Episode #336 – Sometimes They Become The Beef

This week Ryan’s out and Rick is in. He and Loren got you covered on the week’s entertainment and pop culture news. Stranger Things spoilers at 01:53:46, Ms Marvel spoilers at 02:07:47

  • RIP James Caan, Tony Sirico, Gregory Itzin
  • Weekly Ezra Miller update?
  • Clerks III trailer
  • James Cameron may not direct Avatars 4 and 5
  • Final Destination 6 will switch up the franchise formula
  • Ti West shot the X prequel ‘Pearl’  in secret right after X
  • Pussy Island is the new Knives Inn
  • Howdy Neighbor!: 7 former Disney stars join LGBTQ+ horror film
  • Thanks to Maverick’s billdo, Top Gun 3 in the work
  • Steve Yeun and R Pats will star in Bong Joon Ho’s next film
  • Nic Cage series Highfire moves from Amazon to P+
  • P+ renews Evil for 4th season.
  • Stranger Things 5 will be shorter than 4
  • Netflix and Upside Down Pictures come to deal for a Stranger Things spinoff
  • Netflix gets in the Johnny Depp game for some reason
  • Netflix offers spatial audio in cahoots with Seinheiser, catching up with the feature decent stereo receivers have had for like a decade
  • Netflix no longer wants to hear from its employee’s feedback
  • Muppets Mayhem crew true to name involved in a late night crash
  • Light & Magic trailer
  • HBO Max halts original productions across large parts of Europe
  • NFL Sunday ticket might be it’s own streaming service
  • Will Ferrell and Reese Witherspoon star in Amazon wedding comedy
  • Giant Bowser LEGO set on it’s way
  • Vince McMahon is still awful. To the tune of $12m
  • Karate Kid game that no one knew about getting a sequel
  • RoboCop Rogue City FPS
  • Terminator open world game teased by Nacon
  • Cap 4 director revealed. Julius Onah
  • Kevin Feige tried to warn Sony. May just remove their characters from the MCU
  • Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio coming back for Echo
  • Mike Epps joins Madame Webb
  • Thor 4 made lots of money, surprising no one. $143mil domestic, $302mil total worldwide. Reviews have been mixed.
  • DeWanda Wise cast in Chris Pine’s directorial debut, Poolman

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