Episode #215 – Socially Distancing Ourselves

This week is a little bit different. Loren records a short episode on his own amid the social distancing created by the Covid-19 Pandemic. He talks about:

  • Everything that has been delayed or shut down
  • Seriously it’s everything
  • Like the whole country
  • But also A24 Hopes to rerelease First Cow after the pandemic settles
  • New Scream movie from the team behind Ready or Not
  • America Ferrara’s Superstore exit might come later now
  • New Supergirl?
  • WWE moves Wrestlemania to the Performance Center, nixes crowd
  • Lost in Space renewed for a 3rd and final season
  • Disney releases Star Wars and Frozen II early
  • Universal follows suit with VOD for first run films
  • Richard E. Grant joins Loki

All that, plus Loren’s Weekly Watch and a message from The Wu Tang Clan. Stay safe and healthy out there everyone and we’ll hopefully be back to full force next week.

Weekend Watch – 03/13/20

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Onward (Released 03/06/20)

Loren: So we missed this last week, sorry about that. It’s doing well though so maybe we won’t miss seeing it this week.

Rick: I’m always happy when something original comes out, but this isn’t ringing my bell. I may throw it on once it hits the Disney+, but I’m in no hurry to see it.

Jen: This feels like it’s right in my wheelhouse, Pixar, fantasy, a hot Chris… but I’m probably going to wait till it’s on Disney+ and watch it with my family rather than blow money at the theater.


Loren: I never got into this or really any of the Valiant Comics. I was mostly a Marvel/DC and Image kid. Where are my good Image adaptations? Anyway this looks pretty ok. Not amazing or anything just ok. Also, since when does Winny the Bish have a British accent?

Rick: Pretty certain I have a good chunk of the original run of this comic boxed up somewhere. Haven’t read it in close to twenty years, so I can’t comment on the quality of the adaptation, but I feel like we got all of the big action pieces in the trailer. And given that there’s been zero buzz around this release, my guess it’s mediocre at best. I’ll watch from my couch.

Jen: I was sure I’d have zero interest in this film, but, aside from Vin Diesel, I was interested. Not run-to-the-theater interested, but certainly on-my-couch interested. The rest of the cast looks fun, no one is taking it too seriously and the premise, which is similar to so many films, seems to mash them together in a way that appeals to me.

I Still Believe

Loren: I’ve gotten so accustomed to seeing  KJ Appa with that horrible Archie hair that he looks weird when he has normal hair. Also this looks terrible.

Rick: A faith-based movie disguised as a sappy romance. Super-meh.

Jen: Eeeeeyyyyyyeeeee-rrrroooollllll. Nope.

The Hunt

Loren: I’m not going to lie, the marketing on this has sort of worked on me and I’m curious. Not $20 curious, but I’ll probably see it eventually.

Rick: I’m glad this is getting released. By all accounts it’s actually good. I’ll make time for this one.

Jen: I love Betty Gilpin and this looks like an awesome vehicle for her, but not sure I need this much violence with my satire.

Continue reading

Episode #214 – X-Men Origins: Oompa Loompa

The guys are back with all the entertainment and pop culture news from the week that was. They also talk about a litany of other things so jump on in and check out stories like:

  • No Time to Die delayed to November
  • My Spy delayed as well, but only a month
  • Covid Cancellations
  • Chris Evans going to Bermuda
  • Jurassic World: The Series?
  • HBO adapting The Last of Us
  • The Magicians cancelled
  • Taika Waititi rebooting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Beauty & the Beast prequel
  • Kids in the Hall revival!
  • Do we care about Quibi?
  • Rey’s father was a Palpatine clone
  • Batmobile revealed
  • Christian Bale is the villain in Thor: Love & Thunder

All that, the Weekly Watched, and obviously tangents!

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Weekend Watch – 03/06/20

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

First Cow

Loren: Not really my cup of milk per se but it looks excellent.

RDT: I have no thoughts. No feelings. No opinion or snarky comments. This is a movie. Good for it.

Rick: Kelly Reichardt is kind of a master at quiet character dramas. There’s nothing flashy or overwrought in her style. She’s incredibly deft at eliciting strong performances and letting the camera act as an observer (Michelle Williams in Wendy and Lucy and Kristen Stewart in Certain Women are particular standouts). You can’t go wrong with anything she’s directed, and I suspect this will be just as satisfying an experience.

Jen: I, like AJ, really thought this was about a cow president. However, this looks much quieter than that would, no doubt, be. This does look like a lovely little film I just can’t see myself running out to see it.

AJ: Oh goodness. I have seen many of the rave reviews on this and obviously the trailer is peppered with some seriously enthusiastic critic quotes. But all of it is lost on me. I just cannot get into this. And how is a movie called First Cow a period drama and not a Jim Carrey/Jonah Hill vehicle about a cow accidentally being elected to the White House? (Which, let’s face it, would be preferable to what we’re currently working with.)

The Way Back

Loren: Hey you guys ever see a sports movie? Also I just have a bit of an issue with Affleck these days. I don’t think this one is going to be for me.

RDT: I’m a sucker for a good sports movie which is, I think, ironic given how much not a sports guy I am. And, I like Ben. His brother seems like a real piece of shit. But I’m pulling for the elder Affleck.

Rick: So, it’s basically a riff on The White Shadow/Hoosiers, but with addiction thrown in. Not that that’s a bad thing. If you have to borrow, borrow from something good. It’s challenging to make a sports movie stand out. You’re ultimately tied to the “will they or won’t they win the big game” element. Everything else comes down to character. Not sure I’ll ever see this, but I’ll keep an eye on reviews.

Jen: I feel a good amount of credit is due to the fact that Ben Affleck, a real-life addict, is dealing with his personal demons in such a raw way through this story, but that being said I get it, they’re scrappy underdogs.

AJ: If addiction wasn’t present in this story, I would guess it was one of those sentimental Disney live action sports flicks like Remember the Titans, Million Dollar Arm or The Rookie. And that’s not a bad thing. Looks like a really strong performance from Affleck whom I believe is capable of way more than that mediocre-at-best Batman, so it’s nice to see.

Limited Release

The Burnt Orange Heresy


RDT: At first, I was all “Too artsy fartsy.” Then I was all “heisty-weisty?” And, by all accounts, Mick Jagger hasn’t given a performance of this level since Freejack.

Rick: I enjoy a good heist, and I’m a sucker for them if there’s a long con involved. I’ll give this a spin.

Jen: It seems like this trailer is hiding some more details about the plot – some bigger twist and I like that they aren’t giving away the farm here, but the only thing that really drew me in was the fact that Mick Jagger is involved. How good was the script that he decided THIS would be his return to acting? Although, I guess I thought the same thing about The Man From Elysian Fields and that film did nothing for me.

AJ: MICK JAGGER?! Okay, let’s just shove that to the side. And the weird title – let’s shove that aside, too. And also — never mind. I’m never going to see this. That trailer bored me. Continue reading

Weekend Watch – 02/28/20

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

The Invisible Man

Loren: I wasn’t so sure about this, especially after the marketing blitz that we’ve gotten, but it looks pretty damn good. I’m a solid maybe here.

RDT: Part of me really wants to see this. I know, I’m just as shocked as you are. But then the other part of me reminds that first part of me that I’m me. So…. I’ll watch it when/if Rick screens it.


AJ: You know it’s a strong mother-effing trailer when it scares the living daylights out of me but I still want to see it. I will come with a change of pants.

The Jesus Rolls

Loren: I love The Big Lebowski and everyone in this movie but it looks absolutely terrible. Bummer.

RDT: Confession time. I’ve never seen The Big Lebowski. I’ve tried, a lot. I even own it. But I just get about 10 minutes in and get bored. I know! I know….. So, yeah, regardless of whether it’s needed, wanted or neither, I have no interest in “The Jesus.”

Rick: I don’t understand why this needs to exist. I think John Turturro was the only person clamoring for this spin-off. Also, I can’t wait to see how many reviews use the term “gutter ball”.

AJ: According to the critics, Turturro did not learn the most pivotal of rules: “Don’t fuck with the Jesus.” Probably should have left this one alone, John. I’m sorry.


Loren: I love British things and everyone in this movie but it looks absolutely terrible. Bummer.

RDT: The benefit to dropping in my comments so late, is I have everyone else’s to guide on what’s not worth my time. Thanks, guys!

Rick: Um, no thanks. I got annoyed just watching the trailer.

AJ: That trailer is waaaay too long. Horrible. Does this movie have a plot? Is it just “we are having a party” and that’s the big thing? I’m unmoved. No thanks. Steve Coogan, you are better than this. This could have been really timely and funny. Continue reading

Episode #212 – Gallifrheeey Everybody!

Loren is back from his jaunt through space and time and is talking the week’s Entertainment and Pop Culture news with RDT! They’ve got stories like:

  • Eli Roth directing Borderlands
  • Aladdin sequel?
  • Blacklist picked up for season 8
  • True Story picked up for season 1
  • Annie Murphy will star in Kevin Can F— Himself
  • Avenue 5 picked up for season 2
  • Priah Ferguson upped to regular for Stranger Things season 4
  • Friends reunion confirmed for HBO Max
  • ViacomCBS will use All Access as the base for it’s new streaming service
  • Dan Didio out at DC
  • Sith movie?
  • Filoni says Ahsoka may not actually be dead.
  • More pics of the new Batsuit and is it set during Halloween?
  • Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel in 2021?
  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier plot details

All that, the Weekly Watched, and tangents tangents tangents!

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Weekend Watch – 02/21/20

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

The Call of the Wild

Loren: Man, this looks pretty terrible. I remember reading this as a young kid but I tend to get it mixed up with “Stone Fox” which absolutely wrecked me. Let’s hope they never make that into a movie.

RDT: I tried to find the behind the scenes clip where you see the dude in the mocap suit pretending to be the dog, but I didn’t have any luck. I also didn’t look very hard because, ultimately, I don’t care about this movie.

Rick: I saw the trailer for this in front of Little Women back in December. I had to stifle laughter when the dog showed up. That is godawful CGI. Not quite bottom of the barrell, but no kid on earth is going to think that’s a real dog. Ever. There are more realistic looking dogs in the Toy Story movies. This looks terrible on every front. I hope Ford got paid new plane money for this.

AJ: So is this a kids movie? I guess so. I’m not sure how to feel about this. In the end, the animated dog is just throwing me. I wish they could have made this work with a real dog. Or maybe a combination of real and animated. But kudos to Ford for having that grumpy old man market cornered.


Loren: I kinda love Anya Taylor Joy. This looks pretty good for a genre that I’m not usually a fan of.

RDT: I was not nearly as impressed with this trailer as my cohorts below. As such, I will likely never see this movie. Sorry (not sorry).

Rick: Jane Austen has never been in my wheelhouse, but that is one of the best trailers I’ve seen in ages. Bravo, whomever cut that together. Your work has won me over.

AJ: I’ve never been a Jane Austen person, per se, but I have to tell you, that single moment at the end of the trailer where she flicks the carriage’s window open with her finger? That kills me. I could be persuaded to see this.

Brahams: The Boy II

Loren: I honestly don’t even remember The Boy, so I was a little confused at the sequel of it all. That said at first I was like, “Ok, there’s some decent creepiness to this” but then that last shot with the bees(?) made me laugh out loud. Sorry Brahams, I just don’t care.

RDT: Didn’t want to see the first one. So, I didn’t see it. Can you guess how I feel about seeing the second one?

Rick: Movies that didn’t need sequels: The Boy. But, despite how predictably terrible it was, it made decent box office. And these things are made for couch cushion money, so unless it gets numbers like The Rhythm Section, this one will turn a tidy profit too. Shit like this makes me a sad horror fan. People should be paying to see Come to Daddy instead.

AJ: How many times do we have to endure this “moves into a spooky house” premise? (Not that I ever endure it – I do not see such movies.) I mean, I’ve not heard of the first Boy movie so I’m a little lost here but it’s just not for me. I defer to Rick as the expert in this space. Continue reading

Weekend Watch – 02/14/20

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Sonic The Hedgehog

Loren: I didn’t want to be into this but then I saw a clip that actually made me laugh. I’ll catch it at some point.

Rick: I want to give this my money just to show support for the poor animation and VFX teams who had to burn the candle at both ends, in the middle, and anywhere else they could in order to fix the awful first Sonic design. It’s just…it’s so much work. That’s a ground up, start with new model sheets and redo everything up the chain reconstruction. They deserve a ton of credit for pulling it off. Probably not in theaters, but I’ll give this my money on-demand.

Jen: Thanks, but no.

AJ: I know they did a lot of work on this after a rather volatile reception to the first trailer (and rightfully so, it looked like hot garbage), but I can’t say I have any interest in seeing this, all the same. And poor James Marsden, right? Oof.

Fantasy Island

Loren: I don’t hate it? Look if we’re going to still get all these old shows revamped for a movie why not add a twist to it. I do wish it looked like it had a little more teeth but other than that, maybe?

Rick: I hate this. I appreciate trying to maybe make this unique, but this is too far afield. This isn’t Fantasy Island. It’s a horror movie set on an island that they slapped a famous TV show’s name on. And we all saw how well genre-bending The Banana Splits worked out. Oh, we didn’t? Right, because nobody saw it. There’s a reason for that. There’s likely more entertainment value in something like Club Dread, and that movie is hot garbage. Better yet, just watch Zombie Island Massacre:

Jen: I liked the premise at the outset of the trailer, the idea of giving a creepy twist to Fantasy Island, which was always kind of creepy to begin with, was an interesting one, but then it just becomes a normal old horror movie and they lost me.

AJ: I get when studios boot up and reboot franchises like Spider-Man so they can retain the license and keep milking the cash cow, but why this? And this which isn’t even what it was? It’s lazy and not for me anyway because scary.

The Photograph

Loren: It’s a little sacharrhine for my personal taste but I love the pairing of Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield. I was a lot more into this than I thought I would be.

Rick: I was all ready to roll my eyes at this, but it actually looks like a decently executed romance. I probably won’t see it, but I’m betting it’ll do well.

Jen: That looks lovely with a phenomenal pair of stars. Just a straight romance without the rom-com-y trappings? I could be down for that.

AJ: It’s kinda refreshing to see just a straight up romance get a wide release in theaters. We don’t get those too often anymore. Issa Rae is having a great time right now and I am here for it. This looks strong. Continue reading

Episode #210 – We Get A Little Personal

This week the guys get a little personal before talking about the weeks Pop Culture and Entertainment News. So, business as usual. They’ve got stories like:

  • First still from Snake Eyes hits the interwebs
  • The Rhythm Section has the new honor of worst box office opening ever
  • Knives Out sequel moving forward
  • Vin Diesel wants Fast 10 to be 2 parts
  • Fox output being reduced to 4 films per year
  • Vanessa Kirby returning to Mission: Impossible
  • Superman and Lois get a couple sons
  • Y: The Last Man loses its Yorick
  • Netflix now allows you to stop autoplaying previews
  • Disney+ sets release dates for all the shows you want to watch
  • Lilo & Stitch remake going to Disney+?
  • Friends reunion moving forward for HBO Max
  • Sam Raimi in talks to direct Doctor Strange 2

All that, the Weekly Watched, and those tangents you love!

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