Episode #343 – Quibi Had It Right

The boys are back with all the pop culture news. She-Hulk spoilers at 1:45:58.

  • National Cinema Day is a thing
  • MoviePass returns
  • BlackBerry: The Movie
  • Evil Dead House Party
  • Confess, Fletch trailer
  • Alternate Clerks III
  • Halloween finally Ends
  • NBC updates
  • First look at Last of Us
  • More dragons
  • Netflix getting in and out of the video game adaptation game
  • D23 lineup announced
  • D+ King Kong series
  • Community movie happening, eventually
  • Batman Returns? Maybe?
  • Fox Nation making movies
  • Sony getting sued
  • KOTOR on the move
  • Aquaman and Shazam on the move
  • Batgirl funeral
  • Ezra Miller meets with WBD
  • Dan Lin is the new Feige?
  • WandaVision ep/director, Matt Shakman, in talks for F4

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