Episode #239 – Moving On Up

After some terribly sad news the guys get into the rest of the week’s Pop Culture and Entertainment stories.

  • Chadwick Boseman passes away, at age 43, due to colon cancer
  • Natalie Morales, of Stuber and Abby’s fame, has sold a pitch to Universal, with writing partner Cyrina Fiallo
  • Paramount sets dates for it’s upcoming slate that will inevitably move again
  • A new Haunted Mansion movie in the works at Disney
  • Brooklyn 99 season 8 won’t drop until 2021
  • Animated X-files show in development
  • Flash will recast Elongated Man for last appearances, open to the character not Hartley Sawyer returning.
  • HBO developing Sphere as a series
  • Some Resident Evil series details
  • Altered Carbon cancelled
  • Mulan coming to Disney+, December 4
  • The Flash movie won’t have Reverse Flash as the primary villain
  • Long Halloween, 2-part animated movie
  • New Mutants makes $7m at the box office. Isn’t well liked.

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Rest in Power King. Wakanda Forever.

One thought on “Episode #239 – Moving On Up

  1. You are correct. I am a Resident Evil movie series apologist. I’ve seen them all in the theater (and paid extra for the ones shot in 3D). I enjoy how ridiculous they get with each sequel. I’m planning on doing a full rewatch once the 4K remastered set drops next month.

    Rebooting this as a series is a smarter move than making more movies. They have a chance to make it closer to the games and lean more scary than explody. But anything zombie-related these days kind of puts me off. It takes a lot for me to get interested. The only thing I’ve bothered with lately is the 2017 Japanese flick “One Cut of the Dead“, which is good enough to make a future HorrorFest. But I’ll likely wait for reviews on this series before I dive in.

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