Star Wars Celebration Europe: Cosplay!

Spacemonster Cosplay 2


Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 was last weekend at the Excel Centre in London England. If you still aren’t sure what that is, it’s kind of like Comic-Con but solely for Star Wars.

With any con there comes a whole subset of people that like to dress up as their favorite characters. Cosplayers. SWCE is no different.

Here’s a gallery of some of the best cosplay that we saw while in attendance.

Star Wars Celebration Europe Cosplay

From Hollywood via London,


Star Wars Celebration Europe: Rogue One Original Movie Costumes

Hey guys! Loren checking in from beautiful, sunny, London England (it rains here like once a day)!

Even though it’s only the first day of Star Wars Celebration Europe, it’s already let me check out some totally amazing stuff. The coolest of which might have been the Costumes and Props exhibit from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Here’s what they had on display:

Rogue One Costumes

From London,