Episode #78 – I’m Keeping This All In

This week the guys are back to talking about all the week’s news without a convention in sight! They’ve got you covered on all the news like:

  • Jared Leto tries to f*ck up another comic adaptation
  • It looks like they backed the truck up for Daniel Craig to do one last Bond flick
  • The Wick-iverse gets a Nikita like Ballerina
  • John Powell becomes the 3rd person ever to score a live-action Star Wars movie
  • James Cameron says he’ll be back for the next Terminator movies
  • Final IT trailer
  • ST:D adds a sibling contrivancy to it’s plot lines, plus Fuller’s original plan
  • No more Draco Malfoy on Team Flash
  • Remember when they said there would be no more flashbacks on Arrow? They lied
  • Mahershala Ali Will Star in True Detective Season 3… if there is one
  • John Stewart returns to stand up for HBO
  • Jennifer Aniston and Samuel L. look to return to TV
  • Matt Groening’s Disenchantment is an ‘Epic Fantasy’ for Netflix
  • Looks like the Snyders are officially out of the DCEU
  • Joey Mange won’t tell you if Deathstroke is in The Batman, even though he knows
  • Wonder Woman 2 strikes back December 2019
  • Capt. Marvel won’t grace us with her presence in Infinity War
  • Judy Greer will for Ant-Man and The Wasp however
  • Also, we got a bunch of Avengers tid bits.

All that, the Weekly Watched, and all the usual tangents.

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Episode #56 – 2700 Words On Adam Sandler For Some Reason

We got your pop culture news right here. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of tangents to be had. Check out news bits like:

  • #F8 has a Ludacris runtime (see what I did there?)
  • Hellboy 3 isn’t happening, stop asking
  • More dumb Raid remake details
  • Predator gets Chuck’d
  • Red Cup cast photo
  • A show we Doubt you ever watched got cancelled 
  • But The Mick and Lethal Weapon were picked up
  • We find our Black Lightning and it’ll probably be the show that starts next year’s Arrow Verse crossover
  • Rick and Morty season 3 FINALLY starts production
  • Suits spinoff in the works; Pantsuits?
  • Because sure why not, Nightwing moves forward at WB
  • Matt Reeves is on again after being off again with The Batman
  • Jamie Chung Blinks her way into the X-Verse
  • Ramsay Bolton is Inhuman
  • And Logan might be the last hurrah for SirPatStew in the X-Verse

All that, plus the usual tangents.

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Episode #44 – A Crossover Of Like 2.52 Shows

This week we’re talking the big CW DC Crossover event where the heroes from Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow take on invading aliens. Also we’ve got news like:

  • There most likely won’t be a Rogue Two
  • Escape for New York gets a PreBootQuel
  • There’s a teaser for the Mummy trailer
  • Alpha 5 looks creepy AF (see below)
  • Female 21 Jumpstreet and MIB23 still in the works
  • Jon Favreau is going all animated for the foreseeable future
  • Star Trek: Discovery adds Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp but loses Bryan Fuller
  • Riverdale FINALLY gets a teaser trailer
  • TVLine tells us why people aren’t as into The Walking Dead as they used to be
  • Netflix adds download functionality for offline viewing of some of their media
  • DC gets a new LEGO Batman poster and a release date for Aquaman
  • Guardians Vol 2 hits us with a fantastic teaser trailer
  • Luke Cage gets it’s official season two
  • We get a release/airdate for Inhumans in IMAX and on ABC

All of that plus the Weekend Watched and all of the usual tangents.

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Episode #28 – We’re Cool For the Summer

This week we’re talking about how this Summer Movie season was kind of a let down. We liked a couple things but over all, not the best. Also, an open letter was written to Warner Bros. executives so you know we got in on some of that.

All that plus news like:

  • That Rogue One trailer we’ve been waiting for.
  • Is Lando a real DonGlover?
  • Carl Drogo is Eric Draven.
  • Whatever Awkwafina is will be in Ocean’s 8.
  • Cartoons from your childhood are still being turned into movies.
  • Sequels to Bad Boys but maybe not Men Black, 21 Jump Street, or Ghostbusters.
  • NBC-ya later to some SNL cast members.
  • Tons of Star Trek: Discovery info, a week after we needed it.
  • Another week, another huge amount of DCCW news.
  • Can your TV handle DeNiro and Moore?
  • We bet you’ll never guess who the villain is in Aquaman.
  • Shazam will be part of the JLA, maybe.
  • Doctor Strange is a real magic man.
  • Capt. Marvel is not the Green Lantern, stop asking.
  • And we get to Tinker a bit in Spider-Man: Homecoming. 
  • All that, plus the usual tangents.

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