Episode #269 – Nice.

The guys are catching up on a couple weeks worth of news after their epic Snydercut and TFATWS episode. It’s another big one! They’ve got stories like:

  • Jessica Walters and George Segal have passed away
  • Bewitched movie on its way, thanks Wandavision!
  • Yet another standalone Transformers movie in development
  • Don Cheadle is the new Wonder Years narrator
  • Mr. Mayor picked up for season 2
  • Wallis Day replaces Ruby Rose as Kate Kane on Batwoman
  • Hulu adapting A Court of Thorns and Roses fantasy series
  • Disney+ Prices are about to go up
  • National Treasure show confirmed, will have a Latinx lead
  • Disenchanted: James Marsden & Idina Menzel Return for the sequel
  • Ally McBeal limited series in development
  • The Nevers trailer
  • Matthew McConaughey to Reprise ‘A Time to Kill’ Role in series at HBO
  • THE Suicide Squad trailer
  • Pierce Brosnan will be Doctor Fate in Black Adam
  • Helen Mirren will be the Villain for Shazam 2
  • We’re getting an Hourman movie for some reason
  • Zatanna will be a movie now, written by the Promising Young Woman screenwriter
  • The new Superman is rumored to be another Kryptonian living on Earth
  • Warner Bros. believes that ZSJL is the end of the Snyderverse
  • Black Widow finally hits home and theaters on July 9th
  • MCU Production Updates

All that, the Weekly Watched and of course tangents.

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