Episode #300 – Crisis on Infinite Diggles

It’s a big milestone #300! Will the guys keep going? (Yeah probably, but maybe it’ll be True Crime!?!?!) Anyway this week they’re talking all the Entertainment and Pop Culture news of the week with stories like:

  • Ice Cube bolts comedy w/Jack Black because he’s an anti-vax idiot
  • John Woo returning to Hollywood
  • Ana de Armas in talks for John Wick spinoff, Ballerina
  • Dune 2 confirmed and will be theatrical, plus Dune 3
  • Jake Gyllenhaal confirmed for Guy Ritchie’s next
  • Lightyear teaser
  • Jenna Dewan coming back as Lucy Lane for Supes & Lois
  • Dwayne Johnson to star in Red One for Amazon
  • Val Zod moving forward at HBO Max, Writers confirmed
  • Brendan Fraser confirmed for Batgirl villain
  • Bill Murray joining the MCU
  • Eternals is “rotten”, but not really

All that, the Weekly Watched and of course tangents.

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