Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Cosplay!

We were lucky enough to be invited to Star Wars Celebration Orlando this year. It was an extra stroke of luck that this year marks the 40th lifeday of Star Wars. There was so much to see but what always catches our eye is the amazing cosplay from the fans. Here’s some of the best that we saw and also an easy link to follow to view them on imgur.

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Cosplay

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Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con Cosplay!

Last weekend L.A. got their very own Comic Con thanks to Stan (The Man) Lee. This year’s updated Comikaze felt much more like a true Comic Con, even if the panels are still on the main floor. More organized, larger, and what felt like more Con-goers than ever before.

Like any good Con there was a ton of Cosplay. I went out and took photos of some of the best and have assembled them here in one easy place for you:

Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con Cosplay

We’d like to thank Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con and all of the Cosplayers for making this such a great experience. We’ll be back next year to hopefully watch this convention continue to grow in a positive way.

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– Loren

Star Wars Celebration Europe: Cosplay!

Spacemonster Cosplay 2


Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 was last weekend at the Excel Centre in London England. If you still aren’t sure what that is, it’s kind of like Comic-Con but solely for Star Wars.

With any con there comes a whole subset of people that like to dress up as their favorite characters. Cosplayers. SWCE is no different.

Here’s a gallery of some of the best cosplay that we saw while in attendance.

Star Wars Celebration Europe Cosplay

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