Episode #228 – Across the Street

Not much going on this week, so we have an actual, kind of, main topic. But first, the news!

  • Everything is moving, again
  • Evil Dead Now but not forever….?
  • Munn, Olivia Munn
  • More like So Long-gated man
  • Kate Kane will survive
  • PS5, more like POS
  • Wonder Woman on the move again, too

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Be safe.

One thought on “Episode #228 – Across the Street

  1. RE: Old school HBO opening – I put that and the “This movie is rated R” bumper in front of Malibu Bikini Shop to recreate the late night HBO experience we all had watching movies like that.

    If it looks like a lot of movies we’d see in theaters as a group are going the PVOD route I’m more than happy to host them. At that point I’d probably start paying for Kast Premium so I can stream in 1080p, but I’d put that to the group to see if it’s warranted.

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