Episode #56 – 2700 Words On Adam Sandler For Some Reason

We got your pop culture news right here. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of tangents to be had. Check out news bits like:

  • #F8 has a Ludacris runtime (see what I did there?)
  • Hellboy 3 isn’t happening, stop asking
  • More dumb Raid remake details
  • Predator gets Chuck’d
  • Red Cup cast photo
  • A show we Doubt you ever watched got cancelled 
  • But The Mick and Lethal Weapon were picked up
  • We find our Black Lightning and it’ll probably be the show that starts next year’s Arrow Verse crossover
  • Rick and Morty season 3 FINALLY starts production
  • Suits spinoff in the works; Pantsuits?
  • Because sure why not, Nightwing moves forward at WB
  • Matt Reeves is on again after being off again with The Batman
  • Jamie Chung Blinks her way into the X-Verse
  • Ramsay Bolton is Inhuman
  • And Logan might be the last hurrah for SirPatStew in the X-Verse

All that, plus the usual tangents.

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Episode #44 – A Crossover Of Like 2.52 Shows

This week we’re talking the big CW DC Crossover event where the heroes from Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow take on invading aliens. Also we’ve got news like:

  • There most likely won’t be a Rogue Two
  • Escape for New York gets a PreBootQuel
  • There’s a teaser for the Mummy trailer
  • Alpha 5 looks creepy AF (see below)
  • Female 21 Jumpstreet and MIB23 still in the works
  • Jon Favreau is going all animated for the foreseeable future
  • Star Trek: Discovery adds Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp but loses Bryan Fuller
  • Riverdale FINALLY gets a teaser trailer
  • TVLine tells us why people aren’t as into The Walking Dead as they used to be
  • Netflix adds download functionality for offline viewing of some of their media
  • DC gets a new LEGO Batman poster and a release date for Aquaman
  • Guardians Vol 2 hits us with a fantastic teaser trailer
  • Luke Cage gets it’s official season two
  • We get a release/airdate for Inhumans in IMAX and on ABC

All of that plus the Weekend Watched and all of the usual tangents.

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Episode #20 – Banana in the tailpipe

This week Loren went to E3, so we’re talking about it! But first, the news!

  • Actor Anton Yelchin passes away at 27.
  • Beverly Hills Cop 4 is finally moving forward.
  • MGM options Rising Stars.
  • There’s a Wicked new movie musical coming in 2019.
  • The best Fast 8 casting update ever!
  • Will Indy die?
  • Sicario 3 already?
  • Alien: Covenant  casting.
  • Does Bruce Willy have a Death Wish?
  • Warcraft  and Finding Dory box office talk.
  • CBS and CW casting news.
  • Flashpoint confirmed by The Flash himself.
  • CW also confirms their fall schedule. (A fall schedule that will not be on Hulu)
  • Curb returns.
  • #Hamilton
  • Wonder Woman loses her invisible jet.
  • Jenna Malone’s Legal Proceeding character finally confirmed.
  • Tons of Spider-Man: Homecoming casting news as they start production.
  • And as Guardians 2 wraps.
  • Defenders v. the devil…?

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Fall Previews – 2016

Network upfronts are done, and previews for most shows (but not all – Where’s my Riverdale trailer, CW?!?!?) have been released. So, we thought we’d compile them all in one convenient post and give some initial thoughts. It’s like our Weekend Watch column, but for new TV shows!


Downward Dog

Loren: This looks sadder than it probably should. Also just weird. Won’t last.

RDT: Ok, if it’s just 4th-wall breaking and the dog (Walter) is addressing the audience directly, why do his lips move? It bothered me. Also,  agree with Loren, it looks really sad. Alison Tolman deserves better.

Imaginary Mary

Loren: Looks like it would be a cute movie, but a terrible show. Either way I won’t be watching it. 5 episodes.

RDT: This feels like a pretty standard sitcom was given a(n unnecessary) gimmick. Pass.

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