Episode #287 – I guess that makes me Mary Ann

We’ve got a special treat this week. With Loren out “on assignment,” The Professor steps in and makes her podcast debut.

  • New Ghostbusters trailer
  • Taika Waititi adapting Flash Gordon
  • Stallone teases Expendables 4
  • Jungle Cruise box office
  • Matt Damon cried at the Stillwater premiere
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine trailer
  • La Brea teaser
  • Ordinary Joe trailer
  • Criminal Minds reboot not moving forward
  • Bob Odenkirk on the mend after “minor heart attack”
  • Snowpiercer picked up for season 4
  • Pokemon: the series
  • Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall leaving Dr. Who
  • Waterworld TV show in development
  • Rosie O’Donnell will appear in League of Their Own series
  • Delroy Lindo playing Mr. Nancy in Anansi Boys adaptation for Amazon
  • Commissioner Gordon returns?
  • THE Suicide Squad is….good!
  • Black Widow lawsuit
  • Hawkeye series dropping 11/24
  • Rumored MCU tv shows

All that, plus the occasional tangent and, of course, what we watched.

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