Weekend Watch – 11/01/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Terminator: Dark Fate

Loren: I’m kinda super in to this. Fingers crossed it’ll be at least better than all the other post T2 movies.

RDT: This is the fourth third Terminator, but only the second third Terminator James Cameron considers the “official” third Terminator. And it’s the first third Terminator that he is directly involved in. So, when you think about it, how could it be bad?


I’m super hyped for this. I mean, I’m prepared to be disappointed, but still super hyped.

Jen: RDT said exactly what I was thinking.

AJ: I will 100% see this and no doubt, be 100% let down by it.


Loren: That trailer probably makes this look a lot more action packed than it really is, but I’m glad the story is getting it’s mainstream cinematic due.

RDT: Am I the only one that thought that was a horrible trailer? It’s a story I’m curious about and want to see cinematically. But this version just seems…… shallow.

Rick: If there’s a story that deserves to be told well, it’s this one. This is already getting an Oscar push from Focus, so my expectations are high. Fingers crossed this is as strong as it looks.

Jen: It’s about time this made it to the screen and I couldn’t love this cast more. I’m looking forward to this with high hopes.

AJ: It looks like the story of Harriet Tubman as told through a Disney’fied lense, right? I don’t know…. I think Ervo’s performance is apt to be stunning but the movie itself looks a little subpar. I want this to be grittier.

Motherless Brooklyn

Loren: I know that the Tourettes is the hook to this story but maybe it shouldn’t be. Just make a noir movie with a down on your luck guy as your protagonist instead of marginalizing someone who’s disabled.

RDT: Dax Shepard considers him a friend. He really is a great actor, in my opinion. And he’s the second best cinematic Hulk. Plus, asshole or not, we need more movies like this being made. Plus, I think it looks pretty good. If reviews are decent, I will make an attempt to see it in the theater.

Rick: The source novel is excellent (and one I’ve been meaning to re-read), and an adaptation has potential to be just as good. I’m worried that this is going to go sideways, mostly via performances, but I have hope.

Jen: AJ, I’ll see your feelings about Norton and raise you a Baldwin. They both took me out of this trailer, which seems, otherwise, like a fine neo-noir.

AJ: First of all, let’s all congratulate Bruce Willis for making a movie that I wouldn’t categorize under “boat payment.” Beyond that, there is just something about Norton that comes across as so arrogant and gross and, for me, I find it permeates into his performances. I’m just not that excited for this.

Limited Release

The Irishman

Loren: I should probably care more about this than I do. I can absolutely wait until it hits Netflix in a couple weeks. (That’s not a shot at it, it’s scheduled for Netflix on Nov. 27th)

RDT: Ahh shit, I was hoping Rick would screen this in his “theater.” But after reading his well-written rant, and given what I said previous about more movies like this needing to be made, maybe I should see this in the theater, too….?

Rick: I’m going to go on a bit of a rant here. Grab a snack…You good? Great. Here we go:

It’s a sad state of affairs when 1) Martin Scorsese can’t get a major studio to finance a movie because it’s “too risky” for them, and 2) after the film is made there’s a battle with the theater chains to even get it seen theatrically. There is more minutiae involved here, but this whole situation speaks volumes about the current state of entertainment, where now more than ever, a sure return on investment definitely outweighs anything mildly risky. Studios want what they perceive as the guaranteed payday, hence all the big budget genre movies, remakes, reboots, and prequels that are clogging theaters and development chains anymore. I would never agree with Scorsese and Coppola’s notion that superhero movies and the like are some sort of scar on cinema or don’t qualify as art. Art can be anything that moves you. But I think the underlying sentiment is that there is a dearth of risk takers in Hollywood, and that’s lead to homogenization and a lot of mediocrity.

The idea of a sure thing in Hollywood isn’t new. From the beginning plenty of popular novels, plays, and stage musicals had movies based on them and, like today, results varied from super successful to downright dismal. But on the flip side, there have always been people who wanted to push boundaries. Some of the best things in cinema came from taking a big swing; believing in a project that seemed like a long shot, supporting unproven talent, or backing ideas that were so different they had a seemingly limited audience to reach. By and large, Hollywood has gotten too safe. And with that safety comes lack of choice, more so in cinemas than anywhere else. The need for some promise of profit and this situation is a big example of it. There’s also factors about the state of theatrical distribution, the (probably) antiquated rules regarding Oscar qualification, and what the definition of a movie (or cinema, for that matter) means in the age of streaming and home theaters, but that’s a rant for another time.

Oh, and The Irishman? I’m absolutely going to see it in theaters.

Jen: I wish I had half as many thoughts as Rick on this. I’m going to see this for sure, hopefully in a theater, but glad to know I have options.

AJ: I always looks forward to a Scorsese pic, without fail. But when Netflix rolls out their new playback feature that will show films at 1.5x speed, will The Irishman still be “cinema?”


Loren: Uh, what? See kids this is what happens when you jet off to Iceland on your own.

RDT: New music from Weezer and more???? Count me……out.

Rick: Well, that took a hard left, didn’t it? I’m intrigued, but only intrigued enough to watch from my couch.

Jen: Hey, guys – why all the hate on Weezer? That being said, I suppose I could download the soundtrack and call it a day.

AJ: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! Not a great sign when they lead with “Featuring new music from Weezer and more….” is it?

Queen of Hearts

Loren: I think Pornhub is leaking into foriegn cinema.

RDT: This is not for me. Or maybe it is and I just don’t realize it. That’s my loss, but I think I’ll be ok.

Rick: Even money this movie ends with someone sitting near a window watching it rain. Half-joking aside, I’m down for this.

Jen: I really could go either way on this, there’s part of me that thinks this will be an excellent exploration of the inner turmoil of a woman who “has it all” and acts out in an incredibly destructive way. And part of me thinks it’s an excuse for art-house eroticism. I suppose those things aren’t mutually exclusive and neither of them sounds bad now that I think about it. OK, I talked myself into it.

AJ: Wow. That really got me. Sold.

Mrs. Lowry & Son

Loren: I like that a lot of the cinematography looks like paintings in its own right. But I’ll probably never get around to seeing Wormtail the artist.

RDT: Wow, I was super into this. Not just the cinematography, but the story as well. I’ll keep an eye out for it streaming.

Rick: This is Timothy Spall’s second turn as a famous artist (he starred in the Mike Leigh film Mr. Turner in 2014), but those men couldn’t be more different in temperament or artistic style. By and large, biopics really hinge on the performances, and you’ve got two powerhouse actors here. Apart from that, I appreciate the echoes of Lowry’s artwork within the scenes. I’m a bit of a mark for a movie about a tortured artist, so I’ll likely take this in at some point.

Jen: I have to agree with AJ, the cinematography looks amazing but I just couldn’t get into this.

AJ: Eh. If I’m being honest, I thought that trailer was pretty boring. If the crux of it is the dysfunctional relationship between him and his mom, show me more of that.

Inside Game

Loren: Are we supposed to feel bad for these assholes? Because I super don’t.

RDT: I’m with everyone here. Pass.

Rick: Whenever someone in a movie with a scheme says they’re not going to get caught, they’re going to get caught. This looks super by the numbers. No thanks.

Jen: Yawn. That looks… fine.

AJ: I would like to congratulate Scott Wolf on apparently discovering The Fountain of Youth. This movie looks like something I could digest on a Sunday afternoon while I’m folding laundry or something.

Eminence Hill

Loren: I like a good Western. This, however, is not one.

RDT: I think I’d rather watch Eminem Hill…..

Rick: Ahh, Uncork’d Entertainment. I can always rely on your “movies” to look absolutely textureless and be completely bereft of watchability. No and thank you.

Jen: Guys, what are we even doing here?

AJ: One critic (the only one who bothered to review this, it seems) calls it the worst movie of 2019 and my god, it looks it.


Loren: They took a pretty standard “Indie Movie” and added probably too much “Art House” for my personal taste. I think I’m good.

RDT: I got bored before it got creepy…..creepier.

Rick: Me at the start of this trailer: “Oh, this looks kind of heartwarming and a little off-beat. And the look is fitting for the time period.” Me about a minute later: “Huh. Tripping balls…leather daddies…I have no idea what this movie even is anymore.”

Jen: A little too creepy for me.

AJ: That made me feel…. Uncomfortable? Maybe that’s the point, who knows. But I think I’m passing on this one.

Bloody Marie

Loren: Uncork’d makes me have zero faith in this, but it looks pretty ok for what it is.

RDT: I’m never gonna watch this.

Rick: Okay, wait. I refuse to believe the same Uncork’d Entertainment that is foisting Eminence Hill on the world also had a hand in this stylish, f’d up-looking crime thriller. Also, this looks really similar to the German film Cold Hell, which I recommend tracking down if you’re into dark thrillers. Anyway, this will likely be the first Uncork’d movie I actually watch.

Jen: More interesting than horrifying. I probably won’t send up seeing this, but it doesn’t look too shabby.

AJ: That looks like it would scare the dickens out of me — which means it’s a pass from this pansy.

Blood and Flesh: The Reel Life and Ghastly Death of Al Adamson

Loren: Though not as into Adamson as Rick is, I’m still fascinated by this stuff. I’ll give this a shot once it is available to watch from home.

RDT: You got this, Rick!

Rick: It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I’ve seen/own nearly everything in Al Adamson’s filmography (and probably have nearly all their trailers). They’re all B to Z-grade flicks and were mostly made to cash in on other popular movies at the time, but that’s part of the fun. This doc has been getting solid reviews from its festival screenings. I’m absolutely in.

Jen: Knowing Rick, I did know all of the above and am not surprised that he’s going to see this. I’m in too cause a movie doc is a movie doc and I like them.

AJ: Hmmmm… Well I know Rick is all over this. I’m not sure I’d see it on my own but I’d join friends for it.

Arctic Dogs

Loren: Why watch this when there’s good animation out there?

RDT: I was gonna say what Jen said.

Rick: I look forward to this movie littering DVD bargain bins in approximately twenty minutes.

Jen: Remember Cuba Gooding Jr? Wasn’t he in this movie? Ah, that was a different Sledding Dog movie. Ah, well.

AJ: Anjelica Huston! James Franco! Jeremy Renner! Alec Baldwin! John Cleese! Michael Madsen! I guess someone’s kids will really enjoy all of these famous people voicing this movie.

American Dharma

Loren: Bannon is the scum of the earth, so let’s stop giving him a platform.

RDT: Not even gonna watch the trailer.

Rick: Why in Jebus’ name would I want to watch a documentary about this sweatstain of a human, even one directed by Errol Morris? No. Just no. F this guy. I’d toss him into an active volcano if I could get away with it.


AJ: The trailer made me sick to my stomach. There are few people I resent and loathe more than Bannon. He’s the literal scum of the Earth.

Adopt a Highway

Loren: I know it’s a little out of character but I kinda hope that this one ends on the happy note not the realistic sad one. Side note Ethan Hawke is really starting to look like Jeff Bridges in his older age.

RDT: I’m gonna see this, and I’m gonna cry. Eventually.

Rick: Not sure if this is going to be overly sappy or just too goddamn sad. Honestly, I’m voting for the super sad option. I’d rather be a bit heartbroken than smothered with unrealistic sweetness. Also, I don’t really care for the title. I sort of get it, but it feels like it’s trying too hard to be indie-sounding.

Jen: I couldn’t even get through that without crying. If it’s a good movie it ends badly and vice versa. I don’t know if my heart can take that.

AJ: That looks both odd and endearing to me. I think I’d give it a watch.



Arsenio Hall: Smart and Classy

Loren: Arsenio can be pretty funny. Sure I’ll give it a go.

RDT: Sure, why not?

Rick: Arsenio was always funnier than I think a lot of people gave him credit for. I hope this special does well. This will definitely get a watch from me.

Jen: I chuckled at that, this will for sure get some of my eyeball time. And, damn, he hasn’t aged a day!

AJ: One of the things we can say about Netflix is that because of their proclivity to load up their platform with so many stand-up specials, guys like Arsenio get to be relevant again, even if only for a short time. I will probably watch this while I do the dishes or something. I loved his talk show back in the day, so there’s that. I would imagine most people have forgotten, or are too young to know, that before he was kind of a punchline, he was actually groundbreaking.

Atypical Season 3

Loren: Besides the usual not starting in Season 3 jazz, I’m just not into this.

RDT: Never watched blah blah blah….

Rick: This is still a show, huh? Good for them!

Jen: I’m not sure why I haven’t watched this yet. Maybe the themes hit too close to home? But this trailer really made me want to go back and check it out from the beginning.

AJ: Jennifer Jason Leigh?! With Michael Rappaport? Am I the only one who hasn’t heard of this show? The Netflix PR strategy continues to confound me .

American Son

Loren: Damn, keeping the one room aspect of the play for the movie was a bold choice that seems to have paid off. That looks excellent.

RDT: I’ve been craving more “adult” fare of late. Not like that! (Well, no just like that.) Anyway, yeah, I’m down.

Rick: Mhmm. Yes. I see. *mashes add to queue button*

Jen: Looks like the basically filmed the play in its entirety. I like that they didn’t try to “open it up” as I think the claustrophobic nature of the piece means a lot.

AJ: I like that they retained a lot of the Broadway cast for the movie version – that’s not always done and it’s cool for a theater nerd like me to see Steven Pasquale in his role on a “big” screen. It looks like a few “Law & Order” episodes I’ve seen, but more prophetically tackled. I’m into it. I think it starts an important discussion.

Fire in Paradise

Loren: I don’t need to see it Dottie, I lived it.

RDT: A little too close to home for me, right now.

Rick: Props for turning this around in record time, but I followed this on the daily while it was happening. I don’t need a doc to know how it all went down. Also, can we start regulating utility companies again and maybe fix all the infrastructure that’s starting the lionshare of these life-ruining fires? Is that too much to ask, FFS?

Jen: I feel sad that I have just accepted the fire situation in California as normal. I think doc is important for those who don’t live close or have never felt the impacts to see what’s happening, but I probably won’t sit down to it myself.

AJ: In the middle of some serious fires here in California, after my parents were evac’d for one earlier this year, do I feel equipped to watch this? I do not.

Queer Eye: We’re In Japan!

Loren: Though I hear it’s great, I haven’t watched any of this incarnation of Queer Eye.

RDT: Little bit of column A (Loren). Little bit of column B (Rick).

Rick: This team is delightful, but reality shows are not my thing.

Jen: SQUEAL!!!! Can’t wait!

AJ: Oh hell yes. Few shows have ever made me feel as warm and fuzzy as watching Queer Eye does. I’m here for all of it. Wherever they go.

Holiday In The Wild

Loren: Nov. 1st is too early for your Hallmark knockoffs, Netflix.

RDT: What Loren and Rick and AJ said.

Rick: But Loren, the Christmas season basically starts in September now. If anything this movie is late. Also, it’s garbage. Late garbage, which sounds more insulting than just plain garbage.

Jen: What a bunch of Scrooges I write with, huh? Aren’t you guys ready to roll out the Christmas carols as soon as you climb out of the pool? J/K even my five year-old said “Santa’s not coming YET first is Halloween and then it’s Thanksgiving and THEN it’s Christmas” and she is of prime gift-receiving age. Also, I’m fascinated that Kristin Davis is starring in a movie that rips off a major plot point of the Sex and the City movie.

AJ: September? Rick, you’re being kind. I think it starts in, like, July now. (And also, NO.)

The King

Loren: Well if nothing else this looks amazing. I don’t know that I’ll take the time for it, but I probably would enjoy it if I did. Does that make sense?

RDT: Blah

Rick: David Michod’s Animal Kingdom is an uncommonly good crime drama, and The Rover is the slow-burn, post-apocalyptic revenge movie I didn’t know I needed. I skipped War Machine because, well, it was a comedy that didn’t look all that funny. This, though, is much more in Michod’s wheelhouse, and having it co-written by Joel Edgerton pushes it over the top for me. I’d see this in theaters if I could.

Jen: Wow I am stuck between some opposing viewpoints here. Just call me Switzerland on this one.

AJ: Can I just…. Ok, so I got sucked into a Twilight marathon on Freeform or something the other day and dear lord are those movies atrocious. (I think I may have found them enjoyably bad in the past but they have not aged well.) I think Pattinson should just be grateful anyone casts him in anything after that hot bad, YA garbage. But yeah, this looks not good. (And boys, those accents are not good. Stoppit.)


Any One of Us

Loren: My childhood neighbor raced motocross since he could get on a bike. One bad jump and the bike flipped over on him and broke his spine. He’s been in a wheelchair ever since. It has not slowed him down one bit. Truly amazing.

RDT: I’m interested.

Rick: HBO makes excellent sports documentaries, but I was kinda out at the onset of this trailer. Finding that we’d be getting multiple stories/perspectives on living with a spinal injury pulled me back in. Granted, I still lack HBO, but I would totally watch this.

Jen: HBO doesn’t really do bad sports docs, so I’m in for this one.

AJ: I spent some time with some Extreme Sports athletes a while back and these guys are pretty remarkable. Is it courageous or stupid that they do this stuff? A little of both? But they have so much tenacity and determination, it’s hard not to see them as a little heroic. I guess I’m going a little deep here. So I’m in to see this.

The Bronx

Loren: My dad is from Yonkers, he and my mom lived in the city for years and had me there. Still that’s the only real connection to NY that I have. This looks like a heartwarming doc, but I don’t know that I care enough to check it out. (Also, Yankees suck AJ, Yankees suck.)

RDT: What Jen wrote, except the part about being up for a doc.

Rick: My mother is Brooklyn born, and I grew up close enough that you could easily day trip into the city. Despite this, I’ve never really felt a connection to NYC, no matter the borough. This does, however, look like a solid celebration of the culture and people in the Bronx. I’ll just never get around to it.

Jen: Sure, I’m up for a doc even though I have NO familial connections to NYC at all.

AJ: My dad was born in the Bronx. I was born here (in LA) but consider myself a New Yorker. You bet I’m watching this. (GO YANKEES! We’ll get ‘em next year.)

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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