Fall Previews – 2016

Network upfronts are done, and previews for most shows (but not all – Where’s my Riverdale trailer, CW?!?!?) have been released. So, we thought we’d compile them all in one convenient post and give some initial thoughts. It’s like our Weekend Watch column, but for new TV shows!


Downward Dog

Loren: This looks sadder than it probably should. Also just weird. Won’t last.

RDT: Ok, if it’s just 4th-wall breaking and the dog (Walter) is addressing the audience directly, why do his lips move? It bothered me. Also,  agree with Loren, it looks really sad. Alison Tolman deserves better.

Imaginary Mary

Loren: Looks like it would be a cute movie, but a terrible show. Either way I won’t be watching it. 5 episodes.

RDT: This feels like a pretty standard sitcom was given a(n unnecessary) gimmick. Pass.

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Episode #16 – Still waiting for that long piece…

It’s TV, part 2, as we chat pilot previews, everything wrong with broadcast networks and what we want to see instead. But first, the news!

  • Shane Black hits us with a ton of Predator, excuse me, THE Predator news
  • New T2 on the way (but not that one)
  • Maybe a new Bond, too?
  • A Gunslinger is revealed
  • And a Transformer is confirmed
  • More video game movies
  • The Rock launching his own cinematic universe
  • 8 Fast 8 Furious villain revealed
  • Jay Roach is ready for Austin Powers 4, but is Mike Meyers? (And even more importantly, are we?)
  • Is Star Trek Beyond?
  • Can Harley Quinn save the DCEU?
  • How about Jon Berg and Geoff Johns?
  • Is there a Crisis coming to The CW?
  • Are you sick of these click-baity questions?
  • Arrow’s season 5 big bad teased by the Green Arrow himself
  • Gambit’s going the route of Deadpool
  • Wolverine (3) gets a lady
  • And a whole lot of MCU news I’m way too lazy to type out…

All that and the usual tangents, plus what the f— is going on with Archie & the Riverdale gang, and all the other 2016 fall shows?

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Episode #15 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

We’re talking TV again! As the current season closes, a bunch of shows were cancelled, renewed and picked up. And we cover (nearly) all of them! But first, the news!

  • The Russo Bros head to China and have an affair
  • Danny Ocean has a sister?
  • Jumanji goes (Jack) Black
  • More video game movies coming
  • The Irishman is going international to the tune of $50 million
  • Rumored Justice League big bad
  • Booster Gold finally coming to the big screen?
  • Wolverine 3 news
  • The X-Men to break out the plaid
  • Fox still beating the dead horse that is the Fantastic Four
  • Michael B. Jordan enters the MCU
  • And so does Lupita Nyong’o???
  • Marvel Netflix updates

Click below to see a bunch of the teasers we mentioned in the episode, and some we didn’t!

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