Weekend Watch – 6/23/17

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Transformers – The Last Knight

Loren: I don’t HATE these movies but I don’t really like them. I can’t see myself seeing this in the theater but the weird Arthurian stuff mixed with the even weirder choice of taking the best Transformer and making him the bad guy has me slightly intrigued. Streaming for sure.

RDT: Yeah. This franchise can go fuck itself.

Rick: Look, I know these movies aren’t particularly good (with the exception of Dark of the Moon. I’ll go to bat for that one.), but they play right into my sense of nostalgia. I was that kid who would rush home from school to watch the original series, and I’ve seen nearly every animated incarnation since. Transformers has gone to some weird places in the thirty-plus years it’s been around, and what Bay and Co. are introducing here isn’t entirely out of step with what’s come before. The introduction of elements from the original Transformers: The Movie and the third season of the series, along with bringing back Frank Welker as the voice of Megatron is enough to keep me engaged. So, yeah, I’m in for this.

Jen: King Arthur + Robots + Mark Wahlberg – Any integrity = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Big Sick

Loren: Yeah, I’m not usually the one to rush out to see a romantic comedy in the theater but this looks really great. I like the semi-autobiographical nature of it and it actually looks funny. It deserves all the money it can get.

RDT: I love Kumail and Emily (V. Gordon – I find it difficult not to say her whole name). I regularly listened to their video game podcast back in the day and have been super stoked for this movie since it first crossed my path. I will definitely see it this weekend.

Rick: I won’t rush out to see this in theaters, but it’ll make the queue when it hits Netflix.

Jen: I think I’ve mentioned how much I love Kumail in this space before. I’ve been waiting for this since its smash premier at Sundance. The reviews are glowing and the trailer is funny. The hubby and I may even get a babysitter to make this a night out.

The Beguiled

Loren: That certainly takes a turn doesn’t it? I was all prepared to be like, “well, that’s definitely a movie with some actors we know” but then there’s the poisoning and the unwilling amputation. I may not see it, but at least it’s something against the grain.

RDT: Didn’t see that coming, that’s for sure. I was going to say it sure does look different, but then I saw Rick’s comment mentioning it was a remake. So, yeah. Regardless, it’s likely not for me.

(They cut his dick off, don’t they?)

Rick: I’m usually not one for remakes (the original 1971 version stars Clint Eastwood and was directed by Don Siegel), but this looks so artfully done I can’t help but to want to rush out and see it.

Jen: I’ve never seen the original but this trailer sure peaked my interest. I don’t think I’ll make it to the theater to see it, but if reviews are good, I’ll seek it out on streaming down the line.

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Episode #62 – Alison Brie Larson & Soft Cheeses

This week the guys tangent, it’s a new thing they’re trying. But they also have a ton of news to cover. Stories like:

  • Invincible is Spider-Man meets Superman, soon to be a movie
  • There are 14 Transformer movies already written, for some reason
  • The Comedian joins Rampage
  • Arnie says Hasta La Vista to THE Predator and Legend of Conan
  • I guess they backed that truck of money up to Daniel Craig
  • Rock Johnson will captain the Jungle Cruise and probably the ride at least once
  • Man Down makes $26 in the UK. $26!
  • Change up to Best Documentary and Best Animated Feature at the Oscars
  • No CGI will be used to bring back Leia in Ep. IX
  • Don Rickles sadly hadn’t recorded his Toy Story 4 lines prior to his death
  • Arrow, Ninja Warrior
  • The Klepper Report
  • The Purge TV series coming
  • ‘Walking Dead’ finale hits 5 year ratings low
  • 2 more seasons for Unfortunate Events to happen
  • First Pictures from GLOW series
  • Wonder Woman tracking to open at $80mil, be happy or sad
  • Defenders hits Aug 18th and has the teaseriest teaser
  • Freeform adds Squirrel Girl and the New Warriors to their roster

All that, the Weekly Watched, and the aforementioned tangents.

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