Weekend Watch – 11/22/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Frozen 2

Loren: I feel bad for parents because they’ve had to see the original so many times, but having only seen it once (twice?) I don’t hate it. This looks pretty good and I’ll be interested to see how they make the medieval X-Men.

RDT: You know, I don’t hate the original. And I may own the soundtrack. Wait….that might be Wicked. Anyway, I will likely check this out when it hits Netflix Disney+.

Rick: I’m not a huge fan of animated musicals. I find most modern ones kind of meh and a slog, like the songs are shoehorned in there (I’m looking at you, Toy Story 2). But then you have ones like The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, and Frozen where the music feels so organic that telling the stories songless would do them a disservice. I appreciate that this sequel is taking a page from Studio Ghibli and older kids movies and upping the intensity and potential danger. We’ve gone through such a long stretch where animated movies had to be fluffy and bright. Some of that is fine, but kids also need stuff like The Secret of Nimh, Coraline, and Spirited Away to balance things out.

AJ: I saw Frozen in theaters twice. I sang the shit out of that soundtrack in the car for MONTHS, following. I am not a parent and I am not ashamed. So yes, I am totally going to buy a ticket to this movie and I may even go alone, get myself an Icee and ginormous bucket of popcorn and make a “date” out of it. I’m pretty excited.

21 Bridges

Loren: I like a solid action flick probably more than most. It takes a lot to get me into the theater nowadays though, so I’ll probably catch this one from my couch down the line.

RDT: I keep saying we need more of these movies. And then they release more of these movies. So, I should go see more of these movies….right? I definitely feel like seeing a movie this weekend. Maybe it’ll be this one!

Rick: I’m into this, but I have a small nit to pick. Shutting down all the bridges? Great. What’s to prevent the guys he’s chasing from taking a PATH train to Jersey? Or a Ferry?

AJ: First Russo Brothers theatrical project post Endgame starring Black Panther? Sold.

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Loren: It’s a true testament to Hanks’ acting ability that you completely forget it’s him. This looks excellent, I hope that it actually is.

RDT: That trailer had me when Susan Kelechi Watson said “Please don’t ruin my childhood.” And it looks like it doesn’t. Maybe it’ll be double-feature this weekend, this and 21 Bridges? I do also want to see Ford vs Ferrari. Triple feature????

Rick: I’m not crying. You’re crying!

AJ: Have tissues. Will travel. To this movie. If Hanks doesn’t get yet another Oscar nomination for this, by the way, I will be deeply surprised.

Limited Release

When Lambs Become Lions

Loren: Damn. This looks amazing. Get ‘em Poacher Poachers.

RDT: Stealing AJ’s answer! Yay, AJ!!!

Rick: Woah. So far we’re four for four this week. This looks incredible.

AJ: It’s a documentary that reads so much like a narrative feature that I feel sort of conflicted about it. Looks fairly intense, though. In the end, it’s just not for me.

The Courier

Loren: Head canon; this is in the same universe as The Transporter franchise.

RDT: There was a time in my life when I considered Gary Oldman my favorite actor and, maybe, one of the best actors in history. This man has played Sid Vicious, Dracula, Commissioner Gordon, Sirius Black, and Winston Churchill, for christ sakes. So, why, the fuck!, does he keep doing garbage like this?!??! How many boats can one man own?!?!?!?

Rick: Well, the streak had to end at some point. I think Gary Oldman just wanted a little extra walking around money for his next vacation, so he spent a day phoning this one in. I just hope he’s not slowly becoming the next Nic Cage with all the mediocre flicks he’s been showing up in lately.

AJ: Oh, Gary Oldman, come now, you’re better than this. Do you owe someone money? Let’s talk this out.

Shooting the Mafia

Loren: I’m with Rick below that a showing of her photos is more interesting than the doc.

RDT: I’m never going to see this movie.

Rick: I’m interested, but I have a feeling this one is going to get lost in the pile of other docs I’d like to see. I would totally hit a gallery showing of her photography, though.

AJ: Only because I’ve read so many books and articles about the Mob do I know a bit about Letizia Battaglia and I think it’s pretty cool they made a documentary about her. She is a fearless woman who carved out a pretty unique niche for herself. It’s a 90 minute doc so I may have to watch it someday but I don’t think it will be something I rush to see in a theater.


Loren: Not for me, but I’m glad it’s a bit of a different take on the subject.

RDT: Six months from now, maybe more, when there’s enough content to make it worth it, I’ll drop $5 and check out AppleTV+. And when I do, I’ll likely put this towards the top of the list.

Rick: This could be the first thing actually worth watching on AppleTV+. It’s certainly not going to get me to pay for it, but it looks solid.

AJ: At the risk of sounding kind of saccharine, that looked poignant and lovely. I would totally see that. (And since I have AppleTV+, I guess I can pretty easily!)

Dark Waters

Loren: Well damn, that looks like a really strong feature. And here I was about to make a Pirates of Dark Water joke. Seems so trite now.

RDT: Fuck. Quadruple feature?!?!?!?

Rick: An actual adult drama, you say? One that looks compelling? With good actors and creative behind it? This is a thing that still happens? Rad.

AJ: Anne Hathaway has finally graduated into wife-roles, eh? Jokes aside, that looks pretty strong and Ruffalo seldom turns in a bad performance.

Citizen K

Loren: I kinda got nothing on that.

RDT: Citizen K sounds like a mid-90’s superhero. That’s all I got.

Rick: I expect that this is a compelling story, but is it wrong that I just don’t care?

AJ: When I see Alex Gibney attached to a documentary, I expect it to be excellent. And eventually Oscar-nominated. So I’ll probably check this out at some point.

Age Out

Loren: This has a great cast and looks like a solid coming of age story but I think that the aspect ratio will take me out of the story more than help me engage with it.

RDT: At first, I was getting “Short Term 12” vibes from it. So, it made me want to rewatch that. Then as the trailer went on, I got even more meh about it. Great cast though!

Rick: Things I like: The cast and the choice of the 1.33:1 aspect ratio. That tight window mirrors the main character’s mentality, his world, and prospects. Thing I’m not too keen on: that this feels a bit been there, done that. Unless this gets great notices I think I’ll pass.

AJ: Getting a little analytical about this, they’re pushing that preorder on iTunes at the very top of the “description” and the movie was originally titled Friday’s Child, so hello Alpha-stacking! No one cares if you see this in a theater so I won’t bother to.


Loren: A really compelling concept that looks to be so poorly executed.

RDT: Oh I watched this trailer a while ago when I was bored. Said trailer did not cure my boredom.

Rick: Cripes, that accent! That terrible accent! Why?! Ruinous. I can’t take this movie seriously.

AJ: Hmph. Nope, no, I do not know what that movie is about.

16 Bars

Loren: Could be interesting though it feels like a streamer more than anything.

RDT: **shrugs** Still not a music guy.

Rick: I think I would listen to a short piece about this on NPR, but I’m not interested enough for a full doc.

AJ: I saw Arrested Development in concert (opening for En Vogue!) in eighth grade — I didn’t know they were still around! I must admit, I was bopping my head to the music here. I could be enticed to see it.



Iliza: Unveiled

Loren: She’s currently my boss so I will only say nice things. Which is good because I pretty much only have nice things to say. The Lady™ and I really enjoy her comedy so this one is very high up our list.

RDT: Didn’t we just get an Iliza special earlier this year? I know I could look it up but I’m lazy. Regardless, I enjoyed that special enough. And if Chapelle can have multiple specials in a year, why can’t Iliza???

Rick: Like AJ, I don’t have any real love for Iliza Schlesinger. Pass.

AJ: Why can’t I get into Iliza Shlesigner? Her last special didn’t grab me so I’m not planning to add this to the Watchlist anytime soon.

The Knight Before Christmas

Loren: Is this all V. Hudge does now? Netflix’s knockoff of Hallmark Holiday movies? I’m not convinced that The Lady™ hasn’t already watched this.

RDT: So that’s a movie.

Rick: So, it’s basically Kate & Leopold but a Hallmark movie ripoff? No thanks.

AJ: I feel like I’ve revealed this before but guys, I just can’t stand Vanessa Hudgens. There is something so disingenuine about her. When she’s judging on my favorite show, “So You Think You Can Dance,” I fast-forward. So no, not watching this.


Loren: Nah. That just plain doesn’t look very good.

RDT: Best of luck to you, Mortel.

Rick: I would probably watch if it were a movie. Not interested in a series.

AJ: No thank you. Not in any language.

Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings

Loren: I’ve thought about this concept for a while now and think that Dolly is a great choice for the artist. This could be an interesting anthology with other singers/groups. Anyway, I don’t know that I’ll sit down for this show but I know it’ll have it’s audience.

RDT: I’m somewhere between Rick and AJ. But if the reviews are good, I’ll check it out.

Rick: Dolly is a goddamn treasure, but I know myself. I will not watch this show. I hope it does well, though.

AJ: Dolly is an international treasure and personal hero. Here for it.


The Accident

Loren: What a troubling inciting incident. I don’t know if I have the constitution to watch this one.

RDT: The only accident will be if I watch this! Ha! Amirite, guys??? Ha!

Rick: Sarah Lancashire is great on Happy Valley, but with all the awfulness in the news lately, this feels too real a scenario to sit through.

AJ: Reminds me ever-so-slightly of The Sweet Hereafter which was such a hard book to read and harder movie to watch…. It’s a short four-part series but I am not sure I can take this one.


Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops

Loren: We definitely need more cops like these two out there.

RDT: I’m not gonna pay for HBO just for this. Thankfully, I pay for HBO for other things as well. So, sure, maybe, I dunno.

Rick: I echo AJ’s sentiment about the title. That aside, I’ve read a few stories about this subject, and there’s a desperate need for more mental health crisis training in law enforcement. Hopefully this will give this issue some more exposure.

AJ: Well, first of all, the title is kind of crap. I thought I was about to watch the trailer for something funny. Just me? Once I got past that, though, it looked like something I’d set my DVR for.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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