Episode #323 – Not the Trench!

While RDT was busy with an Afterparty (not Barry) panel and picking up The Professor, Rick stepped in to cover, and did an admirable job. Topics covered, other than Moon Knight (spoilers @ 1:26:22) include:

  • Grammy-award winning Louis CK still kinda sucks
  • Oscar-award winning Will Smith also kinda sucks
  • MTV Movie-award nominee Ezra Miller definitely sucks
  • Wizard fan-award winner Kevin Smith(‘s recent movies) kinda suck. Also, #nftbros
  • Academy Award-winning Brie Larson getting Fast and/or Furious
  • AT&T gets the bildos for WB
  • You can be in a Kevin Sorbo movie for WAAAAAYYYY less than a bildo
  • Sonic 2 making some money
  • Bobby Rydell passes away
  • Let’s kill some old people
  • ST Lower Decks season 3 gets a trailer
  • Picard 3: TNG 8
  • Orphan Blacker
  • More like lock away the key! (I’m so sorry….)
  • Beverly Hills Cop 4 is actually, maybe gonna happen
  • More like D+ancing with the Stars
  • Harrison Ford, tv star
  • Jason Momoa, historian
  • GotG3 breaks a record that wasn’t really a record

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