Episode #278 – Hollywood Elite

I already drafted this once. It didn’t save and I don’t remember what I said. So, yeah, a bunch of trailers and some pop culture news. There you go.

  • Amazon bought MGM
  • Old trailer
  • A Quiet Place, Part II is both good and a success
  • Debris canceled
  • 10,000 Ships is a lot of ships!
  • Terry Silver returns
  • Tomorrow War trailer 
  • Infinite trailer
  • JJ Abrams says they should’ve planned the sequel trilogy. Duh.
  • Joker, sigh, 2
  • Oscar Isaac confirmed for Moon Knight
  • Okoye spinoff show in development
  • Kraven the Hunter is Quicksilver

All that, plus the occasional tangent and, of course, what we watched.

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