Episode #372 – With McKenna Grace as Young Loren

Welcome to Tuesday, and all the pop culture news!


  • TLOU – 1:36:14
  • Ted Lasso – 1:42:56
  • Mando – 1:47:29
  • Celeb news
  • Everything wins everything at the Oscars
  • V Hudge back for Bad Boys 4: Three’s a Crowd
  • Aladdin star says Aladdin 2 unlikely (despite $1B box office of “the original” and Guy Ritchie, Will Smith and Disney wanting to do it)
  • Nathalie Emmanuel and Omar Sy join Universal/Peacock’s The Killer remake
  • Jackie Chan to return to Hong Kong with new Police Story 2
  • Denzel might be the new Gladiator, but probably not
  • Bel Air season 3
  • Good Burger 2
  • Fboy continues
  • Gattaca reboot
  • Oscar Isaac, Andrew Garfield, Mia Goth in talks for Guillermo Del Toro’s Frankenstein
  • Chupa trailer
  • Netflix cancels exorbitant Nancy Meyer Romcom that cost $150m
  • Frequent cancelations lead to fewer viewers
  • Willow canceled, but not canceled
  • TLOU Part II could be multiple seasons
  • A League of no one’s own
  • Youtube multiview
  • Pornhub acquired
  • MST3K PlutoTV
  • McKenna Grace, pop star
  • New LEGO Indiana Jones, Mando SpiderTank, and Land Rover sets
  • Pennywise comes to Las Vegas with a new IT Escape Experience
  • Joe Rogan opens anti-woke comedy club in Austin TX
  • Shazam 2 post-credit leaked
  • Zack Snyder continues to troll Snyderbros
  • Tom Cruise loved The Flash
  • James Gunn IS directing Superman: Legacy

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