Episode #70 – What A Wondrous Woman

This week the guys talk Wonder Woman and whether it’s good or not, spoilers, it’s pretty good. Speaking of spoilers they go full spoilers on Wonder Woman at 54:06 and Master of None at 01:26:42. Besides that, Loren and RDT talk news bits like:

  • Top Gun 2: Topper Gun
  • The Pre-Dator wraps production
  • Neill Blomkamp opens his own studio, wants to make a movie in the District 9-iverse
  • Bradley Whitford might be playing Gamera but probably not
  • Will Desmond be the constant for the Inhumans
  • Reign cast for Supergirl season 3
  • Manu Bennett joins the group of people that like money, wants a Deathstroke show
  • The Flash goes up against the Fastest Brain Alive
  • More FP for Riverdale season 2 and it may be a dark and weird trip
  • Animaniacs gets a reboot but Tales From The Crypt does not
  • Sin City: Very Funny
  • Netflix cancels Sense 8 and gets all the shit for it
  • Josh Gad is up to his old tricks again
  • Both Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins confirmed for Wonder Woman 2
  • Sony keeps trying to f*ck up the Spider-verse

All that, the Weekly Watched, and all the usual tangents.

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