Let’s Talk About The First Marvel’s Iron Fist Trailer

Netflix is bringing its final Defender to the small screen this March and they dropped a trailer for him this week. Iron Fist tells the story of Danny Rand (Finn Jones), a rich kid who gets marooned in the Himalayas after a plane crash and learns martial arts in the mystical city of K’un Lun before returning to New York to reclaim what’s rightfully his. If this sounds familiar that’s because it is. Iron Fist has a very similar origin story to Ollie on Arrow and even Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. Hopefully Marvel will put their own spin on it and that it will blend nicely into the Netflix universe we’ve already gotten with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.

Other things of note for Danny Rand are what he can do. Not only is he one of the best martial artists in the Marvel Universe (I’d go as far as to say he’s probably the best in the whole of the MCU), he also has the power of the iron fist. He is able to concentrate his own chi into his hand, causing it to glow. The chi energy is so concentrated, that he can strike with superhuman force, while his hand stays impervious to pain or injury. In the comics Danny is also best friends with Luke Cage and they have a Heroes for Hire business. It’ll be interesting to see if this interconnects with Luke Cage, seeing as Luke was a main fixture in Jessica Jones but Jessica wasn’t in Luke Cage. At any rate they’ll all be coming together with Daredevil and almost every side character for The Defenders at the end of the year. But enough about all that, let’s talk about the first Marvel’s Iron Fist trailer:   Continue reading