Episode #426 – Memphis Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

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  • Grendel gets some interesting casting
  • So does the Naked Gun
  • At least one person wants to see another Riddick movie (spoiler, it’s Vin Diesel)
  • Fast & Furious Matchbox Cars
  • Nicolas Cage, father of Jesus
  • Mike Flanagan, exorcist
  • Conners go bye-bye
  • Not Dead Yet dead
  • Fuller bolts from Thursday, the 12th
  • Newspaper Office
  • Night Court picked up
  • L&O getting some Peacock
  • CSI is dead, long live CSI
  • NCIS: Couple Navy Crimes
  • Drew Barrymore, center square
  • GOAT Roast
  • Other Black Girls canceled
  • Batman heading back to the 40’s
  • Michelle Yeoh Blade Runner
  • Microsoft kinda sucks
  • Sigourney Weaver IS…… Yaddle?
  • Skeleton Crew keeping it practical
  • Frank Grillo in Peacemaker season 2
  • The Joker is “bisexual and stuff”
  • Super suit revealed
  • Lots of MCU casting

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Episode #425 – Okie Dokie, Back to the Darkest Timeline

Back at it after a hiatus the guys will catch you up on the pop culture and entertainment news that hit the interwebs.
Fallout Spoilers @ 01:06:46

  • OJ Simpson dead at 76
  • Ray Chan, Marvel production designer dead at 56
  • American Idol alum Mandisa dead at 47
  • Weinstein’s NY conviction overturned
  • Zaslav 2023 pay package engorges to $49.7m
  • Senate votes in favor of banning TikTok if an American buyer can’t be found
  • IATSE and OSHA have launched separate investigations into The Pickup
  • Creeps are going to buy NECAs life size M3gan doll
  • Spielberg Family Gallery featuring the Dykstraflex at the Academy Museum
  • Bryan Tyree Henry joins a as of yet titled coming of age musical from Michel Gondry and Pharrell
  • Transformers One trailer
  • 9 to 5 remake with Jennifer Aniston producing at 20th
  • Clue movie and TV show in development
  • 28 Years Later adds Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor Johnson, and Ralph Fiennes
  • The Movie Critic will no longer happen/be Tarantino’s last film
  • Kraven pushed to December from Aug, Karate Kid moves out to 5/30/25
  • NCIS Hawaii, CSI: Vegas, So Help Me Todd, Lower Decks canceled
  • 5qualizer
  • Marketing didn’t get David Cross’ show
  • The Witcher done after season 5
  • Apple TV+ looking at Club World Cup with FIFA
  • You won’t believe what Post Malone and Michael Bay are creating
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince is Pa Kent and Neva Howell is Ma Kent
  • Thunderbolts*
  • Deadpool and Wolverine trailer

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