Episode #198 – Captain Corellia’s Mandalorian

Entertainment News? Pop Culture? A Jedi needs not these things. Luckily you aren’t a Jedi. This week the guys are talking:

  • Nic Cage to play Nic Cage in a movie about Nic Cage talking to Nic Cage
  • The King’s Man pushed to Sept, 2020
  • New Sonic trailer w/new Sonic design
  • Brooklyn 99 renewed for Season 8
  • More Crisis teasers
  • Netflix to produce Beverly Hills Cop 4
  • The Witcher picked up for Season 2 ahead of Season 1
  • No plans for Veronica Mars Season 5, yet
  • Sin City: The Series in development
  • Titans renewed for Season 3
  • Black Adam confirmed for December, 2021
  • Joker is the first R-rated movie to clear $1B, are we getting Joker 2?
  • RDJ will voice Tony Stark for What If…? animated series
  • Marvel claims 5 more dates through 2023
  • We watched The Mandalorian and we spoil the hell out of the first 2 episodes

All that, the Weekly Watched, and of course tangents!

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