Episode #313 – Gotta See About a Grogu

It’s a long one, but it’s worth it. Peacemaker and Book of Mand…er…. Boba Fett spoilers at: 1:39:32

  • MK2
  • F10
  • Ready Player Rock
  • Seriously, Tom Cruise is going to due in space
  • Flash speeding towards season 9
  • He-Man
  • Queen’s Gambit getting sued
  • Previous Dr. Who is new Dr. Who?
  • Peacemaker is a hit
  • Picard is ending
  • Peacock is broke
  • More Star Wars games coming
  • Steam Deck is not poop
  • Joker 2, for some reason, is happening
  • Evangeline Lily is dumb
  • Spidey is rich

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