Episode #218 – Evil, but Convenient

Week 4 of the “safe at home” directive and, shockingly, there’s actually (some) non-COVID-related pop culture news. Check it out!

  • Edgar Wright to help a robot find love
  • Jason Bateman might no longer have a Clue
  • AMC ya!
  • Mulan, Jungle Cruise and Indy 5 on the move
  • Stabler’s back baby!
  • We have a new Sam Lane
  • HBO giving you a taste for free
  • AEW pretapes a bunch of shows then shuts down production
  • Titans getting an Oracle (or Batgirl?)
  • Amazon x SXSW
  • Artemis Fowl gets the D+
  • Last of Us, Part II delayed
  • Obi Wan gets a new writer
  • The High Republic gets its first Jedi
  • Ant-Man 3 has a new writer
  • MCU release date dominoes
  • All that, what we watched and a few tangents.

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