Episode #15 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

We’re talking TV again! As the current season closes, a bunch of shows were cancelled, renewed and picked up. And we cover (nearly) all of them! But first, the news!

  • The Russo Bros head to China and have an affair
  • Danny Ocean has a sister?
  • Jumanji goes (Jack) Black
  • More video game movies coming
  • The Irishman is going international to the tune of $50 million
  • Rumored Justice League big bad
  • Booster Gold finally coming to the big screen?
  • Wolverine 3 news
  • The X-Men to break out the plaid
  • Fox still beating the dead horse that is the Fantastic Four
  • Michael B. Jordan enters the MCU
  • And so does Lupita Nyong’o???
  • Marvel Netflix updates

Click below to see a bunch of the teasers we mentioned in the episode, and some we didn’t!

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