RDT: I like the first one a lot (I think…. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it). And this looks like more of the same, at least. I might even catch this this weekend!


I’m not always on board for these, for lack of a better term, overdue sequels, but the first movie is a lot of fun. The fact that they got all the original people back gives me hope it’ll at least be nearly on par with the first.

Jen: Welcome to sequels to movies I never saw the original of week. Sure this looks fine.

AJ: I never wanted to see the first one, given my weak will and low tolerance for scary movies — then Rick and RDT promised me it wasn’t scary. And I just loved it. So much fun. And I love when you can tell the actors are having fun in the project. So I’m totally down for the sequel.

Maleficent Mistress of Evil

Loren: I very much did not like the first one. So unnecessary and then there was the rape allegory that came out of left field. I’m ok skipping this as well.

RDT: I *think* I saw the first one. So, I *think* I’ll probably see this eventually.

Rick: I never got around to the first one and, let’s face it, I never will. I just don’t care about Maleficent’s backstory. The first one brought in over $750 million, so I’m clearly in the minority here. You kids enjoy.

Jen: Welcome to sequels to movies I never saw the original of week. Sure this looks fine.

AJ: I liked the first one more than I thought I would even though it’s a rape-revenge movie disgusied as a Disney fairytale (yes, I just got real dark, folks). I don’t know if I’ll see the sequel in theaters, but one way or another I’ll get to it.

Jojo Rabbit

Loren: Yep!

RDT: Oh shit, I didn’t know this was out this weekend. I might have to see this instead of Zombieland 2!

Rick: I meant to see this during its LA premiere at BeyondFest, but tickets sold out before I could get in on it. *shrug* Minor setback. I’m definitely in.

Jen: Every clip/trailer/scene I see from this makes me laugh. I’m sold.

AJ: Yes, yes, oh yes.

Limited Release

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Loren: I feel bad but I’m not seeing this anytime soon. It looks awful.

RDT: I am the Kevin Smith apologist of the group, yes. So, yeah, I’m gonna see it. But I don’t expect it to be good.

Rick: This out already? Didn’t this only start shooting this like a month ago? Regardless, I’m kind of disinterested in this whole thing. I may catch it at home if I’m bored, but definitely not running out to see it.

Jen: OK so I DID see this original movie. I don’t WANT to want to see this sequel. But let’s face it I’m far too Gen X not to.

AJ: I have low expectations, mind you, but I’m going to see this at some point.

The Lighthouse

Loren: Not necessarily my immediate wheelhouse but I’m here for it.

RDT: Less artsy. More fartsy.


Jen: This looks creepy but awesome. I might have to overcome my fear to see this one.

AJ: For the record, I was freaking out by the eleventh second of this trailer. I was making a face (horrified) six seconds after that. So no, no, no.

The Captain

Loren: Haven’t had a disaster movie on this scale in a while. Maybe?

RDT: Look, if I’m gonna read any movies any time soon, it’s probably gonna be The Parasite.

Rick: It’s so over the top that I kind of want to see how ridiculous it gets.


AJ: Made $340M in two weeks overseas. Damn. I’m sort of into it, actually.


Loren: Wow her strength and unwavering is so impressive.

RDT: I have so many docs already. So, I guess it’s time to add another to the list.

Rick: I wasn’t expecting a doc when the trailer started, but it pulled me straight in. I’ll make a point to see this.

Jen: Yep, I want to see that.

AJ: Wow. That looks pretty powerful. I have to say I’m 100% in for that.

Miss Virginia

Loren: This feels like so many other movies, just not quite as good.

RDT: Meh.

Rick: Despite its cast this trailer did nothing for me. I’d prefer to read up on the real story than sit through this movie (which is a running theme this week).

Jen: There isn’t quite enough here to make my want to spend offtime from dealing with LAUSD watching a movie about a broken education system.

AJ: Uzo Aduba is a strong actress but she’s not doing a thing for me in this trailer. If that were Viola Davis or Angela Bassett, I suspect I’d be more excited to see it.

Immortal Hero

Loren: Nah. This ain’t it chief.

RDT: No thank you.

Rick: Looks like Japan is getting in on the faith-based game. I’m still not buying.

Jen: The list of reasons I don’t want to see this is longer than I would have thought. I’ll just say I’ll pass.

AJ: Oof. Soon to be remade in America with Danny Glover, Greg Kinnear or Dennis Quaid, no doubt. Not my bag.

Greener Grass

Loren: Weird. But I like it.



Jen: Oh my, that looks like some whacked out crazy shit that will mess me up. So, yes.

AJ: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! (But yeah, I’m seeing it.) Sidebar: I’d like to know what Rick googled to find that GIF..

Cyrano, My Love

Loren: Yeah, I’m with everyone below. I don’t need to know how the sausage is made when it comes to most things but certainly not famed literary works.

RDT: I just don’t care.

Rick: Ugh. I’m tired of these literary origin stories. I don’t believe any of these needs a movie, and I think the poor reviews/box office of the slew of recent entries in this subgenre prove it. At most they warrant a Wikipedia article or a short breakdown on YouTube.

Jen: I saw this trailer in the theater a couple of weeks back and had very much the exact reacting Rick describes above. Thanks for putting it into words for me, sir.

AJ: It’s kind of like if Sorkin wrote French-language Shakespeare — why are they talking so fast? It’s not really grabbing me, though. Gonna pass.

Always in Season

Loren: I can’t even fathom the idea of lynching. Like at all, and yet it was a real thing that happened and seems to still happen. That’s awful.

RDT: What RIck said.

Rick: The two minutes of trailer made me angry/sad. I can’t imagine the movie will be any different. I would rather read an article about this investigation than watch a doc.

Jen: Well this looks like the last bit of soul crushing I needed.

AJ: I want to live in a time where we don’t make/need documentaries like this anymore because the moments in time they expose are such an irrelevant, distant memory. I know that’s a huge fantasy but I’ll keep dreaming.



Ghosts of Sugar Land

Loren: At 21 minutes how could you not?

RDT: Well shit. Yeah, I’m definitely intrigued.

Rick: I was super out on this until they dropped that quick bite at the end. I think I may have to watch this.

Jen: Meh, even the bit at the end didn’t really grab me. Maybe I’ll give this a whirl at some point (it’s only 21 minutes) but I’m inno rush.

AJ: Why the masks? You think Mark and Isis won’t know who you are? They will. But then that bit at the end, like Rick said — well, I’m in.

Baby Season 2

Loren: I remember covering the first season and thinking it was cool to see another country’s take on this genre. I mean I didn’t watch it, but still.

RDT: There was a season 1????

Rick: We covered the first season around this time last year. I wasn’t into it then. This has done nothing to change my mind.

Jen: Welcome to sequels to movies I never saw the original of week. Sure this looks fine. (yeah, yeah it’s not a sequel it’s a season 2, same diff)

AJ:  No interest in this.


Loren: There were some good gags in that trailer but overall I kinda want this movie to pick a lane. Couple that with Rick’s research and I’ll probably never bother with this one.


Rick: I was kind of into this until I noticed the Paramount logo tucked away at the bottom of the credits at the end. A little internetting revealed Netflix bought this from Paramount late last year because (allegedly) Paramount couldn’t figure out how to market it. I’m calling BS. This is another Cloverfield Paradox situation. Paramount didn’t think they’d make any money on a crappy movie, so they dumped it to Netflix for some quick cash. Lame.

Jen: Netflix will buy anything. It’s still possible this is good and Lili Taylor seems creepy enough, but, it just feels like every other horror movie to me.

AJ: I’m reading Rick’s comments and all I can think is how annoying I find it that Netflix will just shell out money for whatever and white label it at this point…. I keep thinking about that SNL skit.

Living With Yourself

Loren: This gave me a Being John Malkovich or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind vibe. Mixed with some Multiplicity. Sprinkle it with a little Paul Rudd and we got a stew going.



Jen: I can’t resist Paul Rudd or a comedic existential crisis. In.

AJ: What’s the tone here? I’m having trouble figuring it out. I’m kinda intrigued? Maybe if I start hearing good buzz on it.

Tell Me Who I Am

Loren: That sucked me right in. I’m super curious to find out what happened.

RDT: Hmmmm…… maybe……

Rick: This is super effed up. The question is, do I want to watch this or just read the wiki…?

Jen: What a sad story this is, the film is based on a book the brothers wrote and it is disturbing.

AJ: They’ll have everyone watching to find out what the secret is — including me.

The Laundromat

Loren: If I’m in the right mood this could be a fun time.

RDT: Yes, please.

Rick: Yep. Uh huh. Sign me the hell up. Oh, I’m already signed up for Netflix? Rad.

Jen: This feels very Adam McKay but that’s not a bad thing. I’ll check this out sooner than later.

AJ: Yep. This checks all my boxes.

Unnatural Selection

Loren: Proto Cyber Punk. Rad.

RDT: But will we get superpowers?

Rick: This is shit right out of a William Gibson novel and I am absolutely here for it.

Jen: So this isn’t a Black Mirror episode?

AJ: Yeah, that looks fascinating. It also makes me want to rewatch Gattaca.


Looking For Alaska

Loren: Normally I’m all about this type of Teen Drama but this one didn’t catch me.

RDT: Meh. Teenagers. Amirite?

Rick: Ooof. It’s like a CW show escaped its confines and set up shop at Hulu. I lost count of how many times I rolled my eyes during this trailer. Very much out.

Jen: It’s good for this generation to have it’s own Dawson’s Creek, so long as I don’t have to watch it.

AJ:  John Green writes a lot of teen-angsty stuff that is not for me. Like this looks not for me.


Sid & Judy

Loren: I think I’d rather stay in the dark about Judy Garland’s real life.

RDT: So many docs.

Rick: Dang. I want to see this, but not enough to sign up for Showtime. Surely there are other docs about Judy Garland…*looks it up* Oh. There…there are several. I can probably watch most any of those instead.

Jen: I saw Judy a couple of weeks ago and this feels like an excellent companion piece. I’m in.

AJ: I still haven’t gotten to see Judy but I do also want to see this. (And Rick, let’s talk about Showtime… I can help you out there.)




Loren: Super in for this. (Get it?)

RDT: Wait! That’s this weekend???? Fuck. I somehow missed this. I’m in.

Rick: Who watches the Watchmen? Not people who don’t have HBO. I can’t say I’m not intrigued, though. When the hell is Warner going to officially announce all the things in their streaming service? Also the price?

Jen: I am SO EXCITED for this one, I’ve been counting the days!

AJ: Looks great and I’m going to be watching the Watchmen. And that pun is going to get soooo overused for this, right? It will be in every trade headline…. (Rick, re the HBO Max service, check this out: https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/what-is-hbo-max/)


Modern Love

Loren: This is my least favorite style of storytelling. Sorry Love, Actually and New Years Eve fans.

RDT: If I remember it exists, I’ll check it out.

Rick: I like a lot of this cast, but getting me to watch is going to depend largely on how the show is presented. If we’re getting one couple/story per episode then I’m in. If it’s all going to be interwoven then I’m out. I’m especially out for the pregnancy story that they completely spoil in the trailer. Why would you do that?! *facepalm*

Jen: Dev Patel looks super swoon-worthy here. The cast is pretty terrific, I might give this a go.

AJ: I’ve occasionally read this column in the New York Times and enjoyed it. I’ll probably watch this for the cast alone.




Loren: Setting my distaste for true crime aside, I just don’t think I need to watch a whole doc on this subject. I’ll read the news articles about it instead.

RDT: I don’t have Starz, and I don’t care enough about this to pay for Starz.

Rick: Is it wrong to say I don’t care about this story? At least not enough to sit through a two hour doc about it? Give me a feature article about it or an NPR story and I’d be into it.

Jen: I did a little digging on this and I am very interested to learn more. On the list it goes!

AJ: On the surface, it’s a simple true crime story…. U.S. Army First Lieutenant Lorance was found guilty on two counts of second-degree murder in 2013 for ordering soldiers in his platoon to open fire at three men on a motorcycle in southern Afghanistan. Case closed. Except not because it got really cluster-fucky with testimonies, Presidential pardons and prosecutorial misconduct and so forth. Probably a compelling doc. I’m likely to check it out.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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