Let’s Talk About “The Mechanic: Resurrection” Trailer

I asked for it, and Hollywood answered. Sort of. I mean, I did say worthwhile trailers but this will have to do.

Full disclosure, I didn’t see the original The Mechanic (1972) or the 2011 remake. The latter sat in my DVR for years before I blew it away (I don’t know why, it just did). All that being said, I’m a big Jason Statham fan, and Jessica Alba still looks good so why not, right?

The basic premise of the first one in relation to this sequel is Jason Statham plays Arthur Bishop, an elite assassin whose marks are killed in a manner that looks like an accident. Bishop ends up going on a revenge spree after one of the few people he’s close to is killed. He also trains an apprentice who does not appear to be in the sequel. It looked like and was marketed as a dark thriller more than an action movie. This seems to have gone out the window for the newest entry. As for the plot of Resurrection well, let’s talk about the trailer. Continue reading