Episode #330 – Spacer Things

We’re back and it’s Celebration Weekend! But don’t worry there’s other news too. Obi Wan spoilers @ 01:39:38

  • RIP Ray Liotta
  • Indy 5 first image looks like an (old man) Indiana Jones image
  • Rita Moreno joins Fast X
  • MI: DR P1 trailer
  • National Treasure 3 in development
  • Anthony Anderson not returning for L&O season 22
  • Night Court reboot images
  • Blood & Treasure moves to P+ for season 2
  • Jodie Foster to lead True Detective season 4
  • Horizon Zero Dawn series in development
  • The Gray Man trailer
  • Willow trailer
  • Speed Racer @ AppleTV+
  • NFL+ streaming service
  • Blue Beetle costume shots
  • Black Adam trailer – 6/08
  • Taika Waititi movie is the next theatrical release, late 2023
  • Andor trailer
  • Skeleton Crew
  • Lando on hold until Donald Glover’s schedule frees up
  • Ahsoka news
  • Mando season 3
  • Tales of the Jedi animated anthology series
  • Young Jedi Adventures (animated)
  • Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation special on D+
  • The Bad Batch S2 teaser
  • Jedi Survivor

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