Episode #378 – F. Murray Shyamalan

As an unfortunate strike looms, the guys cover what may be the last of the pop culture news for a while.


Ted Lasso @ 1:26:29

Ghosted @ 1:36:48

  • Zaslav is a hypocrite
  • Mario gets a bildo
  • MK2
  • Young(er) Indiana Jones
  • Dodgeb2ll
  • Hunger Games prequel teaser
  • Equaliz3r
  • Dakota Fanning cast in I. Night Shyamalan’s first movie
  • The Last of the Furious gets new writers
  • Twisted Metal teaser
  • Netflix to spend $2.5B on Korean content
  • Big Mouth will finally close
  • Warrior season 3
  • UK blocks Microsoft purchase of Activision
  • Jedi Survivor is basically broken technically
  • Spotify promises to stop overpaying for podcasts
  • Damon Lindelof was “asked to leave” Star Wars
  • New Flash trailer
  • Mila Kunis is not in FF, but she knows who is!
  • Nic Pizzolatto writing Blade
  • Kraven the Hunter to be rated R

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