Episode #333 – A Knives Out Mystery

As RDT gets into his weird food stuff, yet again, and Loren makes a sandwich, the guys cover all the pop culture news of week. Ms. Marvel spoilers at 1:40:18. Obi-Wan spoilers at 1:43:50.

  • Box office updates
  • Neve Campbell passes on S6cream
  • Guy Ritchie to direct live action Hercules remake
  • Zac Efron is Iron Claw
  • Gran Turismo movie moving forward
  • Detective Jimmy Olsen
  • That’s a wrap on Diggle
  • John Snow returns
  • Snowpiercer does not
  • Squid Game: the reality show
  • Glass Onion, that funky onion
  • 2Pops 2Tarts!
  • Hacks, season 3!
  • NPH v Who?
  • RIP Tim Sale
  • Funko Mondo
  • Vince McMahon steps down as CEO from WWE (sort of)
  • Obi-Wan returns to theaters
  • What’s going on with Ezra Miller and The Flash?
  • Lady Gaga, Harley Quinn
  • Wonder Man show in development
  • Manny Montana joins Ironheart
  • Venom 3 moving forward
  • Across the Spider-Verse villain revealed

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