Episode #204 – We Heart Emoji The Mandalorian

Happy New Year! Here’s a new podcast talking about the week’s entertainment and pop culture news.

  • Bad Boys tracking to open around $40MM
  • Renner returning to the IMF?
  • Deadpool 3 officially moving forward w/ Marvel
  • 9 film 4K Skywalker saga
  • Rise of Skywalker makes $598m
  • But where was Matt Smith?
  • Mando season 2 confirmed for fall, 2020
  • What’s next for Star Wars

All that, the Weekly Watched, and of course tangents!

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One thought on “Episode #204 – We Heart Emoji The Mandalorian

  1. Unless there are a boatload of deleted scenes (at full rez) on the extras discs, I’m not buying that Star Wars set. We’re not going to get the original versions of the IV, V, and VI. And EP II and III we’re captured at 1920×1080 (a limitation of the Panavision Genesis camera they used), so those will be upscales. The only movie I’d want from that set is a remastered version of EP I. It was the only prequel shot on film and it needs a new scan. The movies will be available separately, so I might pick that up along with the UHD version of Force Awakens.

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