Episode #322 – We’re Here To Make You Think About Death and Get Sad and Stuff

Bit of a bummer of an episode but we think you’ll enjoy it.

  • The Oscars and nothing that happened at them
  • Bruce Willis retires early due to Aphasia diagnosis
  • Bill Skarsgard cast as Eric Draven in The Crow reboot
  • Eddie Murphy and Parliament Funkadelic
  • Morbius is terrible
  • ST: SNW full trailer
  • Anna Lore cast as Stephanie Brown in Gotham Knights; Rahart Adams will play Brody!
  • Moon Knight getting review bombed by Turks
  • Obi Wan shifts 2 days but drops 2 episodes
  • Disney+ edits TFATWS
  • Ella Purnell cast in Fallout series
  • IT prequel series for HBOMax
  • Two WWE narrative shows in development
  • Ezra Miller goes insane in Hawaii
  • Sharon Stone will play Victoria Kord in Blue Beetle

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Be safe and stay healthy.

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